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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by CHRNO, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. CHRNO

    CHRNO New Member

    I liked the new Ursaring alot since it could do alot of damage and also has alot of hp.

    Pokemon: 16
    4x Ursaring (MT)
    4x Teddiursa (MT)
    2x Gardevoir (PK)
    1x Gardevoir ex d (DF)
    2x Kirlia (PK)
    3x Ralts (DF (Psychic))

    Energy: 16
    4x Delta Rainbow Energy
    9x Psychic Energy
    2x Scramble Energy
    1x Cyclone Energy

    Trainers: 28
    3x Rare Candy
    3x Bebe's Research
    2x Professor Rowan
    4x Night Maintenence
    2x Windstorm
    3x Plus Power
    3x Strenght Charm
    3x Castaways
    1x Stevens Advice
    2x Holon's Mentor
    2x Warpoint

    Ursaring.- The main attacker, his first attack is not that good but his second attak can do alot of damage once it is carged up and much more if teddiursa has damage wich I will explain later how it would work.

    Gardevoir.- Energy acelerator for the Ursarings high attack cost and a fueler for Ursarings attack giving the Teddiursas damage.

    Gardevoir ex d.- Tech that has Helped in the matchups alot, for that 80 damage for only 3 energys and his Imprison markersare really usefull.

    Bebes Research.- I chose this instead of Celios network becaude I can shuffle a Psychic Energy back into the deck helping alittle with gardevoirs power.

    Strategy: The strategy is to start with a teddiursa and then evolve into Ursaring being able to charge him from 2 (with gardevoir) to 4 turns. Once he is charged you can start charging the teddiursas with gardevoir and giving them damage for Ursaring to cure and impulsing his attack to 100.
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  2. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    run Rainbow energy instead of δ rainbow

    A) everyone can use it not just the δ pokes
    B) They add a damage counter to teddi
  3. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    For the last time.... Rainbow is NO LONGER IN THE FORMAT!!!!
    But, in regards to the deck, it does seem pretty annoying to face, and easy to setup. Nice Job.
  4. CHRNO

    CHRNO New Member

    Wow Thanks :biggrin:

    Any one else ... any coments or changes .
  5. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    One change that I can see, is to either get rid of one Night Maintanence and add 1 More Gardy ex d, or get rid of 1 Delta Rainbow for a normal energy.
  6. CHRNO

    CHRNO New Member

    I did Think of that extra gardy ex and really wasnt sure of what to take out plus it would mean taking out 2 other cards making room for the gardy and the ralts. So Night Maintenence , and what cuold I take out for ralts or should it just be 3-2-2-2 on the gardevoir line?? and the Delta Rainbow energy simply is a must if Im going to add in another gardy ex for more consistency and well simply because gardy ex has to change her energy to the bench. wich is also a small Problem I encountered in the deck but not that big.
  7. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    you don't really need a 4th ralts. All you need to do is play your Gardy's on the basis of need. For example; If you have a ralts on the bench, and you need to power up another Ursaring, you get the Gardy from PK. On the other hand, you may have another ralts on the bench with the Gardy PK on the bench as well. In that case, you get the ex d, and your chances of having it prized are decreased since you play 2 instead of 1. The whole Gardy line is just situational, you know, "What do I need right now?" You just need to play them smart.
  8. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    Ursaring's awful.
  9. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    I get the concept, but it seems to me that charging Ursaring with Gardevoir is asking for trouble.

    On the other hand, I think covering Ursaring's terrible weakness with Gardevoir is a decent idea.
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