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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Rew, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    do u need any holos from me?

    u mentioned metagross on my thread
  2. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    hmmm.... i want your silver shaymin sleeves, will you do that for the dialga sleeves and somethnig else?
  3. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    no thanx....

    i can trade literally any other cards on my list though
  4. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    CML for Dialga Sleeves.
  5. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    dangit... ummm... there isn't alot of cards on your list i really needed... i know the shaymin sleeves are high value but I really think they are neat.
  6. DodoBrain56

    DodoBrain56 New Member

    CML for your Dialga Sleeves
  7. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    I didn't see anything.
  8. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    I'm so sorry i can't trade them....I'm really absessed with shaymin

    are u interested in a prof.cup mat?
  9. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    extreamly. will you do that?
  10. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    hmm.....if your interested.....I'm getting I am getting once i see secretsof2113 at a tournament,and 1 sep.1st when they ship the prof. awards to a prof.

    they are worth more than the sleeves but i have a %100 mint opened one coming in

    just hold on to the sleeves until I see secrets2113 which should be soon to trade
  11. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    ok I'll do that. i'll hold them for you.
  12. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    remeber its the opened mint one because it lowers it value to $35 which is how much the sleeves are going for

    Thank you for will be when i see the person at a battle road or I can ask for her to send to me :)

    I will ask for her to send once I recieve my other one

    the opened one has NO scratches,the ends are mint and nothing is peeling :)
  13. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    oh it's fine. just PM me when you get it so we can work it out.
  14. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    I'll LYK

    thanx :)
  15. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    what do you want for your shining Regice?

    here's what i have

    Geo's Holo's List

    "Majestic Dawn"
    Majestic Dawn- Cresselia x3 (2 Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn- Palkia
    Majestic Dawn- Darkrai
    Majestic Dawn- Manaphy
    Majestic Dawn- Articuno
    Majestic Dawn- Zapdos
    Majestic Dawn- Rotom x2 (1 Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn- Kabutops
    Majestic Dawn- Glaceon
    Majestic Dawn- Glaceon( Different one)
    Majestic Dawn- Leafeon
    Majestic Dawn- Leafeon( Different one)
    Majestic Dawn- Glaceon Lv. X
    Majestic Dawn- Leafeon Lv. X
    Majestic Dawn- Garchomp Lv. X x2

    "Great Encounters"
    Great Encounters- Sceptile
    Great Encounters- Palkia
    Great Encounters- Darkrai x3
    Great Encounters: Darkrai x2
    Great Encounters: Darkrai Lv. X

    "Diamond & Pearl"
    Diamond & Pearl: Lightening Energy
    Diamond & Pearl: Water Energy
    Diamond & Pearl: Fighting Energy
    Diamond & Pearl- Psychic Energy
    Diamond & Pearl- Empoleon
    Diamond & Pearl- Infernape
    Diamond & Pearl- Lucario x2
    Diamond & Pearl- Magnezone
    Diamond & Pearl- Mismagius
    Diamond & Pearl- Palkia
    Diamond & Pearl- Staraptor
    Diamond & Pearl- Torterra x4
    Diamond & Pearl- Skuntank
    Diamond & Pearl- Bastadon

    "Mysterious Treasures"
    Mysterious Treasures- Raichu
    Mysterious Treasures- Celebi x2
    Mysterious Treasures- Aggron
    Mysterious Treasures- Alakazam x2
    Mysterious Treasures- Azelf x2
    Mysterious Treasures- Blissey x2
    Mysterious Treasures- Honchkrow
    Mysterious Treasures- Meganium
    Mysterious Treasures- Mesprit x3
    Mysterious Treasures- Tyranitar
    Mysterious Treasures- Electivire Lv X
    Mysterious Treasures- Blaziken

    "Holon Phantoms"
    Holon Phantoms- Regice
    Holon Phantoms- Kabutops
    Holon Phantoms- Rayquaza x2
    Holon Phantoms- 3 Deoxys
    Holon Phantoms- 5 Deoxys
    Holon Phantoms- 6 Deoxys
    Holon Phantoms- 8 Gyarados
    Holon Phantoms- 11 Latias
    Holon Phantoms- 15 Raichu
    Holon Phantoms- 17 Vileplume
    Holon Phantoms- Seviper
    Holon Phantoms- Sableye

    "Dragon Frontiers"
    Dragon Frontier- Ninetails
    Dragon Frontier- Milotic
    Dragon Frontier- Flygon
    Dragon Frontier- Rayquaza ex
    Dragon Frontier- Salamence ex
    Dragon Frontier- Nidoking
    Dragon Frontier- Nidoqueen
    Dragon Frontier- Typhlosion
    Dragon Frontier- Gligar
    Dragon Frontier- Seadra
    Dragon Frontier- Arbok
    Dragon Frontier- Snorlax
    Dragon Frontier- Togetic
    Dragon Frontier- Ampharos
    Dragon Frontier- Vibrava

    "Power Keepers"
    Power Keepers- Banette
    Power Keepers- Altaria
    Power Keepers- Cradily
    Power Keepers- Aggron
    Power Keepers- Blaziken
    Power Keepers- Kabutops
    Power Keepers- Slaking
    Power Keepers- Gardevior

    Deoxys-Shining Rayquaza

    "Secret Wonders"
    Secret Wonders- Blastoise x2
    Secret Wonders- Venusaur
    Secret Wonders- Suicune
    Secret Wonders- Entei
    Secret Wonders- Mew
    Secret Wonders- Gastrodon East Sea x2
    Secret Wonders- Salamence

    Blaziken Promo 1/17
    Deoxys Promo 2/17
    Jolteon Promo 3/17
    Mew Promo 4/17
    Tauros Promo 5/17
    Vaporeon Promo 6/17
    Pikachu Promo 12/17
    Flareon #2 Promo
    Entei #34 Promo
    Lucario Lv. X DP12 Promo
    Dialga Lv. X DP17 Promo
    Palkia Lv. X DP18 Promo
    Darkrai Lv. X DP19 Promo
    Magmortar DP20 Promo
    Raichu DP21 Promo
    Mime Jr. DP22 Promo
    Glameow DP23 Promo
    Electabuzz (Pokemon the 1st. Movie)

    "Crystal Guardians"
    Crystal Guardian- Delcatty ex
    Crystal Guardian- Camerupt x2
    Crystal Guardian- Swalot x2
    Crystal Guardian- Tauros
    Crystal Guardians- Dusclops

    "Legend Makers"
    Legend Maker - Gengar
    Legend Maker - Muk
    Legend Maker - Wailord
    Legend Maker - Gorebyss x2
    Legend Maker - Shiftry
    Legend Maker - Delcatty

    "Delta Species"
    Delta Species- Metagross
    Delta Species- Vaporeon
    Delta Species- Umbreon
    Delta Species- Espeon

    "Neo Revalation"
    Neo Rev.- Shining Gyarados

    "Ruby & Sapphire"
    Ruby & Sapphire- Sneasel ex
    Ruby & Sapphire- Scyther ex
    Ruby & Sapphire- Lapras ex

    "Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua"
    Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua- Suicune ex

    "Pokemon Dragon"
    Pokemon Dragon - Ampharos

    "Pokemon Emerald"
    Pokemon Emerald - Swampert

    "Base Set"
    Machamp-1st. Edition

    Base 2

    "Jungle Set"

    "Team Rocket"
    Dark Alakazam
    Dark Arbok
    Dark Raichu
    Dark Weezing
    Dark Slowbro
    Dark Vileplume
    Dark Dugtrio 1st. Edition

    "Firer red/Leaf Green"

    Muk x2
    Lapras 1st. Edition

    Gym Hero's
    Brock Trainer
    Lt. Surge Trainer
    Brock's Rhydon
    Erica's Clefable

    Geo's Rares (Non-Holo's)

    Secrete Wonders: Sharpedo
    Secrete Wonders: Pidgeot
    Secrete Wonders: Wormadam
    Secret Wonders: Xatu
    Secret Wonders: Weavile
    Secret Wonders: Electrode x2
    Secret Wonders: Golduck
    Secret Wonders: Magmortar
    Secret Wonders: Minun
    Secret Wonders: Plusle & Reverse Holo
    Secrete Wonders: Mothim
    Secrete Wonders: Nidoking
    Secrete Wonders: Unkown S

    Great Encounters: Dialga
    Great Encounters: Wailord
    Great Encounters: Lapras
    Great Encounters: Latias
    Great Encounters: Mitolic
    Great Encounters: Altaria & Reverse Holo
    Great Encounters: Kingler
    Great Encounters: Primeape & Reverse Holo
    Great Encounters: Hypno
    Great Encounters: Exploud
    Great Encounters: Beedrill
    Great Encounters: Houndoom
    Great Encounters: Wigglytuff

    Mysterious Treasures: Ariados
    Mysterious Treasures: Abamasnow
    Mysterious Treasures: Bastiodon
    Mysterious Treasures: Crobat
    Mysterious Treasures: Chimecho
    Mysterious Treasures: Executor
    Mysterious Treasures: Glalie
    Mysterious Treasures: Gyarados
    Mysterious Treasures: Manetric
    Mysterious Treasures: Mantine
    Mysterious Treasures: Mr. Mime x2
    Mysterious Treasures: Ninetales
    Mysterious Treasures: Toxicroak
    Mysterious Treasures: Unknown I
    Mysterious Treasures: Walrein
    Mysterious Treasures: Wishcash
    Mysterious Treasures: Rampardos
    Mysterious Treasures: Sudowoodo
    Mysterious Treasures: Garchomp
    Mysterious Treasures: Slaking

    Diamond & Pearl: Bibarel
    Diamond & Pearl: Munchlax
    Diamond & Pearl: Gengar
    Diamond & Pearl: Azumaril
    Diamond & Pearl: Beautifly
    Diamond & Pearl: Clefable
    Diamond & Pearl: Drapion
    Diamond & Pearl: Drifblim
    Diamond & Pearl: Dustox
    Diamond & Pearl: Floatzel
    Diamond & Pearl: Heracross
    Diamond & Pearl: Pachirisu
    Diamond & Pearl: Steelix
    Diamond & Pearl: Wobbuffet
    Diamond & Pearl: Vespiquen
    Diamond & Pearl: Hippowdon
    Diamond & Pearl: Golem
    Diamond & Pearl: Machamp
    Diamond & Pearl: Medicham
    Diamond & Pearl: Noctowl
    Diamond & Pearl: Snorlax
    Diamond & Pearl: Ursaring
    Diamond & Pearl: Lopunny
    Diamond & Pearl: Purugly
    Diamond & Pearl: Wynaut

    Power Keepers: Omastar
    Power Keepers: Sableye
    Power Keepers: Gardevoir

    Dragon Frontiers: Jynx
    Dragon Frontiers: Mantine
    Dragon Frontiers: Tropius
    Dragon Frontiers: Vibrava
    Dragon Frontiers: Seadra
    Dragon Frontiers: Arbok
    Dragon Frontiers: Ledian
    Dragon Frontiers: Xatu

    Crystal Guardian: Dusclops
    Crystal Guardian: Fearow
    Crystal Guardian: Grumpig
    Crystal Guardian: Igglybuff
    Crystal Guardian: Swampert
    Crystal Guardian: Venusuar
    Crystal Guardians: Combusken
    Crystal Guardians: Cacturne

    Holon Pantoms: Latios
    Holon Pantoms: Latias
    Holon Pantoms: Mewtwo
    Holon Pantoms: Rayquaza
    Holon Pantoms: Registeel
    Holon Pantoms: Sableye
    Holon Pantoms: Serviper

    Legend Maker: Magmar
    Legend Maker: Torkoal

    Delta Species: Snow Cloud Castform
    Delta Species: Weezing
    Delta Species: Cloyster
    Delta Species: Sandslash
    Delta Species: Swellow
    Delta Species: Azurill

    Deoxys: Deoxys- Defense Form
    Deoxys: Shiftry

    Majestic Dawn: Espeon
    Majestic Dawn: Umbreon
    Majestic Dawn: Jolteon x2 (1 Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn: Flareon x2 (1 Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn: Vaporeon
    Majestic Dawn: Leafeon (Reverse Holo)
    Majestic dawn: Glaceon x2 (1Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn: Bronzong
    Majestic Dawn: Hippowdon x2 (1Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn: Minum (Reverse Holo)
    Majestic Dawn: Empoleon
    Majestic Dawn: Torterra
    Majestic Dawn: Infernape
  16. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    do you have 4 magnemite RH and 2 Magneton RH?
  17. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    i know you are holding the dialga sleeves but did you ever CML?
  18. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    no i dont. is that all you need?
  19. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    i looked and i didn't see anything earlier.... except Magnezone....
  20. Ninjask_161

    Ninjask_161 New Member

    please CML for the darkrai sleeves. i really need some sleeves, ive had like 3 people back out on trades for sleeves at the very last moment. gets slightly annoying. anyway, i have a good bit of LA and i dont list my UN/commons, so if you need any please ask.
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