Mechanicsville 1st place report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by drmario, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. drmario

    drmario New Member

    I and my 3 brothers and my dad drive down to mechanicsville. I am using Lucario/Dodrio. It takes about an hour to get there. We get there register then play.

    Round 1 Vs. Walrein/Feraligatr
    I start out ok in this one, then completely stall out. Every card I could not possibly use I draw. I have terrible luck, and my opponent does not. I lose


    Round 2 Vs. Vespiqueen/Torterra

    This is a very slow deck, but it has a LOT of HP. I get set up with a dodrio and have 3 energies attached. After 21 minutes I have taken one prize card and my opponent has taken none. I also drew 8 cards with my opponent's speed stadium. I end up getting some momentum and my opponent concedes about 2 turns before I would've beaten him. Win


    Round 3 Vs. Lucario/chingling/budew/milotic

    This deck was basically straight lucario with milotic as a tech. I get set up quickly with lucario and take advantage of dodrio's resistance. I win


    Round 4 Vs. Roselia

    This person did not know the rules very well. She tried to rare candy budews into roselias and tried to take an elm's with a budew. I start with a lone riolu and she starts with the DP heracross. I forget that heracross can do 30+30 more with a heads, and almost lose t2. I used a castaway on my first turn instead of using a celio's to take basic. Luckily on her turn she gets tails and lucario demolishes the rest of her deck. I win


    Round 5 Vs. Michael (my brother

    I wasn't happy about this since it meant that only one of us would make top cut. Michael was also using kricektune and that is not a good matchup for my deck. I start with riolu, he starts with, guess what, a kricketot! I go first and get heads with wild kick. I then get t2 lucario and galatic his hand, which was apparently really good. I then do t3 lv. X which is another way to spell "doom" for kricket decks. I end up taking the last prize with dodrio



    First round Vs. Ryan S. (Duskqueen)
    Match 1
    I was really worried about this matchup since Ryan went 5-0 in swiss and he has my weakness. He starts with a lone castform and I start with riolu, he goes first, passes, then I go. I get tails with wild kick. He then gets basic on his next turn. I get t3 Lucario lv. X, and he never sets up however. I proceed to obliterate the rest of his pokemon.

    Match 2
    This one I start with a riolu and go second. I get t2 lucario and was poised to have another t3 lucario lv. X. I search my deck and it is prized! I still somehow manage to win though. I get it down to 3 prizes left and then KO his mighteyena ex and his nidarino and win.

    SE Round 2 Vs. Pablo(meganium Delta/quagsire)
    I played Pablo at Rockville and beat him their with the same deck, so I was fairly confident I could win.

    Match 1
    I set up and get yet another t3 lucario Lv. X., attach cessation and then wipe him out.
    Match 2
    I mulligan 5 times then get a lone riolu start. I play quickball and don't get a lucario. He wins.


    Match 3
    This was by far the best match I have ever played. It starts out really bad for me, he manages to KO 2 of my pokemon before I can even evolve one. I then start using my evil, free retreat, resistance to fighting type dodrios. I get 3 in play, one has three fighting attached to it the other has no energies, however I had plenty of boost. I hit 2 meganiums and a ledian for 30 each. He uses delta reduction for 20. I then retreat and put out another dodrio, attach a boost and do the same thing. This goes on for several turns, I eventually KO both meganiums, by then I had Lucario lv. X up and then KO his last 2 pokemon. This was the best comeback I had ever had. It was one of the battles where you draw a celio's when you have one basic and get another one just so you survive.
    I win first and get 17 boosters, I pull a Magmorter Lv. X and a AH blissey.
    My final record is 6-1 which is a major improvement over my first to battle roads where I went 2-3.

    Good Judging
    Aardvarks for augmenting prizes
    Me winning about 90% of the galatic's I played
    My family winning 1st in the senoirs and masters (the 2 divisions we had players in)
    My little bro going 7-0 en-rout to winning 1st in senoirs

    The fly at table 4
    No food
    Playing my brother
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  2. ninetales1234

    ninetales1234 <a href="

    He sure did. I was amazed.

    Yeah, that was somethin'.:thumb:
    Everytime I judge and notice an RPS match, I look closely to see if anything wierd happens (like a player's selection displayed a fraction of a second after his opponent); I never find anything like that though- guess some people are just good at it!

    Keep it up, Peter. You got a good team.

    Yeah that was impressive. That last match against Jac was very close though.
  3. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    I thought the winner always got eight boosters. Anyway, congratulations! I sure wish I could have been there, but I had an extremely large amount of homework.:frown:
  4. ninetales1234

    ninetales1234 <a href="

    The really good TOs (myself included) augment the prizes. At my last Battle Road, 1st place in each age division received the standard prizes, 2 more boosters, and a Holon Transceiver. Always fun to be competitve and outdo your competitors.:smile:

    You can count on Tara augmenting the prizes for City Championships as well.
  5. drmario

    drmario New Member

    I concur.
  6. merman

    merman New Member

    haha i remember that.
    Congrats on the win!! I hope to see you all at the next tournament ^^

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