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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by QWERT392001, Mar 12, 2004.

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  1. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Every since I discovered this site... I have noticed that there are more people that seem to be interested in playing modified decks over unlimited decks. Why? With all the great cards and endless combinations to play out there, why would anyone prefer to play modified instead of unlimited? Why limit yourself by only being able to play cards from certian expansion packs? Comments...Feedback........Misc Thoughts are are welcome. Personally, I believe players should be more interested in building and playing unlimited decks!

  2. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Because Premeire Events are held in the Modified format.
  3. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    2 Questions then.....

    1) What is considered a Premier Event?

    2) Who decided that this was the format for these special events
  4. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    1) Premier Events are the ones that POP (Pokémon Orgainized Play) provides good prizes for (so that leaves out the League Kits). City Champions, States, Nationals, & Worlds will be Modified Events. Worlds may or may not be done under the next Modified Format.

    2) Why the sponsors/owners/creators of these special events. Also a thing called 'economics' - without an incentive for people to buy cards from the new sets, everything dries up and dies.
  5. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    The economics of making sure the new card sets are being bought makes sense to me, and obviously is a big reason why the format of the tournaments is the way it is....... but let me expand on a common thread on all these posts. Blaiziken..... Everyone is talking about how strong the card is and how everyone is using this as a deck combination. There are so many cards out there that would take away Blaizikens power to bring energy back from the discard pile and attach it to any Pokemon. These cards would obviously weaken the concept of a Blaiziken deck and make the tournaments more enjoyable to participate in. The reason- more variety of deck ideas, and more ways to comabt some of the "mega decks out there" Finding new cards in sets that compliment your current deck or give you ideas for other decks that maybe no one else thought of is the main reason why I buy booster pack from new sets. I realize that my ramblings will not change the way Pokemon tournaments are being held, but if we as a group of players decide a change should be made...then the organizers would have no choice but to go along with us. I started this post to gauge the reaction of other players and see if my opinion is in the minority or the majority. I am truly interested in everyones opinion. Thanks for all responses, positive and negative!

  6. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    1) Not all cards would be easily available, due to to long-life of the Pokemon brand.

    2) By offering a "cycling" format, players develop new decks - let's face it, if you have a killer Alakazam deck, what are the odds you're going to try a new challenge? (Odds are, you'll eventually get tired of it, and possibly leave the game, "because there's nothing new.")

    It's not like we hate the Unlimited environment, no no. We're just making sure that you don't have to be in the game from day one (or have tons of cash) to have a relatively competitive deck.
  7. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    And Blaziken ex hasn't even been officially released yet.
    It's a bit early to freak out over it yet.
    I vividly remember identical topics on Trap decks and Rocket's Zapdos, back in the day.
  8. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Thanks MTJIMMER for the response. I am 41 and started playing Pokemon when my 10 yeard old son was into the game, I do not believe I am different than any other player: I am always looking at new cards and what new deck Ideas I can build with them. I have never played in any tournaments because of my work schedule, but I play on a consistent basis whenever I can. I have had stall decks....rain dance removal decks.............special condition decks......etc etc. My goal, which I believe many of us have is to build a deck that can take on any deck anytime and a large majority of the time, WIN! I just think in my modest opinion that the modified tournaments limits the strategy and does not take full advantage of the full potential of the Pokemon universe. If I could find time to play in a tournament, I would still probably choose not to, too many people playing the same deck concepts because of the limitations of the cards available for use! I realize that the modified tournament structure will not change, but how about providing more support for unlimited tournaments. I believe you will find large support for such tournaments.

  9. OHB

    OHB Member

    people chose modified is because of most decks are like
    2or1 pichu
    4 super energy removal
    4 comp
    4 energ removal
    4 recycle
    4 double colorless
    4 focus band
    4 plus powers
    then it varys after that most decks are like sneasle or stealx with ususaly win over the other decks such as gator or raindance sneasle advering 80 most of the time so the most played basic are 70 so they get ko
  10. Xeno

    Xeno New Member

    In Unlimited, it seems like the same decks ar played over and over again. That deck is the famous Haymaker will completely overwhelm you before any strategy can be set up. This deck alone can discourage new players and new creative ideas. Rogue decks have a better chance of winning against BAR and Gardevoir than Haymakers.
  11. registeel

    registeel New Member

    I just play modifide so I can practice decks that I will be playing in a tournament.
  12. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Any deck, including haymaker can be readily beat with a very well constructed deck...again remember the utilmate idea is to construct a deck that can take on other decks and win a majority of the time. Decks that are constructed around babys are very easy to attacks (except Tyrogue) and not that difficult to KO. I am not against Modified, it just does not take into consideration all the wonderful possibilities of other very unique decks, and limits all players into playing the same concept that everyone else is doing! Sure rogue decks still exist, and some of them do quite well, but... if you look at all the posts regarding winning decks from tournaments, they all look like a cookie cutter process that does not incorporate any unique and individual thinking!

  13. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Most Pokemon like Slowking-Dark Vileplume etc. can be stopperd with Igglypuff and it would not hurt the main concept of your deck!
  14. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    To start off, Slowking isn't the all powerful beast that people make it out to be. And the Unlimited format back when there was nothing past Neo was pretty balanced if you ask me (compared to what it is now at least).

    There is still evolving strategy with all of the new cards that are coming out with the changing Modified format, not that I like the way Nintendo has taken it, though. And not everyone plays the same deck in Modified. I try to be creative and play my own decks (usually). Anyway, Modified is certainly worth playing, and the limited range doesn't really detract from the strategy. The main difference between Unlimited and Modified is that
    In Unlimited, the trainers are broken (PCSearch, SER, GoW) and
    In Modified, the pokemon are broken (Blaziken ex, most of the exs, etc)

    The thing is that now Unlimited format has the new CRAZY Nintendo Modified pokemon cards as well as the old Unlimited classics. And they just don't mix. You can have your Blazy ex deck now, except that it also has PCSearch, SER, and maybe even Goop Gas Attack to easily OHKO Wobba, as well as enough trainers to deck out on the first turn.

    If you ask me, I'd rather have a format without any of the cards beyond Ruby Sapphire. I mean, who cares how many prizes you draw for knocking out an unbeatable pokemon? The new cards are just too good. Nintendo only cares about making money. Just keep making better and better cards and people will buy them. And they will too, to keep up with everyone else who's buying the new cards. When you put the new pokes in Unlimited, it's just too cheap. How can a traditional Blastoise deck or Charizard deck survive against the new cards without using them and stooping to their level? I wish you could just take the 'e' out of the Pokemon-e TCG and play by the original rules, with good old metal Chanseys, Confusion working the way it aught to, and being able to move to the safety of the bench without the opponent dealing 40, 60, or 100 damage to your benched pokemon. That's what it's come to, power. It used to be that you could use a Special Condition deck, and it could actually work, because the potency of the Special Conditions was comparable to the amount of damage being done, but no longer. Pokemon do so much damage, it doesn't even matter anymore. Yeah, the business would shrivel up and die if tourneys were all played without new cards, but at least give us another format, official or not, that is Unlimited, but has selectively removed cards to keep the soul of the old strategy. Until then, I don't know if I'll be able to have any fun playing Unlimited.

  15. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Except Iggly dies a quick death to Pichu. And you'd need multiple Igglies to handle the multiple Slowkings. You also have to put up with ER, SER, GoW, "Don't have anything i can use, Oak, still nothing, IF for Oak, Oak, Gow, DCE, PlusPower, KO, your turn.". And of course the all important coin flip - who's going to go first.
  16. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Thanks for the response PsychicSquirrel, I do agree with you on a majority of the points... but I disagree on limiting cards fro new expansions. I enjoy the challenge of beating a deck with Pokemon of high HP and powerful attacks. It's a mor satisfying win and really challenges your skill to play the best you can. My deck has some old classics and some new Pokemon, mixed with a equal amount of trainers- both new and old.Keep the new cards but allow us to compete in the big tournaments with the deck we create, not the deck that Nintendo says we shopuld be playing with!
  17. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Play with your baby Pokemon and I will use my Cacturne with boost energy and KO them on the bench... My point is you can construct a deck that can combat anything and use Pokemon and Trainers from all expansion packs! Be creative and don't fear any one Pokemon (Blaiziken-SlowKing etc etc)
  18. OHB

    OHB Member

    its not that ez to kill baby pokemon last time i had to wait 20 turns just to kill a stubit clefa
  19. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    I guess that it's not too unbalanced. And many of the new strategies would be messed up bigtime by one of the archetypes that no longer exists in Modified, old skool haymaker. Opponent starts with 'Sparce. You win the flip. Hitmonchan + Plus Power = GG.

    And so many Modified archetypes involve puny basics that evolve into uubers. Haymaker would clean up those decks easily in many cases.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2004
  20. JasonthePwnda

    JasonthePwnda New Member

    first off, most ex pokemon are not cheap. second, in unlimited, none of them are cheap. they are all waaay too slow. in modified the question is how to get out the highest evolution pokemon the fastest. In unlimited, it involves using disruption oriented pokemon like slowking, and attacking with extremely fast pokemon like sneasel. if you dont use slowking, and play a modified deck vs. unlimited deck, what happens is that the unlimited deck draws half the deck on turn 1, and uses sneasel to beat down everything in sight. in the old days, many games were settled on the flip, where an overpowered basic would beat another overpowered basic on turn one because the flip was won. that was at least 30% of games. i guess stuff like blastoise MIGHT work, but gardevoir, blaziken, any decent modified deck... they'll just not be played in unlimited. The reason why modified was made was because of "My Turbo Wiggly is Faster than your Turbo Wiggly," which evolved into "My Turbo Sneasel beats yours if i Win the Flip." Also, the bench was not a happy place to be; gust of wind could kill any support pokemon in play. Thank god for modified.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2004

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