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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by swanton1717, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Hello,(name is based on a band i like)

    I do not like playing decks that are archetypes. So I try to find other decks that fit my playing style and that are fun. It is sometimes hard to find one. But I think I have found a deck that fits my style and is fun. When I am looking for a new deck. I go over to and check out their scans to see what I like. I was looking through the Aquapolis set the other day and I saw Tentacruel. I remembered what its power was, which lets you add Energy to your opponents active Pokemon from the discard pile as long as you have more energy then them. And the more Tentacruels you have out the more energy you can add. And I also remember some Espeon/Tentacruel decks that were played in Neo On. It seemed to work fairly well, but didn't have enough Punch if I recall correctly.

    I also know that Gardevoir Ex/Gardevoir is a good deck that abuses the amount of energy in play. Then I decided that Tentacruel would be a good addition to the Gardevoir Ex/Gardevoir deck. Here are the reasons that I think Tentacruel is a good addition...

    1. It will allow both Gardevoir and Gardevoir Ex to do more damage.
    2. It has a free retreat
    3. It helps against the mirror match, which IMO is Gardevoirs biggest weakness.
    4. It helps against Blaziken/Eggs which is also another weakness for Gardevoir.

    So i'll post the deck, strategy, and then matchups.

    Pokemon: 21
    4x Ralts
    4x Kirlia
    2x Gardevoir Ex
    2x Gardevoir
    3x Tentacool
    3x Tentacruel
    2x Azurill
    1x Wobbuffet

    Trainers: 22
    3x Professor Birch
    3x Professor Oak’s Research
    2x Copycat
    3x Masterball
    2x Pokemon Fan Club
    4x Oran Berry
    2x Potion
    2x Warp Point
    1x Town Volunteers

    Energy: 17
    17x Psychic Energy

    The strategy is to start with Azurill and get the bench filled with Ralts and Tentacool. Then evolve them into Gardevoirs and Tentacruels to start the beatdown. Here are some notes about certain cards before Matchups..

    Azurill- I like it over Wynaut and Dunsparce, because I just feel more secure about being able to get either Draw, Search, Recovery, or Healing rather then just Pokemon.

    Wobbuffet- Helps against mirror, and is an all-around good card.

    Draw Engine- This draw engine seems to work the best for me, and I really like Masterball due to the fact that it isn't a supporter.And more then 1/3 of my deck is Pokemon so it is favorable that I have at least 2 Pokemon in the top 7 cards of my deck.

    Warp Point- I like Warp Point in this deck more then Switch because I can switch their active for a different Pokemon, like they may send up Marill. I can then add energy to the Marill with Tentacruel and then my attacks will do more damage because they cannot get rid of the energy with a free retreat cost.

    Ok time for matchups...

    V.S. Gardevoir/Gardevoir Ex- This is probably the hardest matchup. But with Tentacruel I feel that I have more of an advantage and that I have more board control. I can use the R/S Kirlia to keep dealing 100 damage to all of their stuff and can power up Gardevoirs and such on the bench.

    V.S. Blaziken/Eggs- They will have so much Energy in their discard so I can keep using Tentacruel to add energy to their Pokemon so i can OHKO their stuff. The regular Gardevoir can take out their Exeggutors while Gardevoir Ex can clean up.

    V.S. Kabutops Ex/Xatu- Currently most Kabutops Ex/Xatu decks are only running Kabutops Ex so I can use Wobbuffet. But I can get a lot of energy in play with Tentacruels and Gardevoirs so hopefully I can overpower them.

    V.S. Aggron Ex/Furret- I can use Wobbuffet to stall while I power up Gardevoirs and Gardevoir Ex. I haven't tested against this but I think I will be able to get enough energy in play to get the job done.

    Anyway thanks for reading this lengthy post. Please leave your comments and fixes.

  2. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    looks like a beast Colin. However, against Aggy ex, you can't exactly stall with Wobbuffet that effectively. He can still hit the bench for 20... and thats quite a nice amount of damage EVERY turn.

    Hmm. How well does Azurill work in this? I would definitely think about running Wynaut over him. Plus, if he gets damaged you can evo to Wobbuffet and remove that damage.

    I think this stands a chance against every deck out there... maybe throw in 2 or 3 Multi Energy thoug, that way you can attack with Tentacruel without losing a Gardevoir or more energy... sure it takes away from Psy Shadow... but whatever. I dunno...

    Mine and your trainer lineups are always different, I don't think we'll ever agree on trainer lines... but whats this? NO MOO MOO MILK? Finally I knock some sense into ya! hehehe ^_^

    Anyway, good luck with it man, I'll be fearing this thing in a few weeks!
  3. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Replies replies replies replies!!

    Venusaur- I dont really like using too many Supporters so that why i chose Master Ball over Elm's Trainging method. Its just a preferance thing i guess. Thanks for the compliments and such.

    Pat Pat Pat- helloo, how are you? Im good. Anyway thanx for the fix and such. I prefer Azurill over Wynaut cause getting just Pokemon annoys me, i prefer to get trainers. I dunno how to explain it really but i just prefer Azurill.

    Aggron Ex will do well against this, but i think it would be a 50/50 thing going on. As you said i can't just hide behind Wobbuffet but, Gardevoir could damage you and such. I dont see me doing like 180 damage though. But i think a constant 60-70 could take it down.

    Our trainer lines do always look different. Its our playing style, we are very different in playing styles. Which is cool. Cause your good with urs and i guess im good with mine.

    I think ill play this at the eon tourneys, hopefully i can get this built. Lol ill cya later Pat.

    More replies please. Like 55 people have looked at this and only 2 replies, whats up with that? This is not just hear for ur viewing pleasures. Please reply.

  4. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Wow, that decks looks scary. I'll still try to fix it a little though...

    Try to fit a Mewtwo ex in, it could be really helpful if you can Energy Absorb a few energies from the discard to power up Gardevoir ex's attack. Make sure the Ralts are Sandstorm, and the Kirlia are Life Drain.

    As for trainers, I don't know about Warp point. Maybe try Switch instead, or even Warp energy. I've tried Masterball before, and it just isn't that good without Oracle. Many times I'd use it and not even get a Pokemon in the next 7 cards! Elm's Training Method is better, though it's slower. Experiment with it. Also, you could try Desert Shaman instead of Copycat or something.

    Good luck with this deck, it looks awesome!
  5. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Hey thanks for the fix. But i really like the Masterballs. The fact that it ISN'T a supporter is awesome, and that the only reason i play it. Too many supporters is not good. I like being able to use like a Masterball and then Birch or Professor Oak's Research. Or Birch/Oak's Research and then Masterball. I know it sounds lame, but being able to use a Supporter and Masterball is awesome because lets say ur opponent only uses Supporters for draw. That means they can only use 1 Draw card per turn, while I can use 2(or more if i have more then one Masterball) And that gives an advantage. Thanks for the fix though, i'll definitly think about Mewtwo Ex.

    I'm gonna try this deck this Saturday at league. And i'll tell how it does and give matchups and such. Please keep the replies coming.

  6. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Actually, I didn't much like Warp point either, but now I see it being played against me more often and it gets really friggin annoying when people time it nicely. I guess that my Aggron deck is a lot more vulnerable to that type of thing than a deck that runs Marill or any lower retreat, but it can still be real nasty. Its also nice for that last prize too, I'm liking Warp Point more and more.

    Even with the points in there, you really wanna save them for the right moment, I'd try fitting in at least 1 switch on top of your warp points. Switching is a real essential thing in Gardy I think.

    Another thing. Where's the Boost???? Play 18 energy in this, and drop 2 psy for 2 boost, it should run pretty well that way, just try it out.

    Good luck with it, Colin. Cya at Dragons Prerelease =)
  7. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Ill consider dropping a Warp Point for a Switch. But this deck is too tight and I dont think Boost is really needed. I mean i have Tentacruel and they add damage to my attacks. And i always seem to run thin on Psychic Energy towards the end so I dont think i can drop any. I would add some but I can't really drop anything else.

    Keep replying.
  8. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Well I really wish I could fit some in. But i see no room. But also people will retreat at the beginning to get different pokemon up and such, so there will be 1-2 energy in discard by the time their main pokemon is up. Thanks for the replies, keep them flowing.
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