Match Play - Panacea or Problem?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by NoPoke, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Well even though this is topical right now with the discussion of an introduction of an intentional muligan up in NEWS it doesn't really fit as a news topic so I've placed it here.

    Now I like match play but it isn't without its problems.

    - you have a fair chance of recovery from bad luck
    - round times increase so less stress on the TO/Scorekeeper

    - much more dependance on the random pairings in the first two rounds.
    - short tournaments are longer.
    - more reliance on tie-breakers.
    - round times increase so more bored players milling around between rounds

    So even though I'm a fan of match play the majority of tournaments that I TO in the UK are single game matches. For me the negative of the randomness in the first couple of rounds pairings outweighs the benefit from recovery from a basket case hand or coins that seem to have two TAILS.

    Gentlemen (and women) take your sides and let discussion commence ;)
  2. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    The Worlds saw the value of Match play. I pushed hard to get WOTC to see the value in match play and use it at Worlds. For local tournaments, where the range of competitiveness is much broader, and time may be an issue, 1-game matches are fine.

    At our local tournaments, we do 30-minute, 3-game matches. It keeps most of the kids busy the whole 30 minutes. I don't have to monitor the kids as much when they're roaming the store outside the gaming area.

    Plus, on average, about 95% of the matches go-the-distance in the early rounds. That drops to about 85% in the last round or two. Obviously, those averages aren't acceptable for bigger tournaments, and that's why we're going 45-minute, 3-game matches at all our CCs in Colorado where we had very few incomplete matches (mostly they occured in the last round or two). For the Colorado State Championship, we'll probably go to 50-minute, 3-game rounds.

    The biggest draw back of course is time. Some matches that end in 10 minutes leave players roaming. At our Lakewood CC we were lucky enough to have extra tables for players to play casually. For Colorado States, we're hoping to get a big enough venue to set up a video game area and other time-filler activities. So, if time is an issue, don't use 3-game match play, or just do them in the 30-minute time frame (only for small, local tournaments though).

    One final thought about the use of match play locally. Here in Colorado, we've always had some highly ranked players (both for DCI and now for PUI). It's a shame for an 1800+ player to loose on luck to a novice player in 1-game matches. Ratings ARE important to a few of my players, and THEY always insist that we do 3-game matches, even if they're only 30 minutes.

    NoPoke, I challenge you to run a 3-match, 30-minute-round tournament. See how your players react. Maybe they'll like it as much as our Colorado players do (match play, that is). You might get a couple slow players complaining about time, but I'm almost sure that the large majority will prefer match play.

    That's all.
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  3. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    LOL.. I AM that SLOW PLAYER It hadn't occured to me to try 30min match play.

    we do the video game thing too... I have a nice lcd projector for BIG BIG screen action.

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