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  1. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    I was trying to think of a way to counter what I see are the top decks around (in no order): Blaziken, Aggron, Gardevoir, and Ampharos. That led to this deck:

    21 Pokemon:

    3 Sandshrew (SS)
    2 Sandslash (SS)
    1 Sandslash (SR)
    3 Shroomish (DR)
    2 Breloom (SS)
    1 Breloom (DR)
    3 Staryu (SR)
    3 Starmie (SR)
    3 Dunsparce (SS)

    22 Trainers

    4 Potion
    4 Oran Berry
    4 Prof. Elm Training
    3 Oracle
    2 Briney
    3 Pokenav
    1 Town Volunteer
    1 Fisherman

    17 Energy

    4 Multi
    6 Fighting
    4 Water
    3 Grass

    Strategy: I know, three evo lines with 3 different types is a little unusual, but I think it can work. My strategy when building the deck was to use only stage ones with one retreat that could attack with only one energy and also do some effect (Shrew poisons, Shroomish sleeps, Staryu heals).

    The idea is to get the right guy out quickly to take advantage of the defending's weakness and get quick KO's before they can get their bruisers going. Ideally, by turn three, I could have a fully powered Pokemon out that my opponent would somehow be weak to.

    Here are the matchups:
    Sandslash takes care of Ampharos. In addition, the SR 'Slash is resistant to electric.
    Breloom is there for Gardy Ex. The SS 'Loom uses fighting energy to attack, so that gives flexibility.
    Staryu wipes out Aggron and Blaziken. Core Blast does extra damage for metal energies, and I hope to get Blaze when he's still Torchic or Combusken.

    Here are my questions:
    Is there room for Crystal Shard? How about Wobbers? Lanette's Net?
    Is this a ridiculous idea and should I go back to playing Ampharos Ex?
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