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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Naki Feralkin, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    Something I've been fiddling around with in the last couple weeks has been trying to figure out an ideal way to make a grass deck work in format. I was throwing a Vire deck around a little bit and I see it won't survive well in meta with Mario and its numerous variants threatening this season. Speed Emp is running around, so water resistance and trying to keep the opponent in check for as long as possible is one of the better ways to be rid of an annoying snipe deck like so, so I was at league and completely disregarded something I should not have until more recently. I dub this deck my Battle Road deck, and its already proven its worth against quite a few well done Empoleon decks. I bring you: Meganilot.

    4 X Chikorita (DP2)
    2 X Bayleef (DP2)
    3 X Meganium (DP2)
    1 X Meganium (DF)

    2 X Gulpin (CG)
    2 X Swalot (CG)

    2 X Spinarak (DP2)
    2 X Ariados (DP2)

    1 X Holon's Castform


    4 X Rare Candy
    3 X Holon Mentor
    4 X Celio's Network
    3 X Castaway/Tom Hanks
    2 X Strength Charm
    1 X Cessation Crystal
    3 X Scott
    2 X Battle Frontier
    4 X Bill's Maintenence

    9 X Grass Energy
    2 X Warp Energy
    4 X Double Rainbow Energy

    The Stars of this show (Most definitely not Pat Sajak and Vanna White.)

    Chikorita DP2:

    Basically a First Form. Nothing too special, you want to get it up to that Stage 2 almost immediatly, if possible. It can sleep for free which can buy you time, but it is fragile and cannot survive that early game Infernape, whereas DP2 Meganya CAN. I like these ones better though for the free status effect.

    Bayleef DP2:

    Again, I prefer this one. Usually I candy to the final form, but this Bayleef is capable of pulling evolutions if needed and its helps a great load if I don't have the candy right away.

    Meganium DP2:

    The meat and potatoes of the deck. This mean green fighting machine is capable of delivering Infernape a very embarassing OHKO, resists Empoleon, which greatly slows down its capability of killing a very powerful attacker, and on its own can deliver a T1.5 win. If you candy to Meganium, Burn and Poison, and your opponent only has a 50 HP poke and fails the flip, you win the game. Of course, its a lot more situational than the usual Riolu OHKO, but it CAN happen, and I've seen it happen. Early game status effects on pokemon who are pulling out supporters and trainers can be devastating, its mean to Empoleon because it slows him down and can whittle his very large HP ratio to nothing.

    Did I mention I've seen a lot of Infernape techs in Speed Emp lately? Hello 90 damage to Emp.

    And this guy is most definitely not fragile with 130 HP. He can survive a non charmed Flare Blitz from Infernape. Very tough to bring down, even more tough when they come in swarms. 3 energy attack, not a problem with DRE's and the one castform tech.

    Meganium DF:

    One of my few techs. I have the capability to use it, why not use it? It comes with a great power that can find me a quick tech in a heartbeat or a way to begin charging up another Meganium. It can still attack thanks to the DRE's in the deck, so if he needs to fight he will, but unlike the other Meganya's, he can't survive a Flare Blitz.

    Gulpin CG: I'm sorry, Amnesia is a great T1 attack. If I can't start with my ideal Candy/Meganium build, I'll take a Gulpin Amnesia start. It keeps Chingling from using Inviting Bell, Riolu from kicking, and other such things. It of course goes to the giant stomach, which is what its there for.

    Swalot CG:

    Low amounts of HP, but is Psychic seen much in the meta? Pick and Choose can keep the opponent in check and even keep them from even considering an attack. What if I fail? I put 3 damage on plus poison next turn! And he can use Reactive Poison if I screw up! For 80 damage too! (I usually place DRE's here), it forces a load of mind games on the opponent and with the other techs, its not so easily escaped, either...

    Spinarak DP2:

    Its a Spinarak, it goes to Ariados, nothing special here.

    Ariados DP2:

    Not really an attacker but more of a tech, this is where people are going to wish they ran that switch or warp point in their deck if they didn't. I typically don't expect to retreat myself, and if I do, well, I carry a Cessation Crystal for a reason. Sticky Goo is keeping my opponents from trying to escape the wrath of thousands of status effects at once. Infernape free retreat? I think not. I would rather see you waste that energy, especially in a deck that needs the energy to keep moving.

    It seems counter productive, but look at Meganium and Swalots retreat costs. I don't think I plan to get them out of there so easily, and I carry Warp Energies just in case. I use Ariados to make my opponents life miserable and take the status effects instead of running away. Sure, switch and warp point are a bane, and I realise this, but people do fail to consider those trainers sometimes, and problems will occur if they do not.

    Holon's Castform:

    I do not want to have Castform starts in this deck, but the boost in energy is nice, especially if I need to swap a DRE for the extra damage. I run the one simply for an extra DRE minus the reduction.

    Trainer Line:

    Rare Candy:

    Simple enough, gets me to that oh so amazing T1 Meganium to begin the frustration. I can also get a Turn 1 Pick and Choose if I require it.

    Holon Mentor:

    Same reason everyone else runs it, to fill the bench. Normally its to get the techs or begin a second Meganium, but its pretty much the same as any other reason you would run Mentor.

    Celio's Network:

    No Bebe or PETM required. Theres no EX's in the deck, and I normally get my base lines out via Mentor or Evo Call if I start with a Meganium D. This is what gets my evo lines, usually.


    I do run tools in the deck. I realise its a bit risky with Vire X running around, but thats a risk I'm willing to take, especially since I have enough confidence that Mario will keep Vire from expanding its horizons. This is good for the energy I sometimes have problems getting, a spare Celios, or even some draw.

    Strength Charm:

    It is a necessity. I probably should actually run 3. Strength Charm as many people know helps for that extra damage needed to OHKO something. This is the something I need to one shot the very annoying Infernape. Flame Counterattack deals 60, plus 30 for him being fire, plus an additional 10 from Strength Charm, bamf. Just what is needed for a Grass deck to be a little more safe against Infernacatty (Again, hoping Empoleon keeps it in check), and lets face it, the extra damage is nice.

    Cessation Crystal:

    Not really a necessity, but a help if needed. I am willing to shut down my own Ariados if they can't get the job done, and if there is a power that is hurting so much more. I only run one because I think running too many will be unnecessary.


    I don't want any Crystal Beach/Lake Boundary on my playing field.. I'll get my Battle Frontiers to even the score. This also gets any supporter I could possibly use.

    Battle Frontier:

    Stops Queen, stops Honchie, stops Blissey, Stops Delcatty. Its a stadium, it can knock off other stadiums. I probably could run a 3rd, but at the moment, its not really worrying me too much. It may not benefit my pokemon, but it hurts my opponents.

    Bill's Maintenance:

    My lone form of draw. I probably could use a bit more, but he has been helpful in a pinch. I don't like Steven's Advice because I've had moments where I'm holding too much, and I don't like pitching for TV Reporter, and Adventurer just isn't good anymore without Engine. Theres always one card I typically can't use at any given time, so this form of draw does well for me.



    Typical energy for a grass deck, not a whole lot to run, but its the primary form of base energy.

    Warp Energy:

    Pretty good in a pinch. I run the Ariados to stop retreating, but as it harms me too, I might need a way to get out. It generates colorless energy as well, so that is very beneficial since a lot of the attacks on my pokemon have a colorless cost.

    Double Rainbow Energy:

    For Pick and Choose, this is great. It doesn't deal any damage anyways, so the early status effects make use of the two energies so well, its energy acceleration at its finest, and I can always castform it out if I want the extra damage.

    All in all, its a pretty solid deck so far. Its proven its worth to me against some really well built decks, and I think it has potential for BR's. I probably could put a Night Maintenance in, as it would help recycle a Meganium line or some energies, but other than that, I dont see TOO much I could fix. Thoughts?
  2. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    You might want another cess. crystal for ariados. 2 buffer pieces or energy roots would be good for this deck too since grass types usually have lower HP. Swaloat is pretty darn good so you may want a 3-3 line of him. Overall though, the deck looks great.
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