Majestic Dawn prerelease 5/10 ~San Diego CA

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by SD PokeMom, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Please join us for the Majestic Dawn prerelease at this inland north SD location:

    9839 Mira Mesa Blvd.
    San Diego, CA 92131

    YahooMaps link

    Saturday, May 10, 2008
    ~registration starts at 9:30 am, please be there by 10 am
    ~tourney starts at 10:30 am

    Registration fee: $25 per player

    Format: Modified/Limited

    Each player gets 6 Majestic Dawn boosters to build a 40 card deck. After the tourney is completed, each player receives two additional packs of MD. There will also be a MD prerelease stamped promo and a special MD item for all players, while supplies last.

    Depending on interest, we will run a Theme Deck Challenge for new players/parents. This is a better alternative for new players without much/any game experience or for interested parents than the prerelease. TDC participants will receive a random [del]Great Encounters[/del] Majestic Dawn theme deck. Upon completion of the TDC each player will receive four more [del]GE[/del] MD boosters. The TDC will also be $25 per player.

    Hope to see you there! Any questions, please contact me via PM or at [email protected].

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  2. CrownAxe

    CrownAxe New Member

    Thats where i go for and help out league (and i play yugioh there too)

  3. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    why do we get great encounter theme decks , not majestic dawn???
  4. Mama_Schutte

    Mama_Schutte New Member

    Thanks again, see you all there
  5. electrivire13

    electrivire13 New Member

    2 questions do you get free energies and can u bring your own cards?
  6. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    if you do the theme deck challenge do you get afterward 4 booster or 6 booster???
  7. electrivire13

    electrivire13 New Member

    i think 4
  8. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    TDC participants get 4 boosters at the end of their tournament, not 6.

    *basic* energy is supplied for the sealed tournament, but must be returned at the end in order to recieve your additional two boosters.

    i'm not quite sure what's meant by 'can you bring your own cards?': a sealed tourney deck is constructed with ONLY the cards from the boosters you open at the tournament. since this tournament is going to be on the first weekend of prereleases, players will not have had the opportunity to get MD cards before this tourney.

    players who attend prereleases on both weekends may NOT use cards from a previous tourney at a subsequent one, as per the POP Tournament Rules:
  9. Killjoy

    Killjoy New Member

    does the $25 cover both days or do you have to pay $25 for EACH day that you go?
  10. Charizard_Breeder

    Charizard_Breeder New Member

    that's $25 per yes, you'll have to pay again the following weekend.


  11. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    hope to see everyone there bright and early on saturday! :D

  12. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    out the door in a few...see you there! :)

  13. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    thanks to the 37 players who came and had a great time!


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