Majestic Dawn - Oregon - May 10th, 17th & 18th

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  1. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    Majestic Dawn Prereleases in Oregon​

    This Will Be An “Eeveelicious” Set!!!

    Come to the party!!! :clap:
    • Seven evolutions of Eevee—including all-new Leafeon and Glaceon
    • New powerful Pokémon LV.X cards—including Garchomp LV.X and Porygon-Z LV.X
    • Legendary Pokémon Darkrai and rare Pokémon Cresselia
    • The set includes 100 new cards!
    • Featuring two new theme decks - "Polar Frost" and "Forest Force"
    • Another GREAT pack of Deck Sleeves with Majestic Dawn Art!!!

    Basic Information - EUGENE (5/10/08)
    Location: The Coaching Center
    4750 Village Plaza Loop, Eugene, OR
    Date - Saturday, May 10th, 2008

    Basic Information - PORTLAND (5/17/08)
    Location: Guardian Games
    315 SE 3rd AVE, Portland, OR
    Date - Saturday, May 17th, 2008

    Basic Information - SALEM (5/18/08)
    Location: Borderlands Games
    546 High St NE, Salem, OR
    Date - Sunday, May 18th, 2008

    Time - 11:00 AM (registration begins) (please arrive no later than 11:45 to allow time for the registration process)
    The main tournament will last 5 to 6 hours

    Tournament Structure
    Three Age Divisions:
    >> Juniors (born in 1997 or later)
    >> Seniors (born in 1993, 1994, 1995, or 1996)
    >> Masters (born in 1992 or earlier)

    Format – Sealed Deck (6 booster packs provided) Age Modified Swiss (all players play in every round)

    Cost - $25

    Additional Information - Call (971) 221-7147 or e-mail [email protected]

    Prizes Prizes Prizes
    • Exclusive Promo and Majestic Dawn Card Sleeves (while supplies last)
    • All Players get 2 additional Majestic Dawn boosters when they complete the tournament!!!
    • The “Mystery Box” will be back, and wait ‘til you see how it has transformed!!!
    • Prize Drawings between every round for Promos, Boosters, and other Pokémon items – We have a GREAT selection of unique Pokemon Items for these giveaways!!!

    THEME DECK CHALLENGE: If you are just learning to play Pokémon, you might be interested in a more casual format. Instead of the main Prerelease tournament, you can participate in a theme deck challenge, which will be a non-sanctioned tournament. You will be given a brand new Majestic Dawn theme deck to battle with. Everyone wins an additional 4 Majestic Dawn boosters and a pack of Majestic Dawn Card Sleeves when they complete the tournament. Parents can help their younger children, or children can help their parents learn the game. Learn to play the game, get the new cards and have a lot of FUN in the process. You can’t lose! Quantities of Theme Decks are limited, so priority will be given to beginners.
    Entry fee - $25.00

    Side Events
    DS TOURNAMENT: (NEW RULES, read carefully) Throughout the day, there will be a DS tournament going on. The tournament will require you to bring your own DS and game. There will be Pokémon merchandise for prizes. We will structure this tournament in a way that those people participating in the main tournament can still participate in the DS tournament.
    RULES - You are allowed 3 Pokémon of level 100 or lower; No two of the same Pokémon; You may only have ONE Pokemon from the following list on your team: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy (NOTE: Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus are not allowed since they are all event Pokemon and aren't available in the US yet.); No duplicate held items allowed; Certain powers (Moonlight, Morning sun, Dream Eater, Rest, Recover, Heal Order, Heal Wish, Roost, Lunar Dance, Aqua Ring, Slack Off, Milk Drink, Soft Boiled, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Swallow, Synthesis, Wish) are not allowed after 6 minutes into the match; "Modified" GBA cartridges are not allowed (i.e. Shark or Action Replay).
    Entry fee - FREE

    SIDE EVENT TOURNAMENTS: Following the main tournament we will run side events using the new Majestic Dawn theme decks and boosters. The type of tournaments we run depends on what players want. We can do booster drafts or theme deck sealed. Prizes will be Majestic Dawn boosters (the amount of prizes depends on number of participants).
    Entry fee - $20.00

  2. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

  3. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    Can't wait, BDS! You can probably count on seeing us at Borderlands.

    What's the Mystery Box? (-feels ignorant-)
  4. [R]Visitor

    [R]Visitor New Member

    Guardian Games? Here I come!
  5. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    BDS, Giratina still needs to be added to the list of ledgendary pokemon in the DS tournament rules. Another note about the DS tournament, I have a "special prize" for the Salem DS tournament, but there's a catch with it this time. :wink:

    I can't wait for the prereleases!I wonder what will be in the Mystery box, or if it'll actually make a comeback this time.
  6. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member


    I should be at all three this time. ^^
  7. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    I'll probably only be at 1, maybe 2,b ut looking forward to this set alot.

    CMex: And you need to swap Wobbefett for Phione. It's just needed XD
  8. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    I've actually been thinking about that. If we do change that, it'll be posted here.
  9. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    It'll be interesting to see if this set will shake up the metagame at all.
  10. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    From the first look at those eeveelutions how can it not. They seem to work well together. There are also a few things that will add to the existing decks, and in doing so it may change the balance of power there as well. Yay for new sets!!!

  11. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Hooray for strategical BDS post! ^^

    But, yeah, I'm really looking forward to Glaceon X. Plus, since Eevee evolves into seven million different Pokemon, you could run a 2-2 Glaceon-Glaceon X line AND Vaporeon or some other Eeveeloution.
  12. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    Too bad you can only have four Eevees in your deck. =o
  13. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    If only we were getting a reprint of Surprise! Time Machine in this set, or a new card that has a similar effect of that card. :rolleyes:
  14. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Well pachi does that not too bad, but it's more that I want an 7 Eevee-2-2/1/1/1/2-2 Eeveelutions kinda play Xd
  15. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    There actually is a way to play all, well most, of the Eeveelutions in one deck. The eeveelution *'s are all basics. That way you can have 5 different Eeveelutions in play at once.
  16. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Empoleon looks so pimp.

    If Water gets too popular, I'll be experimenting with that little bugger right there.
  17. [R]Visitor

    [R]Visitor New Member

    Team Rocket's got some NICE surprises for the GUARDIAN GAMES pre-release. DON'T MISS IT!
  18. Dragon100

    Dragon100 New Member

    what kind of sleeves will it feature?
  19. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    brb, making 25$

  20. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    ^I hear momma_june will except monopoly money. She's done that for me once, or did she? :tongue:

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