Milford, MA States Report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Cardkeeper, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Cardkeeper

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    So I decided to play LuxChomp with a 1-1 Blaziken. I'd gotten bored of DialgaChomp and wanted to play something a little more agro. I wake up really early preparing for the 2-hour drive to Mass. I get there and I still need either a 3rd Luxray GL (3-1) or a 2nd X (2-2) luckily I find some friends I had met at last year's States and traded for the 3rd Ray (so I played 3-1). My brother played his old VileGar in Seniors. Juniors have top 4, Seniors top 8 and Masters 7 Rounds with a top 16. Pretty nice turnout. I say hello to Johnny Blaze and go look at pairings. (PS. If I mess anyone's names up, my bad. I'm pretty bad at names.)

    Round 1 - Vs. ??? (Sorry, I forget) w/ MagneGatr

    Okay, so I would just like to point out that there was a lot less LostGar and a crapload more Magnezone than I was expecting there to be. I forget what I stat with, but I wanna say Smeargle. He starts Spirtiomb. I go, and Call for Lux and Blaze. He plays down a Magnemite and Totadile and Darkness Graces for Magneton. I use Portrait for a collector, and grab Q, Uxie and Roserade GL. I Q my Smeargle, play down Roserade and Poison Bind for 20. He evolves into Crocanaw, Bebes for Megnezone Prime and evolves. He Warps away Spiritomb and uses Magnetic Draw. He gets the Gatr Prime as well as another Magnemite. He Rain Dances and passes. I believe we traded prizes for a bit, me Sniping off some Magnetons and Uxies. I continued to use Portrait to Palmers back my Pokemon, until he finally uses it. At this point, I had taken a few cheap prizes but he still had a powered up Magnezone that was belted and 2 Gatrs on the bench. I have used Portrait several times and know he has no energy or energy-producing cards. I grab Spray with Cyrus to deny him Magnetic Draws and give me time to take out Magnzeone. He top decks an interviewers, and takes more prizes. He once got a second Magnezone up, which kind of foiled my plan since he could use Draw again after the Spray, luckily I revenge kill it with PromoCroak. I was down to my last Spray, and he has crap. He asks to Magnetic Draw for 1. Do I wanna risk it? Or waste it? I tell him to go for it. Judge. CRAP! I scramble to get set up. Time is called and he is ahead on prizes, I have nothing, and he has three tanks. I snipe off a prize with Garchomp, and it is next-prize-wins. I only have 1 turn left or he will 2HKO my Garchomp and I know it. I Smergle and he has Interviewers and PONT. I make the bonehead mistake of not picking PONT (I honestly dont know why) and I lose. Good game man, it was dead close.


    Round 2 - Vs. Sarah w/ Leafeon/Roserade

    So next round I'm determined to do something good. I start with Roserade/Promocroak to another non-Gengar Tomb start. Luckily for me I had a God-hand, and was able to get a Blaziken with fire, Luxray with Lighting, a Garchomp with DCE and a full Cyrus engine with the Level Xs in my hand. I lock up her Tomb with Roserade and by the time he dies. I'm fully setup. I sweep with Blaze X and Miasma Wind does nothing with my Power Sprays nulling out Roserade's ability. Good Game Sarah it was nice meeting you.


    Round 3 - Vs. Chris?? (sorry if I'm wrong) w/ Kingdra/Abomasnow

    When I see a Horsea to my Garchomp/Call start I about have a huge sigh of relief. Finally, an easy game. I was wrong. WAAAAAY wrong. I get out the Luxray and Blaziken which nulls out his Prime and kills Abomasnow. I'm all ready to sweep his field, when I draw an energy. I only need a Cyrus, and I can almost guarentee a win! He Dragon Pumps, okay I can survive that. Energy. Okay, one more turn. Dragon Pump. Energy. HUH!?! I could really use a Cyrus or a Healing Breathe right about now. Energy. WHAT THE HECK!?! I mess around with Tail Code to slow him down, and he plays Judge. Annnnndddd..... Energy Energy Aaron Energy. ... ... ...
    At this point I'm pretty mad and when I play Aaron I make an idiotic mistake. I Shuffle them instead of putting them into my hand. Because I shuffled without warrant, I get a prize loss. I draw a collector. Wow. Talk about too little too late. Good game Chris, you were a really cool guy even when I was so frustrated :lol:


    Round 4 - Vs. Angelo w/ Absol/Garchomp C

    So I'm 1-2 and Angelo has been a pretty good friend of mine at the States scene so it kinda sucked that we were gunna have to possibly bump one another from Top Cut. I started slow, going and trading prizes. I started Chomp, and he started with Ambipom but I don't remember if it was active. I attach Call for Lux and Blaze and he Snap Attack KOs my Garchomp. We trade Prizes, with me also Snap Attacking for revenge on his GCX. I set up my Promocroak for revenge incase he ever got an Absol set up, I don't remember much, but there was a constant Prize change. I Tail Coded away his one Fighting Energy he used for his Relicanth tech, and Time is called and it goes to Sudden Death. I had the Bright Look to kill a benched Crobat, and it was game. Good Game man, great to see you, and good luck in Philly!


    Round 5 - Vs. Brian w/ Tangrowth Tank/Shaymin

    So going into this once I saw a Tangela I had mixed feelings. I never played against a Tangrowth deck before and knew I had to get out an early Blaziken. He started Tanking right away. He got out 2 Tangrowth ( 1 AR Swallow-Up and 1 COL Grind) the latter of which was X'd and Belted. He also had 2 Shaymin UL one of which was X'd so he has a belted, healing 190 HP tank dealing 80+ a turn active. Phew! I luckily was able to bright Look/Jet Shoot away the Shaymin X, but he killed it next turn. There was a very small gap for Prizes due to his large HP-Pokes (he also had a Nurse Call Blissey to make things worse) and I used Premiere Ball/ Aarons to get back my Blaziken X line. Unfortunately, time was called and he was 1 prize ahead. When I played Cyrus, there was no Gain in my deck, and I had only played one. What are the odds both Gains will be prized. Just my luck. I thought, and I scooped. But when I flipped over my prizes, only one Gain was there. What the Crap?! I searched my prizes again. No Gain. Searched my deck, no Gain. My hand. No Gain. My opponent had the same sleeves, so we counted both decks twice. He 60, me 59. Oh Great. We looked all around, asked previous opponents and nothing. We got the Judges involved for a bit, but since nothing had turned up, I simply needed to get another Gain to use, or I would have to drop. Damn. Lucklily my opponent was really nice guy and lent me an extra E-Gain (which I still have by the way, if you are reading this and want it back I'll give it to you at Regionals XD) this really nice lady tried to get me an extra Celebi sleeve, but unfortunately nothing prevailed and I had to resleeve completely. That sucked.


    Round 6 - Vs Jose??? (Really unsure about this one) w/ Magnezone/Regirock

    So we get like a fifteen minute time extention for me to resleeve. I start strong, to his Uxie start. He played an Azelf, and played down Magemite. I quickly killed the Uxie and he got a Magnezone Prime setup. Luckily, I was able to snipe around it and pulled up the Azelf. He had no energy to attack with Magnezone so he just kept Regi Cycling. I killed off his 2nd Uxie, the Magnezone Prime and another Magnemite, and his Azelf was still stuck active. I take like 3 or 4 prizes and he scoops.


    Round 7 - Vs Jeremy w/ Wailord Tank/ Feraligatr Prime/ Floatzel GL

    After contemplating dropping, I decide to stick it out for the last round. He gets a early Wailord and I setup Chomp and Luxray early. I Dragon Rush the Wailord which he now has a full energy count on due to his benched Gatr Prime, and I finish it off next turn with Luxray. He sets up another, and sets up Floatzel GL X with a Spiritomb/Warp combo. I kill Spiritomb with Bite and Healing Breath off Lux's damage. I then Bright Look/Flash Impact kill the Floatzel, but I have a problem. He has a full-HP full-energied belted Wailord tank up and rearing and my resources are dwindling. I set up a Drifblim that turn with his BTS and topdeck the DCE I need to Take Away his massive Tank. He realizes this, and rain dances four waters onto one of his benched Gatrs. He starts using Hydro Crunch but I plan my Poke Turns accordingly so that my remaining Healing Breaths give me the game. Good game Jeremy, you were a great opponent!


    So my final record was 4-3. It was an accumulation of major misplays, prize losses (Aarons shuffling :nonono:) and losing cards (see round 5, :nonono:) that gave me the record, but it was ultimately my fault. I wait around to see the Top Cut. 2 4-3s made it in, but my resistance is HORRIBLE and I get like 33rd. Oh well. I wish Johnny Blaze good luck in Top Cut and I leave and go over my friend Sarah's house. All in all it was a really fun tournament, with great staff. Can't wait for Regionals!


    Top 16
    TJ's Staff - always great
    Really fun, smooth tournament
    Seeing Angelo and Johnny Blaze, always a pleasure
    Really nice people helping me out when I lost a card
    Friendly opponents all 7 rounds
    Good Pizza for only 5 bucks
    States for being States
    Going over my friend Sarahs after

    Slops -

    Major Misplay Round 1
    Shuffling in with Aarons round 3 (stupid stupid STUPID! :nonono:)
    Losing a card Round 5
    Poison Ivy all over my face the next morning (ITCHY!!! :eek:)

    See y'alls in Regionals!
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  2. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    Nice job man. You forgot to mention that I prized my Draggy and my second Chomp or that game would've been so different, but hey, that's the luck of the draw.

    I'll try to see you sometime before I leave for Philly.
  3. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Oh yeah I forgot about your prized Draggy! And how I made you use Tail Code when you announced it but meant Galactic Switch. That was a fun time.
  4. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    Ya...that sucked...good times...
  5. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Hey man nice to see ya again. Nice report. The Tangrowth Tank deck was against Brian Jessing, Jr. Hope to see you at Regionals!
  6. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Thanks, it was Brian. And hope to see you at Regionals too! Any idea where it'll be this year? It was in RI last year if i recall correctly.
  7. BlueShuckle

    BlueShuckle New Member

    I went to Milford too, I thought it was really fun.
    I also went 4-3 but came in 18th with Gdos
  8. Brady1

    Brady1 New Member

    I didn't help your resistance out after I beat you (went 3-4....16ish tails in a row? yay) but nice meeting you and see you at regionals. btw you can keep the gain, I got plenty and i'm hoping I won't be seeing any after this season's over. :/
  9. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    You, me, and pretty much everyone else. I'm freaking sick of SP...
  10. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Lol thanks again Brian. SP is getting kind of old, I only play it since I feel its a play-it-or lose format at the moment. I miss the days when Kingdra could win a Cities.
  11. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    I miss the old days of when Breloom was a decent rogue deck....
  12. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Lol that deck was amazing.
  13. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    New England Regionals is going to be held in Natic, MA. Stay tuned for details.
  14. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    It looks pretty sweet, and I'm almost positive I can make it! See you all there!
  15. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    ^^ Cardkeeper...the more detailed information is up on the regionals thread on here if you don't already have it.
  16. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Thanks, but as you who know me might have noticed, that 'Almost possitive' turned into 'definately not'. :(

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