Memphis TN Hidden Legends PreRelease June 12

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by meganium45, Mar 31, 2004.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    You guessed it! TIME for another GREAT PRE-RELEASE AT TRIPLE PLAY

    Triple Play - 2882 Wolfcreek Parkway, Memphis, TN - BEGINS AT NOON, Registration Begins at 11:00

    Cost, as ALWAYS $15.00 for all players, which gets you 6 packs of the new set, plus prizes, and as always, everyone who enters gets at least a BONUS pack of Hidden Legends, along with the Exclusive Promo!!!!

    This is also a bring-a-new-player BONUS EVENT - Anyone who brings a new player to the event will receive a bonus pack of cards and other benefits! New players can either play in the main event - or they can play in a "Theme Deck Challenge" to help them learn the game. They will get a NEW theme deck (Hidden Legends) to play with, along with being GUARANTEED 3 packs of cards for playing!!! We will have special volunteers for the non-sanctioned event (limited to 24 players) who will help people learn and play... As this event is limited to 24 players, priority will be given to 10 and under players first, then their parents, then older players for entry and GET THIS, the cost is only $15.00!!!
    Gets you a THEME DECK, 3 PACKS and the promo!!! Can't beat that ANYWHERE!

    Special Drawing for anyone who brings a new player and for the new players for great door prizes!!!

    After the main event we are holding our usual pass-draft with Hidden Legends, $15.00 per player after the main event, with Hidden Legends for prizes!!!

    More details to follow, prizes for all 3 age groups of the main event, bonus prizes for the Theme Deck Challenge for new players and much much more!!!!

  2. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    looks like this prerelease if going to be filled with fun.
  3. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    Our Leauge leader over here is giving out flyers that say this event will be on the 13th(I assume this is an error).I'll definetly be there. So Ultimate_Healer, you coming to this tournament?
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Should be Saturday June, 12th. Have Nitia PM or e-mail me if we need to change.


  5. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    well i will try
  6. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    The terror of the south, Prof. Chris!, shall be there :D Perhaps I'll bring my friend, James with me. He won the TMTA pre-release there...I woulda done better had I gotten some decent pulls. ¬.¬ Anyways...should be a blast! See you all there.
  7. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    I shall be judging there ^_^

  8. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Cheap way to get a box of cards of the new set. =P Although, if Rick said he needed it I would do the same in Mandeville :p
  9. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    What Chris? You don't want to finish 2nd at yet another of my events??

    Talk to you soon,.

  10. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    sry peeps but i wont be makin this one. I would rather stay in Da Boro for my prerelease.
  11. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member


    I plan on taking 1st this time...just y'know...make sure not to bring any 15+ players with you other than Colin and that shouldn't be a problem what with how few they have in Memphis :p Now all I gotta do is talk someone into coming just to play...then I get that extra pack...and probably all their cards too ;)
    Will there be any sort of draft afterwards? Y'know Rick is talking about having a Rochester draft down in Mandeville...Rochester draft would be fun. ^_^ We were talking about Karaoke too...but I figured that'd probably be a better idea for a party like South SC ^_~ (Mind you there isn't anyway on earth you'd get me up there singing :p and not to mention Rick singing may drive away the store's regular customers ;) ).

    Isn't that on the week before this one? So you're not gonna go to two and rack up on all the new cards you can, like me? :p
    Last edited: May 27, 2004
  12. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    unless i can get a ride
  13. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Ah...understandable then ^_^;
  14. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Vince, the tournament is still on the 12th right? I remember hearing you say something about switching dates back at the GC, so I just wanted to make sure ^_^
  15. FuriousZangoose

    FuriousZangoose New Member

    Hmmm this could be fun especially since theres no 15+ (besides you chris) If i get clearence from mom and pops (and if vince has room) ill make it
  16. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Yeah I'm like..."Sign up for tournament~ *hum*"...first round... "Winner by default in the 15+ Chris!" and I'm like "yay!" 'course I'll have to play through swiss with the younger kids...just means higher POP rating :lol:
  17. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Yeah...absolutely no one in the 15+ one at all...should be easy....yeah...nobody in Memphis at all...not a soul.......cake walk...thats what it will be..... ;)
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2004
  18. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    You know I was just kidding :p I was at the last pre-release...there were plenty there...all I gotta say is... I want some Pinsir! :D and maybe a Wigglytuff ex...and whole buncha other stuff...but mostly 2-3 Pinsir...sure its holo rare...but its not impossible to draft/pull XD Swalot would be nice too...Crobat...I wanna pull alotta grass :D and then in my winnings I wanna pull some useful stuff :lol:
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2004
  19. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Well I hope the low prerelease turn out isn't true for Memphis, we usually get at least 50 for these hopefully tradition will be followed ;P

    BTW I will be doing lots of trading so be prepared.

  20. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, let's make one thing extremely clear....this is Memphis...

    Memphis ALWAYS breaks the rules of the rest of the country....

    Everyone else has very few 10-, Memphis not only has a bunch, but (with all due respect to St. Louis), Memphis has the BEST 10- players.

    I think we are going to get a GREAT turnout this weekend....and we are going to start nicknaming the Memphis Players Nitia's Army!!!

    Hopefully some of the Nashville players will find their way down....

    And it appears that FLAREON will be helping with the THEME DECK CHALLENGE!!! Talk about great support!!!!

    Come see Nitia, Meg45, Swanton1717, Flareon, and the rest of us who will, once again, bring you the BEST event we possibly can, and quite frankly that ANYONE possibly can....

    See you on Saturday, and remember, bring a friend who as not played in an event before, and YOU and YOUR FRIEND EACH get a bonus pack of Hidden Legends when prizes are given out!!!!

    Reminder - T-shirt available, $12.00 each, and they look Sharp......Free shirt for Nitia, just because she is well, Nitia!

    See you all there, my Memphis gang!!!


    Who somehow want to take credit for being the Shepard of the BEST 10- players in the world, all who play in his no particular order....Kevin W, Taylor M, Andrew K, Zak K........All are going to WORLDS!!! WOOT!!!!

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