Majestic Dawn-Prerelease Report in VA

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Brawler, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Brawler

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    Just happened today.

    I get there, and David starts bugging me. He tells Dean that he ows him 2x Blastoise SW:nonono:.
    He says it's "AWESOME" and I walk away to registration. We start joking around, and I finally get
    up to the registration table. I get the slevees, get Seth's review of Mothim(crappy.) Then I sit
    down, and realize that Aaron is playing Arithmetic. I don't remeber, but I think we called him a net decker? Please correct me if I'm wrong:confused:. Then I play David(he plays MetaNite, because
    he plays Unlimited) and I get crushed:redface:. Mr. Tuskey explains everything:)p) and we get packs.
    Notable pulls:
    Empoleon (1st pack)
    Glameow(Actually Good)

    I go with Empoleon/Omastar/Monferno/Aerodactyl/Glameow/Fearow
    vs Jefferson
    I get Fearow out early. He takes it out with Glaceon(Non-Holo.) I attempt a comeback, but I lose.
    vs Steven
    I get nothing, he takes me out with Monferno.
    vs Maddie Forbes
    She took me down wih Fearow.
    vs Bye
    I get a Bye
    I ask Mr. Tuskey if I can get packs early, he says yes.
    I pull Glaceon(Holo), Aerodactyl, and Call Energy.
    Getting Empoleon
    Getting most Fossilutions
    Andriy for his Porygon-Z Lv.X
    Set Artwork
    Tim in general:mad:
    Not getting out right cards:mad::mad:
    Jimmy for bugging everyone:mad::mad::mad:
    Pachirisu's Art
    No Lunch Break
    So thats my report. My mom didn't let me draft, so thats all.
  2. Garch

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    I went there. Best pull was a moltres, and I traded it (and many other things) For 3 Kabutops and a few kabuto. Made a evil fosil deck with 4 Kabutobs and 4 Omastar. The card I neaded most was Garchomp Lv.x, ( literaly would have traded ANYTHING for it) and no one pulled one. :nonono:Other than going 1-3 and my friend's 2 extra packs being stolen, it was a great day.
  3. Brawler

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    ^ Hey, YOU'RE the guy I met who plays garchomp and does well. Remeber me? I'm the one who told you to post a Garch list on here.
    4 Tops and Omastar? That's crazy.
    If I get a Garch X in the box I get, I'll PM you and see what BR's you're going to and I'll trade it to you there.
  4. Garch

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    Hello, then! And yes, Ive posted my Garch deck. I'm probebly going to the BR at hobby works. Yeah, 4 Kabutops and 4 Omastars are so evil. >:) I let my bro. use it against my mag. He played omastar, de-evolving my bench, 2 of my bench that had damage counters on them. He shufled the ones that didn't get K.O.ed back into my deck with TGW, then K.O.ed my Magmorter Lv.x with Kabutops. Thus, when I had a GREAT setup, it was all torn down in 3 easy steps. I lost.:lol:
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