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  1. pokemon211

    pokemon211 New Member

    Pokemon: 23
    Holon Castform 4x
    Chikorita d 3x
    Bayleef d 1x
    Meganium d 2x
    Trapinch d 3x
    Vibrava d 2x
    Flygon d 2x
    Flygon ex d 1x
    Mew * 1x
    Rayquaza ex d 2x
    corphish 1x
    crawdaunt ex 1x

    Trainers: 23
    Stevens 2x
    Lake boundary 2x
    Castaway 2x
    Rare Candy 4x
    Strength charm 2x
    Windstorm 2x
    Buffer Piece 1x
    bebe's research 3x
    holon mentor 3x
    copycat 1x
    night mantience 1x

    Energy: 14
    d rainbow 4x
    fighting 4x
    psychic 4x
    water 2x

    Normal flygon strategy, meganium speeds it up and it all sets up very well, and meganium is a very good attacker. Crawdaunt is in there for its power and the pesky apes, but i believe there are better cards to tech in there
  2. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Why Crawdaunt ex?
    - 1-1 Crawdaunt ex line
    + 1 Trapinch d
    + 1 Flygon ex d DF
  3. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    Take out the water element to make your deck more focused:
    -1 corphish
    -1 crawdaunt ex
    -2 water energy
    -1 chickorita

    +2 psychic energy
    +1 fighting energy
    +1 buffer piece
    +1 celio's

    I don't think you'll have such a bad time with infernape since only your meganium line is weak to it.
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