Missouri States Seniors 4-2 Report

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    I was in St. Louis in seniors with a Garchomp tolbox.

    Round 1 vs LuxChomp- I donk a lone Dragonite with Garchomp.


    Round 2 vs Luxchomp- I get out Mewtwo X against Luxchomp


    Round 3 vs Luxchomp- He donks my lone Crobat with Ambipom


    Round 4 vs VileChamp- He starts Spiritomb with two Machop on the bench. I start Unown Q. He goes first and Darkness Graces for Machoke after attaching to Tomb. Next turn, I Cyrus for Collector and pass. I have SP Radar in my hand. He attaches Fighting to Machoke, retreats 'Tomb, and attaches E-belt. It is the SF Machoke. He Steady Punches for knockout.


    Round 5 vs Eddie with Charizard- This game is a blur, but I Spray his Ninetails and Rush them, and I take 5 prizes. He has 2 Prizes left. He has a Typhlosion with two energies on it active, and he has not used Afterburner yet. I am out of sprays. He has one benched Pokemon, a Charizard, with no energy on it. His Typhlosion had 30 HP left. He should have retreated the Typhlosion, afterburnered, and Fire Winged. But he Afterburners to the active, and attacks, taking a prize. I VS Seeker for Aarons, play Aarons for an energy, attach to Uxie, and PsyStore for KO. GG.


    Round 6 vs Crobat w/ DCL- I sweep. I use a Uxie X and 3 Flash Bites to knockout DCL, follow his Poisons with retreats and his Skill Dives with Healing Breaths. I sweep with Garchomp.

    New sleeves

    Unown Q
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