Meditite rox's guide to basic card rules. Read if this is your first time here.

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by meditite rox, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. meditite rox

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    Okay, I am tired of people who post cards with bad grammar, no offense. It makes things difficult for everyone to read and understand. Here are some rules that you should generally follow.

    1. Use this format (or one similar). Some methods rearrange some things, but for the most part all of them are the same. It is basically the same as it would be on a card.

    This is the basic heading. This is the only part that some people really rearrange.

    NAME LV.# HP## [TYPE]

    If there are any Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies, use this format once for each.

    [POKE-Body/Power] NAME

    If there are any attacks, use this format once for each.

    [ENERGY COST] NAME (Damage)##

    At the bottom, there is the Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat Cost. Usually like this:

    W: [TYPE] +##
    R: [TYPE] -20
    RC: [C] (as many [C] as needed)

    That is the basic card format.

    The Types are generally
    [C] for Colorless (includes Normal, Flying, and Dragon)
    [R] for Fire
    [L] for Lightining
    [F] for Fighting (also includes Ground and Rock)
    [G] for Grass (also includes Bug)
    [W] for Water (also includes Ice)
    [P] for Psychic (also includes Ghost and Poison*)
    [M] for Steel
    [D] for Dark
    *Poison used to go with [G] before the DP sets came out. For some reason, now it is with [P]. Some members still treat Poison as [G] and refuse to treat it as [P]. Use [P]. They will try to tell you that the [P] poison types in the DP sets are delta, but they are not. Don't listen to them.

    Many people are confused about the difference between Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies. The difference is, Poke-Powers are optional. They can be triggered by sometimes playing the card, once during your turn, or as often as you like during your turn. The main point is that you can completly ignore that it is there. Also, some Poke-Powers can be not used if that Pokemon is affected by a Special Condition. Poke-Bodies are always there, from the instant you play it until it is out of play. These cannot be turned off. Sometimes they are disadvantageous. It is sometimes triggered by being attacked, in between turns, or it could just mean that something can not happen. If triggered it will happen, even if you don't want it to.

    Here are a few common errors I have seen:

    1. "Effect" is used for the effect of attacks, powers and bodies, trainers, and energies. "Affect" is used for Special Conditions.
    2. "LV.X" is not a part of the cards name. When referring to that cards name in its attack/power/body text, exclude LV.X.

    Lastly, keep your basic grammar in check. It is frustrating to see many misspelled words and lower case letters at the beginnings of sentences. Make sure that you use complete sentences. Here is a list of commonly used words and terms that should always be capitalized:

    The name of any card, attack, power, or body
    Attacking Pokemon
    Basic Pokemon
    Benched Pokemon
    Defending Pokemon
    Evolution card
    Evolved Pokemon
    Knocked Out
    Pokemon Tool
    Retreat Cost
    Special Condition
    Special Energy
    Technical Machine

    If you are ever confused about what type of grammar you should use, check Search for a card you know has a similar or the same attack/effect, and you should find it. Happy card-making!

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    If you have any ideas of how to make this guide better/less confusing/needs more information/if you have any questions, post.
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  2. charmander rox

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    Alright, here's my addition to it.

    This is my guide to making sure that your HP and Retreat Cost on your cards aren't completely broken.

    For Baby Pokemon:
    30HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Basic Pokemon that EVOLVE:
    40HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Stage 1 Pokemon that EVOLVE:
    70HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Stage 2 Pokemon:
    110HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Basic Pokemon that DON'T EVOLVE, Group 1:
    50HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Basic Pokemon that DON'T EVOLVE, Group 2:
    70HP + 10HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For Stage 1 Pokemon that DON'T EVOLVE:
    80HP + 20HP for each [C] in the Retreat Cost, give or take

    For LvX Pokemon:
    Add about 20HP, maybe take away [C] from the Retreat Cost

    For the Basic Pokemon Group 1, this includes small basics such as Mew, Celebi, Phione, the Lake Pokemon, Plusle, Minun, the Unown. Group 2 includes larger Pokemon and Legendaries, such as Dialga, Palkia, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, etc.

    Note: The only Basic Pokemon that was meant to have 0 Retreat since the Neo Sets has been Ratatta SW, with 30 HP. If you want a Basic to have free retreat, remove at least 10HP from what it should have with a 0 Retreat Cost by this plan.


    Finally, consider what Pokemon you are dealing with. Cascoon does not get free retreat. Golems have more than 120HP. Use your better judgement, and most importantly, Happy card-making!
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    Well, the problem is that that is very, very old. It is not usually visible unless you look for threads older than a month. It needs to be stickied so that anyone coming to this thread for the first time will notice it.
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    Or you could just sig it. :thumb:
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    Or they could just not worry about our own created cards that will never come out... JMO...
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    But they should have good grammer anyway. I have seen horrible grammer, and it is difficult to read. Have you seen pikagirl's Pikachu? That is why I made this.
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    True True. Hey. sorry for this diss man, but when i first read this thread i just kind of thought "ugh"
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    Well, since the link in my post is a sticky, you won't have to worry.
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    Yay, we finally have some guide stickied over here!
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    Hate to nitpick, but grammar comes with two a. >_>

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