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Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by tonenkyra, May 25, 2015.

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  1. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra New Member

    just so everyone is clear, I use the pokellector app/site (check the android and apple stores, its free!!). it pulls prices from amazon, ebay, t&t, professor oak, stop2shop and I average the prices from there. that is how I get prices.
    -Cards will be in at least excellent to m/nm condition unless otherwise stated.
    -Cards will have set numbers after them so that if you are looking on ebay, amazon, trollandtoad, etc you can know which one you are looking at.

    • # of copies will be placed in behind the cards name like so e.g. "Pokemon Catcher x4" if not- the amount is 1.
    • If I don't know the set or I'm referring to something with multiple version with the same name, I will list an attack or ability unique to it.
    • FA means "Full Art", SR means "Secret Rare" and RH means "Reverse Holo", H means "Holo".
    • I will mention whether the card is RH, FA or SR after it's name

    F/S Rules
    I live on the east coast of the US. I would prefer to ship within the US but am willing to ship anywhere in the world as long as you pay the difference for me to ship to you if there are anymore charges incurred. I WILL SHIP IN A PENNY SLEEVE IN A TOPLOADER INSIDE A BUBBLE MAILER/MANILA ENVELOPE/SECURITY ENVELOPE! Anything that does not fit in a security envelope (weight or width) will be shipped in a bubble mailer or manila envelope for additional $2. FREE SHIPPING FOR US ORDERS OVER $20 AND FREE SHIPPING ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OF $28 (BOTH INCLUDE TRACKING)!!

    I will be accepting payment through Paypal GIFT ONLY. Also note that it must be gift, if I incur paypal fees because you did not mark it gift, i will pm you and expect the difference or i will leave you neutral feedback! But if cash is your method of preferred payment then that is fine but i must receive first before i send and I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF IT IS LOST OR STOLEN OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!

    XenTrader: (im the 5th one down,right below Vablakes)
    PokeBeach: N/A
    HeyFonte Mart: N/A


    And without further ado:

    Jamming Net Ace Spec PHF 98- $1.75
    M Metagross EX XYP 35- $7.50
    Rayquaza EX RA ROS 75- $8.25
    2x M Rayquaza EX RA ROS 76- $12.25 ea
    M Rayquaza EX RA ROS 61- $18
    Gallade EX RA ROS 34- $2.50
    M Gallade EX RA ROS 35- $6
    Hydreigon EX FA ROS 103- $5
    Raikou & Suicune LEGEND (Top) HS UL 92-$8.75
    Raikou & Suicune LEGEND (Bottom) HS UL 93- $9.50
    Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND (Top) HS TM 99- $4.75
    Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND (Bottom) HS TM 100- $5.75
    Palkia & Dialga LEGEND (Top) HS TM 101- $4.50
    Palkia & Dialga LEGEND (Bottom) HS TM 102- $5.75
    2x Darkrai EX BWP 46- $4.50 ea
    Darkrai EX DEX 63- $5.75
    Computer Search BCR 137- $17.25
    Registeel EX DRX 81- $5.25
    Terrakion FA NVI 99- $5
    Articuno EX PLS 25- $7.50
    Mewtwo EX NXD 54- $8
    2x Mew EX FA DRX 120- $24.50 ea
    2x Shaymin EX FA NXD 94- $6.50 ea
    Reuniclus SR DRX 126- $6.50
    Reshiram FA BLW 113- $5.50
    Tornadus FA EPO 98- $2.50
    Cresselia EX BCR 67- $4.25
    Cresselia EX FA BCR 143- $7.50
    Ho-Oh EX FA DRX 119- $16.50
    Victini FA NVI 98- $9
    Reshiram EX FA NXD 95- $12.50
    Entei EX FA DEX 103- $18.50
    Rayquaza EX BWP 47- $5
    Lugia EX PLS 108- $5.50
    Terrakion EX DRX 71- $5
    Reshiram EX NXD 22- $4
    Tornadus EX DEX 90- $4.50
    Zekrom EX NXD 51- $5
    Kyurem EX BWP 37- $3
    Crystal Edge BCR 138- $1
    Crystal Wall BCR 139- $1
    Absol Prime HS TM 91- $3
    Mew Prime HS TM 97- $5.50
    Magnezone Prime HS TM 96- $2.50
    Donphan Prime HGSS 107- $2.50 (excellent)
    2x Gengar Prime HS TM 94- $7.50 ea (excellent)
    Machamp Prime HS TM 95- $3.50 (excellent)
    Raikou COL SL9- $3 (fair)
    Honchkrow Lv X SW 132- $4
    Electivire FB Lv X SVI 144- $4.75
    Meowth SR NVI 102- $5

    Roaring Skies ETB Supplies*- $5
    Groudon Primal Clash ETB Supplies*- $5
    Phantom Forces ETB Supplies*- $5
    145x Code Cards ranging from blw to at least xy- $45

    * ETB Supplies contain the 4 dividers, sleeves, coins and die

    Thank you all for looking!!
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    Bump!!! Lowered prices for fathers day! Purchase them while they are this cheap! Happy fathers day dads!
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    Major update! Added alot of cards!!
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    got a great sale going on here. prices have been dropped. come take a look peepz!
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