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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Bigpoppabeatdown, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    well that was definitely an interesting day yesterday....

    as many of u might remember, before my City Championship tourney, many odd things occurred....

    -the thursday before, a black cat walked right past me while walking to a class....
    -the morning of the CC, i smack my head against an awning...
    -i won the CC....

    well i got kinda freaked out when on last thursday, while driving, a black cat runs right in front of me... and yesterday morning, i smacked my head against a fixture at Psyduck's house.... so logically, i was HAPPY and hoping that history repeats itself

    ok, here's the deck that i used for the SC


    12 water
    4 multi

    4 mudkip (gun)
    2 marshtomp (sonic)
    3 swampert (holo)
    2 swampert ex
    2 suicune ex
    2 skitty
    2 delcatty
    3 dunsparce
    1 latias ex
    1 wobber
    1 ditto

    4 oracle
    3 reporter
    3 POR
    2 cat
    2 fisherman
    1 TV
    2 switch
    3 rare candy
    1 shard

    ROUND 1- i won the CC, so I get a BYE..... so i just sit there..

    ROUND 2 vs PAT(nikepk) sceptile/ex/muk ex
    well in all honesty, i couldn't get anything and his deck was an exact counter to my deck, it was quick and very painful

    ROUND 3 vs Neil kingdra/politoad
    well i think that it would've been a great challenge had he gotten set up, but turn 2 i had a delcatty, 2 swamperts and an active suicune..... and he never got out a kingdra.... he did get a politoad, but it was too little, too late

    ROUND 4 vs Clay amphy ex/azurill
    well in all honesty, i was rather intrigued by this deck, but it did run rather smoothly it appeared.... but I got out a swampert ex and he could never take it out....

    Round 5 vs CHAD (psyduck) blaze/eggs
    I was truly and justifiably worried about this deck, but i was relieved when chaddy couldn't draw an energy for his life and my suicune was able to ward off those evil eggs...... lol

    Round 6 vs Newman salamence/aero ex
    well we just agreed to draw since we'd both be guaranteed to get into the t8....

    well we got a few minutes to regain our composure, and then the top 8 were announced

    1-anthony (sceptile/ex/dustox)
    2-PAT (nikePK)
    5-Keith (mewtwo ex/TA mightyena?)
    6-tony (kingdra/ex)
    8-Chaddy (psyduck)

    well the top 8 got seeded and paired for best of 3, hour long rounds....

    quarterfinals vs Tony
    well i don't remember much about this except for i got absolutely awesome draws and tony didn't, and the match only lasted about 15 minutes..... but there was an unlimited tourney starting so i gave him my slowking/sneasel deck to use for it and he won the whole thing)

    -the other results were chad over anthony, newman over keith, and pat over ???

    semifinals vs Pat
    this was by far one of the best matches that i have ever played in..... though i really didn't want to play against him since his deck was really a true counter to my deck (not intentionally)..
    game 1- all in all, i held my ground, but he got set up just as i did and the weakness/resistance factor was just too overpowering
    game 2- well i figured out how to beat it.... knock out the treekos.... turn 3 i get out a swampert ex with 3 waters on it and i just kept picking off his treekos before he could evolve.... and he kept trying to paralyze me with sparce since he couldn't draw nrg, and he had 3 muk es's out, just waiting to knock me out..... after i pick off a muk ex, he picks off my swampert, but i was able to bring up a latias and ko for the win..... (he said afterwards that he didn't even realize that i had 1 prize left, and made some remarks about me knocking off his poor little treekos)
    game 3- i don't remember how this exactly went but i know that pat couldn't draw an nrg for his life

    -chad beat newman in the other semi

    FINAL ROUND vs Chad (psyduck)
    game 1- well my swampert's weakness to grass hurt when he got set up and just beat me down horribly....0-1
    game 2- i had some trouble trying to get my mudkips, and soon figured out why, 2 were in my prizes, but when i finally did get them, it was too little, too late and i conceded

    well in the end, i got 2nd and chaddy won the whole thing, but before we started, we agreed to split the prizes (27 packs a piece regardless of who won) and i pulled 3 ex's out of them all (swampert, raikou and a BLAZE :D :D :D )

    along with that i traded the binder and mini binder from the VIP package for 2 holo blazes, then i traded one of my *** TATM nrgs for another blaze, then i traded VINCE(M45) for another blaze ex and i got 3 ninetails in the same span.... any guesses on the next deck that i'm working on? :p

    mad props go out to......
    -VINCE for judging a great tourney

    -four points hotel for hosting the tourney and for giving us unlimited icewater with glasses and for having a great deal on our lunch..... 12 for 2 pizzas unlimited toppings (me, pat and chad split 2 pizzas)

    -pat...... dude, i have no idea how i beat u..... i'm still befuddled....

    -everyone i played

    -vince again for trading me a BEX and then giving me the stack with another one in it... lol

    -everyone that traded me the things that i wanted

    mad slops go out to.......
    -newman for saying that my deck wasn't original, even though me and chad worked on it w/o outside help
    -newman again for saying that he didn't want me or chad to win it, just because :D
    -a black cat and smacking my head for not coming through for me again........ lol

    well my fingers hurt now, so i hope this got u informed....

    once again, congrats chaddy!!!
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  2. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, are you going to really give props to that pizza!

    Congrats on 2nd Scott - that was way too cool - the final 4 was simply a great group of players.

    I guess you all forgot to play that unbelievable deck, BAR - which can't lose to anything LMAO

    How is it in the best gym in the best state, noone is smart enough to figure out the best deck???

    Sarcasm ends.

    Great job, great day, geez I was tired

  3. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    vince, u forget, i'm in college, hence the ideology...... the cheaper something is, the better it tastes......

    all except for dorm food.....*shudders at thought*

    i won't comment on the BAR because i don't think it would have made the top4, but that's just me........ oh well
  4. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    In retrospect Scott, I think you were right that 3rd game when you said at the start "Why are you starting with him?" When I started with Grimer rather than Dunsparce. Had I started with Sparce, I mighta been able to get the swarm going and matchup the weak/resist like I did the first game (which woulda been smart). However, I said to myself "hey, lets get a FAST start and just go muk ex real fast and draw into the other stuff!" Yeah, that didn't happen lol. Mid game I've got the Grovyle out there. "draw... dunsparce. Draw... Treecko. Grrrr. Draw... DUNSPARCE!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!!!!" lol, great games Scott, I can't wait for the Gym Challenges to roll around.

    I'll post a report sometime, thanks for running the tournament so well, Vince, everything was loud, clear, incredibly fast and smooth: the best tourney you've run so far!

    Cyas all at the Gym Challenges... do we have dates on them yet?
  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Gym Challenges, Memphis, TN - MAy 15th

    St. Louis, Missouri May 22nd


    Thanks for the comp Pat, I am glad you felt it was smooth....I liked the way it ran, although I was running, what 4 events at once at one point!!!

  6. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    I dunno how is that Newman won at all with that Wailord crap. When you answer that, that will give you your answer on why no one played BAR. (provided you answer it correctly, which I KNOW you won't)
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2004
  7. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    YJ- dude we've been over this, so drop it now..... i don't want this to be another long argument over that....

    i think the main reason he won with it is because most people didn't know how to play against it.....

    the first time i play against most decks, it takes me a few turns to see how they play it and what to do against it....

    that's my only explanation.....

    And for why there was no BAR, it's simple..... there are three reasons for that one....

    1- most kids don't have the cards for it...... plain and simple.... only a few people (including myself, from saturday) have enough blaziken to even make the deck....... if u don't have the cards for it, you don't build the deck

    2- Why bother? for those that had the cards, the counters were all around..... chaddy played brilliantly and i applaud him for that, but the big thing that helped the most was his eggs..... with that he was able to counter the counters...... like he said, most blaze variants wouldn't have won......

    3- originality....... most people around here love to build their own decks, with a few exceptions.... the large amount of salamence and other decks shows that, so building the biggest archetype to play against people that most likely won't even build those archetypes isn't needed....

    those are my three reasons, pure and simple....

    on a side note though, i was dissappointed that more blaze decks weren't being played becuase i would have loved to have played against them, but i guess i'll have the chance at nationals.....

    but for god's sake, drop the argument over wailord, it's been done, this thread is about congrats to chaddy and the great games that were played

  8. Psyduck

    Psyduck New Member

    Yeah the day was overall great. I had a blast and even though I got smoked by U in the Swiss rounds, I still had fun playin ya. You're always a challege and I was stoked to beat ya in the Finals, even though you were playing a deck to mainly beat Blaze and evertything else....that you and I perfected. It's beautiful! :D

    YJ... the WEX argument is over and he was playing Sally on Sat, so no...he didn't make the T4 with WEX. :eek:

    Scotty.....you were playing brilliant games yourself. Had you gotten a slightly better start yourself, you proly wouldda beat me. :9
    Mad props 2 ya on 2nd place, 'cause it's almost as good...:D

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  9. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    i wouldn't go that far on either case....

    that deck can definitely take on the blaze counters.... all the times we've been playtesting is proof enough of that.....

    well 2nd bumped my rating up past 1800 so that's what i wanted to accomplish.... w00t w00t

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