Michigan State Championships

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Dayton_Pokémom, Mar 25, 2004.

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  1. Dayton_Pokémom

    Dayton_Pokémom New Member

    When:April 4, 2004

    Where:Garden City, MI
    Tournament Play Area
    1858 Middlebelt Road
    Garden City, Michigan 48135

    Call Pandemonium at (734) 427-2451

    Pandemonium is located less than 5 miles from Metro Detroit Airport. There are many hotels in the vicinity, many with a wide range of prices. Contact Pandemonium and ask them to suggest a hotel in your price range.

    Cost: $10.00

    Registration: 9:00AM - DECKLISTS will be required. If you would like one ahead of time email us for a copy of one and what format you would like it in (Word or PDF)
    1st Round Start: 10:00AM

    More information to come
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  2. Sands

    Sands New Member

    How much is the cost for registration?
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  3. DaytonGymLeader

    DaytonGymLeader New Member

    More info:

    Side events:

    Whatever you guys want, tell us! We'll run them (within reason).

    Cost to be determined by the event and how much product we use that's from Nintendo gratis!

    Registration is $10.
  4. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    DGL: How much extra time would you guess there would be for side events assuming someone made it AT least to the T8?

    If there was an extended period of time like 3-4 hrs extra i wouldnt mind another MF tournament(non single elimination) with a larger entry free for a larger prize, just an idea?

    Cant wait till sunday!
  5. DaytonGymLeader

    DaytonGymLeader New Member

    Well run them until we run outta product.
  6. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    Hey, I will be comming up from chicago along with a few other members of "team chicago" to give you guys a run for your money!
  7. TeamRocket4Life

    TeamRocket4Life New Member

    Congratulations to the winners, you guys deserved it.

    I'm still in shock i didn't lose in Swiss play. I'm trying to use that as a bargaining chip to get permission to go to Nationals... ^_^

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