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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Scipio, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Familiar? Yeah, I did post this on Beach earlier.

    20 Pokemon:
    2 :dark:Darkrai LVX
    2 :dark:Darkrai lv.38
    4 :dark:Mightyena lv.42
    4 :dark:poochyena lv.17
    2 :fighting:Claydol lv.45
    2 :fighting:Baltoy lv.11
    4 :lightningPachirisu lv.30

    24 Trainers:
    4 Roseanne's Research
    4 Bebe's Search
    3 Technical Machine TS-1
    3 Time-Space Distortion
    4 Pluspower
    4 Moonlight Stadium
    2 Professor Rowan

    16 Energy:
    4 Special :dark: Energy
    12 Basic :dark: Energy

    Set up Mightyena and a full bench, and do 80 for 2 Dark energy with Darkrai X backing up. Who incidentally makes a good backup attacker.

    The parts of this deck:

    Since this deck requires a full bench to work, Pachirisu is the starter of choice. People who think it isn't good due to Phione+Call or Jirachi need their minds checked - its still a good starter, particulary due to the technical machine.

    Hey, its Claydol. Get off my case.

    Darkrai LVX
    Darkrai LVX has a few roles here. First off, there's the fact that it makes basic Dark energy get the Special dark energy effect. This allows the damage output to drastically rise. Then, he's no shabby backup attacker himself, getting 70+possibly lethal sleep for 3. Why the Reach Over Darkrai, you may ask? Well, because its not intended as main attacker, the fact that its a slightly better starter as the other Darkrais for getting energy gives it my preference.

    Alright, his main attraction is dealing 10 damage for each Pokemon you have in play. This includes itself. Now 60 for 2 is...pretty good, but nothing groundbreaking. But because he's Dark, it gets so much better. 80 for 2 is pretty much a 2HKO on anything in the format, only Rhyperior X and Wailord will survive. And Mightyena generally won't enjoy Rhyperior X anyway.
    As for his other attack - its a nice bonus to use against basics, either if you're still setting up stuff, or if you can't immediately KO them just yet (Mewtwo LVX or opposing Darkrais come to mind). Its a bonus, not the main part of his attraction.
    As for Poochyena - Its not the worst card to start with. It can stall opposing Pachirisu's/Phione's a bit with Corner. Still, nothing spectacular and should be evolved as soon as possible.

    As for the trainers...

    They're just good cards that compliment each other awesomely. Not much to say.

    Mainly used on Pachirisu. Can help a lone Baltoy start, or a Poochyena/Baltoy start, or something amongst those lines. Good card, pity there's a lack of searchability.

    Chosen due to the relatively low HP count of my Pokemon. As well as the need of having a full bench. Also, the 3 copies of this card triple the value of this deck Wink

    Nabs OHKO's on 90 HP pokemon, and can even help tackling 100 HP stuff with 2. This is particulary handy against AMU, which won't enjoy facing this deck anyway.

    Moonlight Stadium
    The other reason AMU hates you. I kill their stadium before I let the dog swing for the OHKO on a pixie. It also counters potentional Stark Mountains/Dawn Stadiums/You name it. Free retreat helps with getting out Darkrai X.

    Professor Rowan
    Not 100% certain yet with Cynthia's coming up, but it is a great card. Hand replenishment with keeping 1 card is good, if not awesome.

    Special Dark Energy
    Just in case Darkrai X fails to show up. Slim odds, but best not taking any chances.


    Mighty Shades - Kingdra: 45-55
    The speed of Kingdra is undeniable. Its not a HORRID matchup, but you need to get a bit lucky in how fast you get your evolutions out. Due to the low energy cost of this deck, you can keep up.

    Mighty Shades - AMU: 70-30
    Mightyena is already a counter to AMU. Having its own deck dedicated to it only makes it worse for poor little PIXIE POWA. The potentional OHKO on any of the LVX's make it even funnier.

    Mighty Shades - PLOX: 52-48
    Resistance to Gardevoir = Good. Weakness to Gallade = Autsch. Still, you outspeed them. If they manage to get a good Aggro Gallade going, it may be a bumpy ride. You still 2-shot any Gallade, though. Gardevoir is less of a threat.

    Mighty Shades - Rhyperior: 30-70
    Not being able to have a solid 2-shot at Rhyperior X + Weakness = Hurt. On the other hand, you have chances early game, when Rhyperior struggles a bit setting up. When they're rolling, though, its good game.

    Mighty Shades - Kyo/Groudonk: 80-20
    Its good if you can completely disable them. Getting off 1 Call for Family should already seal the deal.

    Mighty Shades - Empozong: 50-50
    They can OHKO you. On the other hand, Bronzong doesn't harm your main attacker putting him out of comission. You don't have Candied pokes so potentional Omastars don't hurt as badly. Still, those OHKO's Empoleon can pull bite.

    Mighty Shades - Eevee&Co: 45-55
    A tough matchup due to the speed. Eevee and pals can decide to hide behind a stalling Leafeon X with Leaf Guard. While you still do 60, which does 2-shot, they have some healing going on. Plus, they can 2HKO you as well and have energy acceleration. Bumpy but doable.

    Mighty Shades - Garchomp: ??-??
    This will depend hugely on the metagame. I may be mistaken but I'm not seeing a lot of Fight-Weakness around for next meta. This might lead to Chomp running few Fight energy, which will swing this matchup into a huge advantage. However, if Fight weak becomes more abundant, it will hurt this matchup.

    Mighty Shades - Skittles: LOL-LOL
    They rely on a basic. Togekiss can't reliably 2HKO you, while you 2HKO even if they heal in between. You win this, no questions asked, unless you get donked.

    Mighty Shades - VileLossom: 50-50
    This does rely a bit on the coinflips coming from the opposition. A full powered Bellossom potentionally OHKO'ing your Mightyenas wont help either. At least you can retreat out of Burn/Poison fairly easy, and they are hurt by low HP and big reliance on their bench. If they don't get their perfect setup, you can win this.

    Mighty Shades - Scorpio: 40-60
    Weakness + Status effects hurt. On the other hand, unless its paralysis, its very easy to switch out of. Beware of RANDOMXOUTTANOWHERE, it will OHKO you regardless. You do have a chance though since their not all that sturdy either.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
  2. Killax

    Killax New Member

    Hmm well, I think you should try it, my main problem with this deck is the low hp mightyena, and 1HKO'ers still can kick 2 of your Mightyena in the nuts before going down.

    Also expect mr. mime in the plox decks, this means you won't be able to attack after turn 2...
  3. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Mr. Mime simply requires one additional energy, so I dont think its all THAT hard to navigate around it. Should it become big, I might add in Energy Switch, just to get that extra energy on a Mightyena and then syphon it off to a benched Pokemon. And yes, 90 HP is a bit troublesome but in the end, not THAT much yet swings for 90. B'sides, AMU faces the same problem doesnt it? ;)
  4. Killax

    Killax New Member

    Nope, I do agree, this deck will work. And yep AMU faces the same problem, but unlike some, I don't think it will see big play, AMU that is. It is quite able to kill but there are some real punishers out there when it comes to basics, in IFDS even machamp will be able to do it for 1 energy...

    And oyeah, you should really watch out vs Gligar decks with this deck, it's about as fast as u but it drops 80 dmg on you when your in a special condition...
  5. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    I agree, analyze thine Scorpio matchup. :I

    On the other hand, this deck may finally make the sub-par Darkrai Lv.X do-able. And Mightyena's attacks are pretty cool. I might suggest bubble coat for multiple reasons, but its up to you.

    P.S. You do your matchups backwards. Its supposed to be (your deck) - (the opposing deck) Even though you list what order they are in, it could get confusing.
  6. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Altered Matchups. Added Scorpio.

    Speaking of which; Scorpio is about the only good Fighter I see for next format, so I dont think too much of the Coat.
  7. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    Hmm, pretty fair matchup. Only true testing will tell though. :D
  8. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Mightyena is interesting, but I think Houndoom (Great Encounters) might be a better choice.
    You don't rely on a full bench, so Dusknoir can't get you. You burn them and can do a possible 90 damage for 2 energy if you use Multi energy if they flip tails for burn.
    Only problem is Empoleon and Kingdra for Houndoom.
    Mightyena still looks pretty decent damage-wise.
  9. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Weakness is why I prefer Mightyena over Houndoom. Plus, Houndoom discards energy constantly, which isn't something I favor.
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