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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by MachineMaster9613, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. MachineMaster9613

    MachineMaster9613 New Member

    I've been play-testing this deck and I really like how consistent it's been! It's fast and has tons of annoying tricks up it's sleeves. Here's the rundown:

    :pokeball:POKÉMON: 19:pokeball:
    3 Yanmega Prime
    3 Yanma TM
    2 Jumpluff HS
    2 Skiploom HS
    2 Hoppip HS
    2 Smeargle UD
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Azelf LA
    1 Giratina PL
    (Let Loose)
    1 Unown Q

    :pokeball:T/S/S: 35:pokeball:
    4 Judge
    3 Pokémon Collector
    3 Seeker
    2 Bebe's Search
    4 Poké Drawer +
    4 PokéDex HANDY910is
    3 Junk Arm
    3 Super Scoop Up
    2 Pokémon Communication
    2 VS Seeker
    2 Expert Belt
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Broken Time-Space

    :pokeball:ENERGY: 6:pokeball:
    3 :colorless: Rescue Energy
    3 :grass: Grass Energy


    - Set-up Yanmega Prime and/or Jumpluff quickly, primarily Yanmega
    - Disrupt your opponent

    Basically, Yanmega will be taking Prizes early game, and with ease thanks to his free attacks. In order to keep his attacks remaining free, you will be playing Judge, Giratina, or just counting cards as you play. The Judges and Giratina have several jobs: giving you pluses, giving your opponent minuses, and helping Yanmega KO easily. This deck plays out its hand so much that the Judges and Giratina are actually huge draw power, as well as disruption for your opponent. To make sure you always have a way to shuffle-in-draw-4, it maxes out on Judge, plus 2 VS Seeker to get them back, plus 3 Junk Arm to get back the VS Seekers to get back Judges. This also works with Seeker/Giratina, which is more devastating because it also disrupts their Bench when you Seeker their Benched Pokémon and re-drop the Giratina. Smeargle is for going first, and hoping your opponent has a Collector. If you open with Smeargle and they have Collector, you have just taken advantage of your opponent and control of the game. You use their Collector to snag Unown Q, Giratina, and Yanma or Hoppip (whichever is gonna be easiest for you to set-up, most likely Yanma). You then build what you can with your hand before finally dropping the Giratina to get rid of their Collector so they can't set-up (unless they re-draw it; it can happen). I can't tell you how many games that play has won me because I start beating their face with Yanmega next turn (or the same turn if I draw the nuts after Giratina) while they draw crap.

    Jumpluff will be taking Prizes late game easier than Yanmega. If my opponent can get a set-up, Jumpluff deals with bigger Pokémon. His attack is cheap at 1 Grass Energy, which by the time I need one of those Energy, I will have drawn into one. He punishes for your opponent playing too many Pokémon.

    Hopefully this was an okay explanation. The deck has been working well for me. I was playing it straight Yanmega before, but 70-90 damage was not taking care of a lot of match-ups, so I added the Jumpluffs to beat bigger Pokémon. I can make my Jumpluff deal 70-90 as well, but only as a minimum - my opponent having multiple Benched Pokémon made it even better.

    I know one thing: playing against Trainer Lock is extremely difficult unless I can consistently keep them disrupted. Otherwise, I haven't had many problems. Runs great!

    Any comments/questions/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
  2. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Why no Miasma Valley?
  3. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    I think you could try to fit in a few Copycats, they will help you with the hand stuff. While you have your Judges, you can draw more stuff and draw into hand-copying cards faster/earlier, which helps a lot with the Yanmega starts.
    While you have the VS Seeker Judge thing, you'd have to draw into your VS Seeker to get it back (if you have 1 in discard). Copycat can also get you more cards on bad starts.
  4. MachineMaster9613

    MachineMaster9613 New Member

    I was playing 3 Copycats before, but I found that sticking to a strict Judge/Giratina strategy works more consistently for me. It's not just about having an equal hand for Yanmega, it's about consistent disruption for my opponent, which prevents them from a reliable set-up, unless they draw the nuts.
  5. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Just so you are aware, Giratina does not MAKE them draw 4 cards. They may draw UP TO 4 cards.
  6. Tankgrowth

    Tankgrowth New Member

    Don't copycat. 8 times outta 10 you can dead search. I run Yanmega and I just judge and dead search which works great. good luck!
  7. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    yes, but a good yanmega deck is pretty trainer heavy. Chances are, your opponent will be intelligent and not lock themselves further - accurately betting that you can match their 1 card hand.

    Giratina, in most cases, cannot be worked around!
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