Misty is basically gone from the anime forever

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by precita, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. precita

    precita New Member

    How many of you are still sitting there crying over Misty?
  2. I always liked may more but doesnt really matter since theres always a new installment of a female character which tends to take the prior one when we have a new arc ... Sad i misses brock more in the recent bw series
  3. ParadiseWishes

    ParadiseWishes New Member

    That's too bad. As popular as Misty is, I feel like the anime could have been "revived" for the older PokeMon-loving audience if she came back.
  4. precita

    precita New Member

    I doubt it for the following reasons:

    a) Brock stayed for the entire span of Hoenn and Sinnoh, and it felt like nobody really cared. He was a classic Kanto character but him staying as long as he did ruined his character.

    b) Most of the original fanbase are now in their 20's, they're not going to go back and watch Pokemon no matter what the cast is.

    c) Even back when Misty originally left, a large chunk of the fandom didn't care. This is actually the major reason Misty stayed gone and why the writers didn't bring her back like when Brock originally left, there was just no reason to revive her character. So she stayed gone in all the following arcs and the rest as they say, is history.
  5. LuMaga1

    LuMaga1 New Member

    All probably true and maybe this as well: Apparently, Ash does mention Misty from time to time in the shows. This, for me brings rise to the believe maybe she will reappear before "the end" of his journey.
  6. tehp0k3m0ntrainer

    tehp0k3m0ntrainer New Member

    @ precita

    One word, nostalgia

    a) Brock is awesome: Fact // Brock's character was ruined: opinion x)
    b) Mid 20's mind you and because I am part of the original fanbase I can state with certainty that I would watch it again if Misty were back :p
    c) You are speaking out of assumption. Or at the very least, I sure don't recall this to be true: 'there was no reason to revive her character because a large chunk of the fandom didn't care'

    Simply put, it's possible we may see a return of her character just as much as it was possible that Brock made a long return. There are many spontaneous episodes in Pokemon and I wouldn't ever put it past the anime producers to randomly make Misty show up in say a tournament and start following Ash around again. The "writers" as you will are well known for bringing just as many unnecessary plots into the anime as they are for bringing necessary ones (to follow said VG).
    Unlikely? Probably
    Will she ever return? Possibly
    Would it ruin the anime? Unlikely
    Would people keep watching it? Certainly, it's Pokemon :)
  7. precita

    precita New Member

    Brock was disliked immensely over the entire span of DP for being a bland, boring and utterly useless character. This is why virtually noone cared when he finally left at DP's conclusion. It was a mercy killing. Brock probably should have been axed at the end of Johto too.

    Misty and Brock have become completely irrelevant characters in the anime. They have no reason to ever use Misty over the current girl from each generation. This is why she never did come back in the first place. Certainly Misty would have never stayed gone after Hoenn if the writers thought she needed to return. By the time DP started it was obvious Misty was gone for good and the writers had no intention on using her again.

    Misty returning isn't going to do anything for the anime. She'd go back to the same background rut she was in during Johto, have a few lines of dialogue, everyone will realize that nostalgia can only go so far, and Misty will just become pointless yet again.

    Brock lasted in the anime for 8 more years than Misty did, and barely anyone still cared he was in the anime. You could replace Brock with a sack of rocks and 90% of the Hoenn and DP episodes would not change in the slightest. Misty and Brock are just not relevant, and nostalgia fumes from 20+ year old adults means nothing.
  8. Patriots Fan

    Patriots Fan New Member

    So we'll never get to see Misty and Ash hookup? Bummer...
  9. Tabunne

    Tabunne New Member

    Can always hope for a epilogue special or something at some point. I wish they just went with new trios or kept the same trio--it's never really been the same for me.
  10. precita

    precita New Member

    I'm not sure why you would think they would have to keep the same cast for a show running 17 years. Misty leaving at the time she did made perfect sense, and I'm surprised they didn't just get rid of Brock took back then.

    Misty just isn't relevant. She was easily replaceable because she was just a token female character, she advertised nothing from the games post-Johto and she had no real storyline to follow. Her crush on Ash was obviously never going to go anywhere.
  11. Lanzar

    Lanzar New Member

    They should do some kind of episode where they meet all the former main characters. Even though I'm not following the series anymore, I would totally watch an episode like that!

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