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Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by Jaeger, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    We have a ton of commons, uncommons, rares, holos, and reverse holos from 2004 to the present, if you are looking for anything in particular, we are more than happy to check.

    1.) I ship when payment has cleared
    2.) I accept Cash, Money Order, Paypal Gift or Paypal(you pay all fees)
    3.) Shipping is $1 on all single cards up to 4 to the US, $2 for Canada and Mexico, $3 for anywhere else in the World, or $3 for any cards over 4. I can make special accommodations such as Shipping Insurance or Delivery Confirmation at buyers expense.
    4.) If you have questions or comments please let me know and I will do the best I can to help you.

    Merchandise :

    $38 shipped 1 Ho-Oh/Lugia Playmats

    Holo Energy:

    Call of Legends: $5 each

    -1x Fire Energy
    -1x Fighting Energy

    All Energy below is $3 a piece or 4 for $10 unless marked

    Emerald Energy:

    4x Lightening Energy – 104/106
    2x Psychic Energy - 105/106
    7x Grass Energy – 101/106
    10x Fighting Energy – 106/106
    10x Fire Energy - 102/106

    Holon Phantoms Energy:

    6x Lightening Energy – 108/110 ($3 a piece no bundles)
    6x Fighting Energy – 110/110
    9x Grass Energy – 105/110
    5x Psychic Energy 109/110
    8x Water Energy – 107/110
    9x Fire Energy – 106/110 ($3 a piece no bundles)

    Power Keepers Energy:

    4x Grass Energy – 103/108
    4x Fighting Energy – 108/108
    5x Fire Energy – 104/108 ($3 a piece no bundles)
    5x Lightening Energy – 106/108 ($3 a piece no bundles)
    4x Psychic Energy – 107/108
    4x Water Energy – 105/108

    Foil Base Set Energy:

    3x Fire Energy ($3 a piece no bundles)
    6x Grass Energy
    8x Water Energy
    3x Psychic Energy
    7x Lightening Energy ($3 a piece no bundles)
    4x Fighting Energy

    Original League Energy (Picture is fully foil)

    15x Fire Energy ($3 no bundles)
    6x Lightening Energy ($3 a piece no bundles)
    4x Psychic Energy
    5x Grass Energy


    $20: Shining Mewtwo


    $3: 3x Absol Ex (Power Keepers)
    $5: 2x Banette Ex (Legend Maker)
    $18: 1x Blastoise Ex (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
    $4: 1x Blissey Ex (Unseen Forces)
    $3: 1x Celebi Ex (Pop 2)
    $70 1x Charizard Ex FRLG
    $3: 1x Claydol Ex (Power Keepers)
    $4: 1x Clefable Ex (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
    $4: 1x Crobat Ex (Deoxys)
    $6: 2x Dexoys Ex (Deoxys) (Attack)
    $6: 1x Dexoys Ex (Emerald) (speed)
    $4: 2x Delcatty Ex (Crystal Guardians)
    $3: 1x Delcatty Ex (Crystal Guardians) (non-english)
    $4: 1x Dustox Ex (Legend Maker)
    $3: 3x Electrode Ex (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
    $10: 1x Entei Ex (Team Aqua/Team Magma)
    $8: 3x Flygon Ex D (Dragon Frointers)
    $5: 1x Gardevoir Ex D (Dragon Frontiers)
    $4: 4x Hariyama Ex (Deoxys)
    $3: 1x Hitmonchan Ex (Ruby/Sapphire)
    $4: 4x Kingdra Ex (Dragon Frointers)
    $3: 2x Kyogre Ex (Promo 001)
    $6: 1x Latios Ex (Dragon Frontiers)
    $35: 2x Lugia Ex (Unseen Forces)
    $6: 1x Manectric Ex (Deoxys)
    $3: 1x Magmar Ex (Ruby/Sapphire)
    $5: 2x Maganium Ex (Unseen Forces)
    $8: 2x Medicham Ex (Emerald)
    $5: 2x Medicham Ex (Emerald) (Japanese)
    $8: 1x Mewtwo Ex (Ruby/Sapphire)
    $15, $5 for damaged 1) 2x Mew Ex LM (1 is Damaged)
    $10: 1x Mew Ex (Holon Phantoms)
    $3 1x Mightyena EX (Holon Phantoms)
    $6: 1x Moltres Ex (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
    $4: 1x Metagross Ex (Power Keepers)
    $8: 1x Raichu Ex (Sandstorm)
    $7: 1x Raikou Ex (Team Magma/Team Aqua)
    $10: 3x Rayquaza Ex (Dragon Frontiers)
    $4: 1x Rayquaza Ex (Deoxys) (played, has wear)
    $5: 2x Sceptile Ex (Team Magma/Team Aqua)
    $6: 1x Sceptile Ex (Crystal Guardians)
    $5: 1x Shiftry Ex (Power Keepers)
    $5: 1x Shiftry Ex (Crystal Guardians)
    $4: 1x Skarmory Ex (Power Keepers)
    $3: 1x Sneasel Ex (Ruby/Sapphire)
    $5: 2x Sneasel Ex (Team Rocket Returns)
    $12: 2x Steelix Ex (Unseen Forces)
    $4: 1x Walren Ex (Legend Maker)
    $30: 2x Wailord Ex (Sandstorm)

    Stars and Secrets:

    $5 4x Time Space Distortion

    Lv X's

    $3: 1x Honchkrow X (Secret Wonders)
    $3: 1x Darkrai X (Promo)
    $3: 1x Infernape X (Promo)
    $3: 1x Empoleon X (Promo)
    $5: 1x Cresselia X (Great Encounters)


    $8: 1x Espeon/Umbreon
    $8: 1x Ho-oh/Lugia
    $8; 4x Garchomp
    $8: 2x Arceus

    Deck Boxes:

    $3 Black and White Prerelease Deck Box
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  2. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    19 shipped for rayquaza star and holo col water energy?
  3. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    I could do an even $20 LMK
  4. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    Will buy these:
    $6: 3x Flareon Ex (Delta Species) - $18
    $6: 2x Jolteon Ex (Delta Species) - $12
    $6: 1x Umbreon Ex (Unseen Forces) - $6
    $6: 2x Vaporeon Ex (Delta Species) - $12
    $3: 1x Lucario X (Secret Wonders) - $3
    $3: 1x Lucario X (Promo) - $3
    --- $54 + $3 = $57 shipped---

    Would you do $45 shipped? That's about $1.20 off each card, because of the bulk. Please LMK, thanks.
  5. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    i'll take one of the playmats. please PM me with your paypal info.

  6. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    how about 19 shipped for rayquaza star and holo ex emerald lightning energy? lmk
  7. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Mom: PM sent

    Hikikomori-San: I feel like I already priced them to move, let me know if your still interested.

    idrumprettywell: I'll send you a PM
  8. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    That's fine. PM me please for confirmation!
  9. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Dunno if the Quaza * is sold, but if it's not, I'll take it at $15. I can pay immediately.
  10. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    interested in all quantities of these NM/M; sorry for any mistakes I have been coughing badly the whole time I type this and could not really look at what I was writing much

    could you do $60 for both lugia ex?

    I would like $5 articuno ex, $6 each 3xdragonite ex df, $4 dragonite ex "sandstorm" (do you mean DR?), $4 entei ex, $4 1xRaikou ex aqua/magma, $5 2xsalamence ex DX, $4 1xSalamence ex PK, $3 sharpedo ex DX, $5 2xZapdos ex RG, $3 2x LUcario X SW, $3 1xLucario X promo, $3xInfernape X DP, $3 1xDialga X GE, $3 3xTorterra X DP, $3 2xMagmoartar X MT, $3 Electivire X MT, $3 2xPalkia X GE

    also adding in:
    $3 kabutops ex SS, $4 2xDusclops ex EM, $5 1xLatios ex DF
  11. rosewater

    rosewater New Member

    I'm interested in the x5 Psychic Energy from Holon Phantoms, but $3 is a bit high. Troll and Toad does them for $1 each, but they're out of stock, so, my offer is $11 for all 5 shipped. That's ~$1.50 each plus $3 shipping.
  12. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    In addition to your CL boxes, I'd like to buy:

    $7: 1x Leafeon/Glacion [sleeves]
    $7; 2x Garchomp [sleeves]
    $3: 1x Honchkrow X (Secret Wonders)
    $3: 2x Lucario X (Secret Wonders)
    $3: 1x Infernape X (Diamond and Peral)
    $3: 1x Dialga X (Great Encounters)
    $3: 3x Torterra X (Diamond and Peral)
    $3: 2x Magmortar X (Mysterious Treasures)
    $3: 1x Electivire X (Mysterious Treasures)
    $3: 2x Palkia X (Great Encounters)

    Can I get some kind of break on this?
  13. dreamdemon

    dreamdemon New Member

    So is it 65 for one call of legends box or 65 for two boxes? If it's two for 65 I'll take that deal.
  14. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Politoad: Its gone, I'm supposed to get payment for it today or tomorrow if he falls through I'll let you know.

    wilyfungi: I'll send you a PM

    rose: There out of stock for reason, I tried my best to price them a little cheaper than ebay. Let me know if your interested, all 5 would be 16 shipped.

    Pokemonforever: Those are already some pretty bottom of the barrel prices, I don't think I could do a whole lot better.

    dreamdemon: I have good deals but not that good I'm afraid, plus Pokemonforever has already spoken for them
  15. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Alright. So then it's $180 shipped for the following? I think I did the math right. LMK.

    $60 shipped 2 Sealed Call of Legends Booster Box
    $7: 1x Leafeon/Glacion [sleeves]
    $7; 2x Garchomp [sleeves]
    $3: 1x Honchkrow X (Secret Wonders)
    $3: 2x Lucario X (Secret Wonders)
    $3: 1x Infernape X (Diamond and Peral)
    $3: 1x Dialga X (Great Encounters)
    $3: 3x Torterra X (Diamond and Peral)
    $3: 2x Magmortar X (Mysterious Treasures)
    $3: 1x Electivire X (Mysterious Treasures)
    $3: 2x Palkia X (Great Encounters)
  16. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    I'll take whatever COL energy you've got left, Jay. LMK :D
  17. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    I can do 16 dollars shipped on rayquaza star if it's not already sold. Pm me if this works
  18. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Just to be sure, that's 2 boxes for $65 shipped?
  19. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    Can you do a dollar each on any of your emerald, base set, or original league energies?
  20. pokepatfan

    pokepatfan New Member

    i will take this!!!

    $4: 2x Walren Ex (Legend Maker) 9$ shipped to canada
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