MO States With DNKMS&Nm (SPIRE_FAN's very first states report)

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    ok so...yeah i have been to a lot of tournaments before...but this is the first time i build a deck the night my hotel room...until 2AM

    my original deck that was already built was AMPED-IRONCHAMPION (a deck i made with machamp, metagross, exploud) well after never beating vilegar ONCE at any sanctioned tournament this year. and seeing so many people play it. and the fact that i just love building fun original decks. i did just that.

    so anyway i went to Yeti Gaming the night before to play and get cards. After that as you already read. i stayed up until 2AM building DNKMS&Nm (dragon flies, nighters, kings, mimes, sheep, and noise makers). i felt safe a comfy with it. so i went to bed without worries.

    Anyway i get to the event and i had to wright my list (i finished making the deck just 6 hours before i got to the store...duh) and there was some miss counts. so i added 1 more card in. and with the help of vance and noah and jack i turned in the list without errors.

    Ok now for the matchups.

    Round 1 vs Mike K - Lostgar
    So i saw his gengar while shuffling. and i knew he played lostgar at kansas states. he starts ditto. i start spiritomb and i think slopoke. i go we do are darkness grace's. and early game i get 2 slowkings out. but he lost zones my umbreon and a flygon (i think). and my other umbreon is in my prizes. dang. also my bench is full so if i get azelf he could lost zone it. thankfully the slowkings help me and stop him from drawing into extremely helpful things to get lost world.....and then he hits double poke drawer....i think from prizes or somethin like that. so thats game 1

    Round 2 vs ? - Giratina LA
    so this game was a little quicker. he sets up 1 giratina and he uses shadow force on umbreon. but i set up umbreon and slowking. and i KO his 2 giratina for game. He was really nice and a good sport. Kudos

    Round 3 vs ? - Vilegar w/miasma valley & prof. oaks visit
    so here we go. first vilegar with my new deck. so he starts early game with miasma valley and prof. oaks visit. but i set up umbreon. after back and fourth he asks "cards in hand" i have about 8 and he does poltergeist. i show him and most to all my cards was pokemon. he is like "wow. end turn".
    anyway it comes down to me with 2 prizes left and him 1. he has 1 gengar i have a flygon x active. but i now have ampharos out. so no fainting spell or level down (note: ampharos came out before this scenario like mid game) anyway i made a HUGE mistake. im able to power swing for 70 (50 cause of resistance) and i had trapinch vibrava in hand with broken time space out....i judged them in...not knowing that i could have done 60 and then 60 again for the game. i draw into trapinch but not vibrava.. so i power swing for 50. he draws and shadow rooms i think uxie or this is my last turn.. i draw...and i have to KO 10 damage off so i go for the judge i took from the prizes. we shuffle and before i draw i go "this is it, here we go" first card i drew was vibrava out of the 4. i went "thank you" in my head. i evolved and power swinged. he was stuck with 1-2 uxie'(s), maybe spritomb, azelf, or vileplume on the bench. and i discarded another gengar with wind erosion earlier in the game. so he sends uo vileplume and passes. time was called around that time and i was like "alright here we go". i draw and i know that flygon won't be able to OHKO vileplume in this scenario i look at his discard. retreat for vibrava. attach a double colorless and energy typhoon for around 100+
    wow amazing game. and epic. first vilegar win ever in a sanctioned tournament. props to the dude. he was a good sport.

    Round 4 vs ? - Magnezone
    So i set-up umbreon, slowking, flygon, and ampharos = no powers. i control her draw. she can't draw. and i wind erosion things like magneton/magnemite. she was nice and funny. so yeah it was a huge lock on her.

    Round 5 vs ? - Donphan
    so 1 of the first things that comes to mind is "so what do i do with donphan...UMBREON!". poor guy. he seemed so nice. (sorry i notice that i go all out when i play opponents that are high confident, stuck up, only care about winning, etc.). but yeah he takes 2 prizes before umbreon is set up. and so i notice 30 minute round + 10 damage a turn + my 6 to his 4 = hurry up!
    so i set up exploud and flygon and help umbreon with the KO with these 2. he tries to set up phanpy late game do get umbreon. but when time was called i power swinged for the final KO

    Round 6 vs Mason H - Vilegar w/ditto
    so in the long run. i could not draw into a dark energy and i had umbreon set up. i think this was the game i had 10 pokemon in hand. maybe it was. but he ditto's flygon for extreme attack for 300. yikes. i wind erosioned his gengar x earlier in the game. but he got the win. GG

    Round 7 vs Jason H. - Mewperior w/ entei & raikou legend and blaziken fb
    so this is the game that decided top cut most likely. so i start umbreon... but again...NO DARKNESS ENERGY! yikes. he ponders for a while when i get umbreon out. so i finally get umbreon with darkness energy but he entei-raikou's umbreon. yikes im 6 to his 2/1 prizes left. so he then told me he only had around 8 cards in his deck. and i was wind erosioning. but he told me "i have 6 cards in this deck. and 3 are energies. sorry to say it like that" so he hard crushes for the game. GG

    so i went 4-3. i was close but hey. I had fun and there is only 2 things i play for in tournaments. to have fun and to do my best. i love pokemon, it is such a fun game. well i will see you guys at another tournament soon. (st.L regionals) and have an awesome day Wink- SPIRE_FAN
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    Nice job.

    But my friend. You should have played Beedrill :)

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