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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Kaitos, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Kaitos

    Kaitos New Member


    MT have not been released in my country yet, so it's only until D&P. This is for a big tournament this weekend.

    Pokemon: 18
    Machop x3
    Machoke x2
    Machamp PK x1
    Macham DP x2
    Riolu x4
    Lucario x3
    Vulpix d x1
    Ninetales d x2

    Trainers: 27
    PlusPower x4
    Rare Candy x3
    Celio's Network x3
    Prof Rowan x2
    Steven's Advice x2
    Copycat x2
    Castaway x2
    Warp Point x2
    Master Ball x2
    Crystal Shard x2
    Cessation Crystal x2
    Holon Mentor x1

    Energies : 15
    Fighting Energy x12
    DRE x2
    Scramble x1

    Strategy :
    Straight Mario, Riolu beatdown, spread damage with Lucario, finish em of with Machamp.
    Now, my tech, Ninetales d are mostly for mirror decks. It uses 2 colourless energy for a good 40 damage, and a quick charge for Machamps. It can heal itself, and have free retreat costs.

    Any help would be appreciated,
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  2. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Why you play ONE Vulpix?
  3. Kaitos

    Kaitos New Member


    Because of Ninetales d power of course. Heal, discard, and switch for another Ninetales. 2 Vulpix d is too much, I think.

  4. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    - Oak's Research
    + Steven's

    you already have 4 rotation with Copycat/Rowan

    Otherwise, Trainer list "workable" even though I prefer Great Ball to Master Ball. The 2 Crystal Shard are possibly right for your area, depending on Salamence/Flygon.

    About the Ninetales: It's a good idea, but you *really* have to be careful with the Vulpix opening. I say this because at Nationals, using a Sableye tech with 7 other starters (as you), I opened with Sableye FOUR times.

    About the Crystal Shard and Tech combo: I have been toying with 1-1 Ambipom. Aipom's Throw Off attack is great vs Buffer Piece. Tail Influence attack can be destructive when it works, and Charity Tail.... just imagine!
  5. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    More DRE, many times your machamp will be left out there wit only 1 energy doing 20:frown:. If you play more DRE you need to tech for Crystal beach, which is looking very good for this metagame

    As for what King Gengar mentioned, you could play 1 Crystal shard for a tech; your deck does have the advantage with speed, and you normally have a favorable start compared to your opponent.
  6. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    So undeniably true that its funny.
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