Making good decks from Theme Decks

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Prof. Douglas Zuver, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Feel free to post your own decks made out of Theme Decks.
    Here are two of mine:
    Making a nice Deck using two Sandstorm Oasis Theme Decks
    using very little extra cards

    Here is what is in a Sandstorm Oasis Theme Deck:
    Pokemon 25
    2 Anorith (Uncommon)
    1 Armaldo (Holo)
    4 Sandshrew (Common)
    1 Sandslash (Rare)
    3 Azurill (Uncommon)
    3 Marill (Common)
    1 Azumarill (Uncommon)
    2 Lombre (Uncommon)
    4 Lotad (Common)
    2 Zigzagoon (Common)

    Trainers 10
    4 Claw Fossil (Common)
    2 Wally's Training (Uncommon)
    2 Energy Search (EX:R&S)
    2 Switch (EX:R&S)

    Energy 25
    1 Multi Energy (Rare)
    12 Fighting Energy (EX:R&S)
    12 Water Energy (EX:R&S)

    If you bought two of these decks, let's see what you could do with them:

    2 Armaldo Holo Sandstorm
    4 Anorith Sandstorm (Fast Evolution)
    4 Azurill Sandstorm
    4 Marill Sandstorm
    2 Azumarill

    4 Claw Fossil
    4 Wally's Training
    4 Energy Search
    4 Switch

    2 Multi Energy
    __ Fighting Energy
    __ Water Energy

    That is a Total of 34 cards, that means we have 26 cards left.
    We need energy, of course, and more drawing power.
    Figure we will spend at least 16 more on Energy, which
    leaves us with 10 more trainers we can put into the deck.

    Bill's Maintenance, Copycat, Professor Oak's Research, Professor Elm
    are all good trainers for drawing cards that are allowed in Modified Tournaments.
    Professor Oak, Computer Search, and Item Finder are great cards for Unlimited.
    Use about 10 of any of these trainers in your deck.

    Add 8 Water and 8 Fighting Energy and you are done.
    Or maybe we aren't...
    We could make a very nice all water deck out of this also.

    4 Azurill (Uncommon)
    4 Marill (Common)
    2 Azumarill (Uncommon)
    1 or 2 Ludicolo Holo (whatever you have)
    4 Lombre (Uncommon)
    4 Lotad (Common)

    10 Drawing Trainers
    4 Wally's Training (Uncommon)
    4 Energy Search (EX:R&S)
    4 Switch (EX:R&S)
    2 or 3 Potion

    16 Water Energy

    For the better hard to get trainer cards try to get these Theme Decks:

    Electric Garden Theme Deck has 2 Copycat and 2 Bill's Maintenance
    Echo Theme Deck has 2 Copycat and 3 Professor Elm's Training Method
    Mind Machine Theme Deck has 2 Oracle, 2 Prof. Oak's Research, 1 Town Volunteers
    Eeveelutions Theme Deck has 2 Fast Ball, 2 Fisherman, 2 Town Volunteers, 3 Bill's Maintenance

    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    I found that the echo deck is pretty good with some adjustments of course throw in Kecleon Mew(SI) Lady outing, ect
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