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Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Dimentio, May 11, 2008.

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    Alright, so I woke up early at 8, had my bag all ready to go and everything, just checked up on some discussion on a few forums and was on my way. As per usual, I picked up my friend Brandon and his brother Ryan and we were on our way. Nothing was discussed on the way there, and we even arrived 10 minutes early to TJ's. Hardly anyone was there; just a few Juniors, a few of the regular Masters (Andrew C and his dad, Liz B, Patty, Gary and kids, etc.) and only a handful of the Seniors that I get along with (Eric A and the Bristols). Myself, Brandon and Ryan nestled ourselves in a seat beside the Bristols (Who were having some warm-up battles), and we did the same; My G/G deck against Brandon's Ray EX/Empoleon D/P deck. I lost twice, with our registration coming in somewhere in between. About 25 Masters, 12 Seniors and 14 Juniors entered...Prerelease, begin!

    Sitting down at the exact spot we were in before the Prerelease started, the Bristols left and some new people sat down beside us (The youngest of the Jessings, some newish girl and her dad). We got our packs and were told we could open them. The new girl pulled a Porygon-Z LvX in pack number 2, no LvXs for myself, Brandon or Ryan. Halfway across the room Patty pulled a LvX...I think it was another Porygon-Z. Here are my spoils of note:

    Glaceon (Holo)
    Warp Point
    Dawn Stadium

    Pretty bad as far as good cards go. I ended up using something to the extent of Chatot/Glameow/Ambipom/Buneary/Rotom/Flareon. Yep, I knew losing was coming soon. decks were created with not many people getting/making anything of note. Here goes round 1:

    Round 1: vs. Jon (Articuno/Ambipom)
    Ahh, how I shuddered at the fact that I unluckily was paired with Jon Bristol in round 1. Not too bad a start; Chatot, Aipom and something else with Poke Ball in the hand. (Or something to this extent). A few turns go by, His Ambipom comes out, Articuno comes out and then Justin (His younger brother) comes over to him and says that he's scooping. Yep, so Jon scooped and I won. Whee!
    Record: 1-0

    Between rounds I found Jon and Justin, talked a bit with him and joked at what the net few turns looked like for me. Eric A came soon, and we joked about how Justin hadn't even made a deck. xD Brandon came soon, I had a practice match with Eric. Round 2 pairings were posted.

    Round 2: vs. Kevin (Empoleon/Rotom)
    Lucky Kevin...he pulled somewhere near 2/3 Rotoms and an Empoleon. I started with Chatot and he with Rotom. Mimic a few times, he builds to an Empoleon and Chatter (He can't retreat, no damage due to resistance). This goes on for a few turns, while I try and get my Ambipom or Flareon benched. Once he has a 10-card hand I Mimic it for the Ambipom and he retreats to Empoleon. Chatot soon is gone, and Ambipom follows 3 or 4 turns later. I lost, and Flareon was prized.
    Record: 1-1

    I can't even remember what happened between these rounds. I sat down with Brandon and colored in a Fearow in Sharpie. Jon came along and told me how he saw my previous Regionals report for TJ's (On the Beach), then left. Justin came and drew on some Piplups and Unown. Round 3 begins now:

    Round 3: vs. Brandon (N/A)
    This just goes to show me; I can't remember a thing about what he played, nor can I remember what happened. All I know is that it was at table 14 and I lost.
    Record: 1-2

    sat down with Brandon, talked about the draft and such, then round 4 (our final for Seniors and Juniors) came along:

    Round 4: vs. Eric A (Bronzong/Ambipom? I can't remember)
    Again, can't remember this match at all, aside from my losing.
    Final Record: 1-3

    Brandon and Ryan walked by, told me they signed me up for a draft already. Being all skeptical at worst-case scenario, I asked Brian what Draft I was registered in. I was in Draft 1. I watched Brandon open his final 2 packs, of which the only Pokemon of note was Glaceon (Holo). I asked him what he'd trade for it, he said he'd do it for my 2 packs. Lucky him, my 2 packs included a Minun and Holo Dusk Ball, and Scizor and Holo Eevee. I took the Scizor, gave him the 2 packs for the Glaceon. Best. Trade. Ever.

    Drafts begin! Here's our draft:

    Steve J.
    Brian J.

    I sat between Patty and Brandon, a pretty alright seat considering the 3 of us are good at drafting. After pack 4 or so I got Mike and Patrty angry because I happened to peek at the last 2 cards that Brandon was to pass to me (I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it! I swear! T.T). I at first thought to spam Water Pokemon, but there were too little to do so with (Yet at the same time, too many). So I instead spammed Mothim. Why Mothim? 'cause NOBODY took them. My deck for the Draft includes:

    7-6 Mothim
    3-1/1/1 Espeon/Leafeon/Vaporeon
    2 Unown Q

    1 Call Energy
    2 Health Energy
    5 Water Energy
    5 Grass Energy
    3 Psychic Energy

    3 Dawn Stadium

    Yep, I did just do that. Only 3 Rounds, and I'm looking forward to this Draft and how this deck plays out. Between rounds hardly anybody changes seats, only doing so when Mike tells us our pairings.

    Round 1: vs. Ryan (Bronzong/Raichu)
    Ryan's not the best at Drafting...let me start with that. The Bronzong was a nice touch though. Basically, I swarmed the Mothim in plentiful numbers, using Quick Touch in abundance to move energy to all my other Mothims (I had played no other Pokemon this game, it was all Mothim power). Soon, even despite Bronzong's second attack, I win.
    Record: 1-0

    Round 2: vs. Brandon (Omastar)
    Brandon didn't spam anything, which is too bad because he almost always talks about spamming something. Terrible start and turns following, leading to a loss. The Omastar's Power didn't even hurt me too much, it was more the lack of energy.
    Record: 1-1

    Round 3: vs. James (Omanyte/Glaceon LvX)
    This kid (Along with Steven J) had lost all his matches. Needless to say, a lone Leafeon was more than enough for him to handle, and he even got his Glaceon LvX out while his Glaceon had 6 damage counters on it. No offense to James, but that was poor planning, really.
    Record: 2-1

    Awesome thing happened to end the Draft; 6 of us got in a 6-way tie for the top positions. I managed 3rd, Patty and Gary got 2nd and 1st respectively and Ryan was in 4th. Brandon got 5th, and seemed quite perplexed. We had a deep talk with Mike about how the internal tiebreakers work, then left with our goods.

    -My fun draft
    -Awesome Draft deck
    -Having fun despite nobody being there
    -Getting decent stuff, including 2 Glaceon and more than enough Mothim
    -Jonathan for giving me props, for giving him props in my previous Regionals Report

    -Getting Patty and Mkie upset (Again, very sorry! I really really didn't mean anything by it!!)
    -No LvXs
    -Nobody being there

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