Metronome Rulings Conflict

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by manicgiraffe, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. manicgiraffe

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    I was browsing the Compendium and came across what I feel is a conflict. I accept that rulings are rulings, but as a judge I like to understand and be able to justify the reasons behind them.


    == METRONOME (Clefairy - Base Set; Clefable - Jungle Expansion; Clefable EX - EX:Fire Red / Leaf Green; Clefable - Diamond and Pearl)

    Q. If I use "Metronome" and copy Lugia-EX's "Elemental Blast" attack, do I have to discard a Fire, Water and/or Electric energy if I have any of them attached?
    A. Yes, when using Metronome in this fashion you do as much of it as you can. So if Clefable-EX only has two Water energy attached, you have to discard one of the Water energy cards (but not both). And if you have a basic Water Energy and a Rainbow Energy attached, you would have to count the Rainbow as one of the other types and discard both cards. (May 4, 2006 PUI Rules Team)

    Q. If Clefable metronomes Latias-EX's "Power Crush" attack, what happens if there are no Fire Energies attached to Clefable?
    A. Clefable can copy the Power Crush attack without having any Fire Energy to discard as long as the Defending Pokémon is not Knocked Out by the attack. If the Defending Pokémon was Knocked Out and you cannot discard 2 Fire Energies, then this attack does nothing. (Jul 19, 2007 PUI Rules Team)

    Ref: [CCC] Metronome - Choose 1 of the Defending Pokemon's attacks. Metronome copies that attack except for its Energy cost. (You must still do anything else in order to use that attack.) Clefable performs that attack.

    Ref: [LRW] Elemental Blast (200) Discard a R Energy, W Energy, and L Energy attached to Lugia ex.

    Ref: [RRC] Power Crush (90) If the Defending Pokemon is Knocked Out by this attack, discard 2 R Energy attached to Latias ex.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    The date makes the difference.
    We were made aware of a metarule recently where discarding energies attached to a Pokemon are always mandatory if called for by an attack.
    The earlier ruling was made before that was known.

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