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  1. Larvitarium

    Larvitarium New Member

    (P) Vanish
    Draw 3 cards. Pick two of them, discard the other one. Put both cards face down on your bench. Whenever a player needs to know what it is in order to attack it, flip it. If its a trainer card, then the Pokemon that tried to attack it is retrned to its owners hand, along with all the cards attached to it.(Discrd the trainer card.) If the card is a Pokemon, your opponent shuffles is active Pokemon into is deck, along with all the cards attached to it.(The Pokemon stays on your bench.
    Retreat cost-1
    Light Golduck
    Poke-Power: Guard
    Prevent all damage done to your bench Pokemon during your opponents next turn. This Power stops working if Golduck is affected with a special condition.
    (W)(W)(W) Wave Control(40)
    If the defending Pokemon is either a (W) type, or is affected by a Special Condition this attack does 60 dmage.
    Gyarados EX
    (W)Water Shower
    Attach 2 (W) energy from your discard pile to Gyarodos EX.
    (W)(W)(W)(C) Odd Wave (50)
    If GYarados EX has exactly 3,5,7,9, or 11 damage counters on it this attack does 70 damage.
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    That Misdreavus could be excessively powerful as support -- you can Vanish an Evolution into play and not need the Basic. Why not make Light Golduck's Power always on? Note that Gyarados EX can't have exactly 11 damage counters -- it has 110 HP. What are the Weaknesses, Resistances, and Retreat Costs on these guys? You have a Retreat Cost on the Misdreavus, but that's it.
  3. Larvitarium

    Larvitarium New Member

    If youve studied the real Pokemon cards you-ll notice that all Poke-Powers stop working if the Pokemon is affected by a special condition. Also on real cards, and on the show you'll notice weakness, and resistance for each Pokemon type like fire is weak against water, and flying is weak against lighting types. Well duh, (W)=Water Energy, and this is what gyarados is so would you take a bath, and drop in a toaster? Forgie my Metaphoric phrase, Im sure you wouldn't kill yourself, bit I don't know you so... If it sounds like I'm being rude who cares?
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I was just suggesting that on the Golduck, you take out the words "during your opponent's next turn." Yes, I know there are "standard" weaknesses and resistances, but the Golduck and Gyarados have two different possibilities, for example.
  5. Squirtle007

    Squirtle007 New Member

    I think dkates was only trying to suggest ways of bettering your cards. When you post a card in CAC, it is assumed you want our thoughts on your cards. Also, there is no point to being rude to others on the board.

    Misdreveaus: you might want to add something to prevent a win if your opponent has no bench Pokemon. Also, i think it should be based on a flip.

    Golduck: I agree with Dkates. The next turn line should be omitted. Also, be sure to post W/R/RC, as Golduck could be weak to (L) or (G).

    Gyrados: The words (or 11) should be removed. Also W/R/RC is crucial as there are many possibilities.

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