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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pewe22, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. pewe22

    pewe22 New Member

    4 mew prime
    2 ryperior lvl x

    3 collectors
    4 seekers

    47 psyhic energies

    the idea is to first turn dirscard a ry lvl x with mews attack
    second turn destroy your the emeny pokemon
    well thats it if mew gets hurt then retreat and seeker it up

    srry about the spelling
  2. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    Way too many energies. I'd play some techs such as Delcatty and Dialga, both from Platinum. Your deck also auto loses to Dialga G LV.X, I'd play a Drifblim UD to Take it away, otherwise this deck shuts off. PM me if you want to see my deck list of MewPerior, I have had very nice results using it.
  3. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    i know people play a 2-2 line of Octillery in this deck incase of Dialga G
    I also highly recommend some supporters and definitely Rescue Energy
  4. Electric Spider

    Electric Spider New Member

    I can see this taking forever to start. So many mulligans.

    Yea, I recommend adding more T/S/S and techs.
  5. DptyMewtwo

    DptyMewtwo New Member


    +4 Judge
    +3 or 4 Pokemon Rescue
    +1-1 line of something that can take on Dialga G
    +1 Azelf (deck dies if you have both Rhyperior lv x's as prize)

    47 energy?

    -10 (for the cards above)
    37 energy

    -6 psychic
    + 4 Rescue energy
    +2 cyclone (get that mewtwo or Umbreon tech out of the way if needed)

    37 energy is still a lot

    I have a smeargle and unown Q also and 1 or 2 bebe's This would make you have 33 energy (still be able to do a lot of damage)

    oh and I would - the seeker for 3 or 4 palmers (reason being is Mew has low HP so most likely if someone damages the Mew it is for a knockout not just 30-40 damage)
  6. Lt. Boomer

    Lt. Boomer New Member

    Im really interested in knowing what people will come up with to combat dialga cause an intelligent player won't let their dialga active after lvling up. In saying this, the drifblim won't work and playing mew myself i don't play a straight mew deck because there is no stage 1 or basic that can straight up counter dialga without providing kinks to the mew deck. Where is the ability to get that rhyperior back into your deck if you have no judges or bebe's and one is prized? too much is riding on the mew alone. Personally i don't like this mew deck because even though it can do tons of dmg, current format provides a counter that shuts this whole deck down with just being on the bench. And is also not easily dealt with.
  7. DptyMewtwo

    DptyMewtwo New Member

    that is why I am liking my Mismagius from SF. I can hit whatever for 40 and make them pick up the Dialga G Lv X. It is my only thought of option here. Cause you can't really use Blaziken or something that pulls it up for an attack cause next turn it just moves back to the bench. So I Hit him, bring him up their hand and hopefully judge next turn to get rid of the lv x. I know they can get it out pretty easy, but I am not sure what else to use :)
  8. Lt. Boomer

    Lt. Boomer New Member

    actually that sounds like a decent counter, though it will be an instant target for garchomp. Current format is just too stacked against rogue decks right now because of how overpowered SP is. Best bet would be to possibly run Remove Lost trainers to keep them from reusing warp energies. Its just an idea to play around with.
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