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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Carrington388, Sep 24, 2003.

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    Well, I'm at it again. Remaking theme decks. This is a Gym-block theme deck, so it's for Unlimited. It's also within DCI standards (not used anymore, however), so there's no EX: Ruby & Sapphire or EX: Sandstorm cards.

    First, here's the original Misty theme deck:

    Pokémon (22) (all are from Gym Heroes)
    3 Misty's Goldeen (Lv. 10)
    4 Misty's Horsea
    3 Misty's Poliwag
    1 Misty's Poliwhirl
    2 Misty's Psyduck
    2 Misty's Starmie
    4 Misty's Staryu
    2 Misty's Tentacool (Lv. 16)
    1 Misty's Tentacruel

    Trainers (10)
    1 Cerulean City Gym (Gym Heroes)
    2 Energy Removal (Base Set)
    2 Potion (Base Set)
    1 Misty (Gym Heroes)
    3 Poké Ball (Jungle)
    1 Switch (Base Set)

    Energy (28)
    28 Water Energy

    Now it's time to remake it into an Unlimited deck that covers all the cards from Base to Skyridge (formatwise).

    Just like the Brock remake, the Misty remake would have three 3-2 Stage 1 lines and a Baby Pokémon. (Throughout the Gym-block remakes, each Neo set Baby Pokémon (unfortunately, including Cleffa) will be used once, with the exception of Smoochum, which gets used twice.) I decided the lines would be Misty's Starmie, Misty's Golduck, and Misty's Tentacruel. So I took out the Misty's Horsea to make the Misty's Tentacruel and the Basic part of the Misty's Golduck lines just that, as well as one Misty's Golduck. One Misty's Staryu became a Misty's Golduck. The last seven became the assigned Smoochum and four Trainers to be decided later. The Misty's Golduck line was made purely Gym Challenge.

    I turned 6 of the Water Energy into Psychic Energy for use with Misty's Psyduck/Golduck, and the rest into Trainers to be decided later.

    Next, I built part of my usual Unlimited Trainer engine, using 3 each of Super Potion and Copycat. Then, for the Stadium engine, I put 1 additional Cerulean City Gym and 2 Energy Stadium. The two Potions that were there became Switch. The Energy Removals became two more Misty Trainer cards. Then I made the Poké Ball cards into Water Cube 01. The final three Trainers became Misty's Tears.

    And now, here is Misty 2K3!

    Pokémon (18)
    3 Smoochum (Neo Revelations)
    3 Misty's Psyduck (Gym Challenge
    2 Misty's Golduck (Gym Challenge)
    2 Misty's Starmie (Gym Heroes)
    3 Misty's Staryu (Gym Heroes)
    3 Misty's Tentacool (Lv. 16) (Gym Heroes)
    2 Misty's Tentacruel (Gym Heroes)

    Trainers (22)
    2 Cerulean City Gym (Gym Heroes)
    2 Energy Stadium (Neo Destiny)
    3 Misty (Gym Heroes)
    3 Water Cube 01 (Aquapolis)
    3 Switch (Expedition)
    3 Super Potion (Base Set 2)
    3 Copycat (Expedition
    3 Misty's Tears (Gym Challenge)

    Energy (20)
    14 Water Energy
    6 Psychic Energy

    Any comments, fixes, and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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