Mirror of Darkness

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Shdwchu, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    This deck is not a joke. I put heart into every single one of my Decks.

    Mirror Of Darkness

    4 Abra ( exped. )
    3 Kadabra ( exped. )
    3 Alakazam ( Exped. Psymimic )
    1 Alakazam ( sky NRG jump )
    2 Elekid ( 1 aqua & 1 SS )
    2 Electabuzz
    2 Aerodactyl EX

    3 Mysterious Fossil
    2 buffer piece
    3 switch
    3 Warp point
    3 Desert shaman
    3 POR
    3 Tv. reporter
    3 Rare Candies

    4 Double rainbow Energy
    4 Rainbow energy
    4 Boost Energy
    4 Fire energy
    4 Electric

    any questions?
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2004
  2. Masamune156

    Masamune156 New Member

    Your probably better off with 2 of the SS Elekid.

    Which Electabuzz are you using?
  3. 4 Mysterious Fossil espesialy since it has less HP then Claw and Root.
  4. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    Also the SS. using it as a bench hitter and a quick charger.
  5. take out the Buffer Peices for another POR and a Rare Candy.
  6. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    What is the purpose of Aerodactyl ex?

    Nice deck idea.
  7. Hero

    Hero New Member

    aerodactyl is to stop attachments.. but who uses that besides gard ex and oran berrys. id remove it :D
  8. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    Well, of course Aerodactyl ex stops Pokemon Tools, duh. I just wanted to know if there were any particular Pokemon Tools that the maker of the deck was afraid of.
  9. Hero

    Hero New Member

    I dont see any potential harmful tools out there except Oran Berrys found in Gex decks. Aerodactyl is still an annoying pokemon w/ 1 retreat and auto confuse lol :D. This allows him to power quite quickly.
  10. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    Aero is my Ray killer
    Buffer is so I'm not so worried about 1 hit ko for BEX
    I'm not worried about GEX cause Alakazam can coppy that move as well.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2004
  11. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    Ditto makes a good Ray killer, or just Crystal Shards. And they take up less space than Aero ex, plus once you kill Ray, they send out someone, possibly Manectric and KO your Aero ex for 2 prizes.
  12. Yah and you can also take out the fossils to so it gives you even more room for Wobbufets.Yah I know you don't need them because you have other killers for Exs butr think if your battling GardyEX you knock out something like R/S Gardy with Alakazam and then they bring out the EX one and knock you out nothing to protect you exept Wobbufet he stralls with his power and gets enough time for 2 attacks and knock out.
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