Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by KaiserBeetle, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. KaiserBeetle

    KaiserBeetle New Member

    This is a ballzy deckout deck, it's got 3 stage 2 pokemon teams.


    3x Tyranitar \
    2x Pupitar - (MT)
    3x Larvitar /
    3x Rhyperior \
    2x Rhydon - (DP)
    3x Rhyhorn /
    2x Meganium d \
    1x Bayleef - (DF)
    2x Chikorita /
    1x Budew (DP)
    2x Luvdisc (CG)
    1x Mantine d (DF)

    4x Rare Candy
    2x Super Scoop Up
    3x Bill's Maintenance
    2x Warp Point
    2x Night Maintenance
    1x Speed Stadium
    2x Celio's Network
    2x Scott
    2x Mr. Stone's Project

    3x Scramble Energy
    2x Double Rainbow Energy
    5x :fighting: Energy
    4x Special :dark: Energy
    1x :dark: Energy

    I haven't got to really play test it yet, me and a friend of mine just built it today.
  2. Dragoncius

    Dragoncius New Member

    Id drop luvdiscs, budew andmantine just to give more consistancy to ur evo lines and start with those. Add 2 more Draw cards and make it 4 SSU, play 4 or play none.

    make it 4 DRE and 1-2 Scramble... Stone doesnt work here since it could only get fighting energies and u only got 5....drop one or both....a couple of switch might help too.

    Just trying to speed it up....
  3. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

    i dont see how i can help u accept telling u to drop to at least 2 stage2 lines....
  4. KaiserBeetle

    KaiserBeetle New Member

    Hey thanks but i need Luvdisc to get out my basics thats what matters, 4 super scoop up seems a bit much but ya I do need more DRE energy I'll get more Saturday.
  5. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Just use 4-3-4 T-Tar with some Mantine d's and 2-1-2 Meganium d... Rhyperior is useless in this Deck...
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