Misolkrow/Ghost Hawks-they will suck out your soul-UPDATED!!!(PLZ [email protected]@K!!!!!!!!!!!)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by kristi, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. kristi

    kristi New Member

    4 absol
    4 murkrow
    3 honchkrow
    1 honch x
    2 mismagious
    2 misdrevious
    1 minun

    Energy- 15
    4 special dark
    4 dre
    3 scramble
    4 basic dark

    3 mentor
    3 celios network
    4 tgmars
    2 stevens
    4 plus power
    1 buffer piece
    2 night maintenance
    1 castaway
    1 windstorm
    1 roseanes research
    3 quick ball
    2 tgwager


    absol start. disrupt their hand and get out a honch with enough energy to attack, and then start owning them with murkrow. they have like no hand and i just try to keep them at no cards and kill thier basics. Mismagious and lake boundry cuz the best players are playing A blade of war (absol/lade/gardy). thats pretty much it. minun cuz murkrows drop like flies and its good draw power :biggrin:

    i only lost to carlos M with the updated version. i drew 4 prizes and he had drawn none. then he got out 2 magnetzones with 2 scrambles 2 special metals and a basic metal on each of them. not to mention that he was drawing 10 cards average per turn when the hole point of my deck is hand disruption:tongue:
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  2. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    why the basic dark?
    And i would suggest switching the mentors for roseanne's.
  3. kristi

    kristi New Member

    i uwe basic dark so that i can get them with castaway. i prefer mentor cuz u can get 3 basics (usually 2 murkrow and a misdreavus) insted of 2. thanks for the help though:biggrin: any more suggestions b4 cities 2moro??? anyone???
  4. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    looks good, good luck
  5. kristi

    kristi New Member

  6. kristi

    kristi New Member

    any more advice?
  7. mewlover777

    mewlover777 New Member

    I would take out da q balls for roseanne's and maybe 1 more night maintenece?

    just my advice and how constsitent is this deck? i might run it
  8. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    you could try two honchkrow's and two honchkrow lvx i think that would work better
  9. kristi

    kristi New Member

    the deck is consistant, i like the idea of 2-2 but when it comes down to it i think that a 3-1 line is better cuz if i prize 2 honchkrows (which is very doable) then im done for. i might take out the quick balls but i dont need another night maitenance. last time i just used 1 nm and it worked well. i threw in the tsd for consistency. if you need nm or tsd just use the lv x's attack to get it back from the discard pile. thanks for ur help :thumb:
  10. kristi

    kristi New Member

    I am thinking about this deck as a regionals deck, but since claydol, I'm unsure if it is still as good... how can I make it better :confused::confused::confused:
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