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    Tournament NameMinnesota State Championships
    Tournament ID11-03-000016
    CategoryModified - Constructed
    Date12 Mar, 2011
    Registration Starts9:00AM
    Registration Ends10:00AM
    Premier Event(2011) SPT Championships 2011
    Organizer information
    Organizer information* Required Fields.Organizer NameJeff Prentiss
    Organizer Phone763-614-8738
    Organizer Email Contact this organizer

    . .Location Name
    Location Name* Required Fields.Location or BusinessMisty Mountain Games
    Address Line 12113 W. Burnsville Parkway
    Address Line 2CityBurnsville
    Postal/Zip Code55337
    CountryUnited States
    Website: http://www.midwestpokemon.info/

    Other information
    Other information* Required Fields.AdmissionFREE
    Details STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS for Minnesota! Free entry - all qualify to play!

    Copypasted from Pokemon.com.

    Need to know if anyone's going to have an Uxie X they are willing to lend to me that will be at the event.

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