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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by sixquack, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. sixquack

    sixquack New Member

    The kids and I have been working on various decks styies etc... We have been wanting to make a decent metal deck ever since we got our metal/water starter from mysterious treasures. We didn't really like the metal Pokemon in the deck, but the metal energy was enough to get us rolling. So here goes... along with questions.

    Pokemon: 24
    4x Aron (mt) With the special metal energy on him he doesn't damage himself correct?
    3x Lairon (mt) With Mend he can grab the special metal energy from the discard correct?
    1x Aggron (mt) Same question as Aron. We only have one, so we can only run one.
    3x Smeargle (sw)
    3x Magmar (mt)
    2x Magmortar (sw)
    4x Growlithe (sw)
    4x Arcanine (sw)

    Energies: 20
    4x Special Metal
    6x Metal
    10x Fire

    Trainers/Supporters: 16
    4x Professor Oaks Visit
    2x Roseanne's Research
    2x Mr. Stone's Project
    2x Great Ball
    2x Celio's Network
    2x Switch
    2x Team Galactic's Mars

    A quality game goes like this...
    1st turn Smeargle. Aron on the bench and perhaps Growlithe. Build up Aron (hopefully with Special Metal Energy) and fish for 3 basic energies from the deck. Repeat on turn two.
    Turn 3 Get Aron to front lines, if possible evolve to Lairon and start building up Growlithe.
    Depending Aron/Lairon's condition, we hope to have Arcanine ready to Flame Dash to take down the opposing Pokemon. Another Growlithe and Arcanine waiting really to Flame Dash can get really break down the oppponent's forces.

    Growlithe or Aron as a starting Pokemon is disappointing. That's why we also have the Magmars. Suggestions?

    The setup seems to work best is using the Metal pokemon to buy time while building a Growlithe with 2 fire energy. Then Arcanine pops out and can usually take down two pokemon while sacrificing himself on the 2nd takedown.

    We've noticed two things we'd like to improve on during play...
    1) Is there a way to attach energy faster? Trainer, Supporters or Pokemon we've missed?
    2) We need to discard more energy cards for Lairon and Aggron. We want to replace the POVs with TV Reporters. We think that will help.


  2. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Well, i can't really help you with the list because you probably have limited resources, BUT! i can help you with your questions

    1.Aron:Correct, the damage done by Aron's attack is reduced
    2.Lairon:Yes, Lairon can get Special Metal from the discard pile with Mend
    3.Aggron:Same with Aron, the damage is reduced

    The only thing i can suggest for you list is a Magnezone line if you have the things you need.
  3. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    Aron (mt) With the special metal energy on him he doesn't damage himself correct? - Correct.

    Lairon (mt) With Mend he can grab the special metal energy from the discard correct? - Correct.

    There are ways to attach more than 1 energy per turn via other Pokemon like Rotom (MD), Typholosion (SW), Leafeon Lv. X (MD), however I'm not sure if any of these Pokemon are easy to fit into your deck. At present, there aren't any Trainers, Supports, or Stadiums that allow for additional energy placement.

    Here are my suggestions.

    -3 Magmar (MT)
    -2 Magmortar (SW)
    +1 Smeargle (SW)
    +1 Lairon (MT)

    -4 Professor Oaks Visit
    +4 TV Reporter
    +2 Roseanne's Research
    -2 Mr. Stone's Project
    -2 Great Ball
    +2 Celio's Network or Bebe's Search
    -2 Switch
    +2 Warp Point
    +3 Pluspower (I'd work on getting 3-2-3 line of Aggron and adding 3 Rare Candies instead of the Pluspowers. This will give you one open spot for a Night Maintenance.)

    These suggestions will help the deck run smoother. I'm not a big fan of Arcanine because it's such a big energy hog and damages itself. If you're having trouble powering-up Arcanine, I'd get rid of them and add another Magmortar, which is better all around Pokemon than Arcanine, and another Pokemon line.

    I hope this helps,
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