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  1. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    I havent been really active on the Gym for the last few weeks, a few posts here and there, but now I'm back, and with the release of the new set, Mysterious Treasures, am ready to type up a list for the deck Monarchy, aka Nidoqueen Nikoking

    Pokemon: 26

    4 Castform

    4 Nidoran M d
    2 Nidorino d
    4 Nidoking d

    4 Nidoran F d
    2 Nidorino d
    3 Nidoqueen MT
    1 Nidoqueen d

    2 Mr. Mime

    Trainers: 20

    4 Candy
    4 Celios
    4 TVR
    3 Windstorm
    3 Night Maintenance
    1 Switch
    1 Stength Charm

    Energy: 14

    4 Dark Special
    4 Multi
    2 Psychic
    2 Dark

    I'm sure I left some vital things out of the list, I havent actually made up a list in a looong time. So if I forgot anything, then please let me know
    Do I really need to explain the strategy?
    The Queen cuts down Nidokings attack cost, so try and get 2 Queens out to attack for 1 energy for 60-70 and an optional 20 to the bench... Why have Mr.Mime? Mr.Mime, IMO, Is an amazing tech to a lot of the speedy new cards like Infernape, Kricketune, and all those other speed cards

    Comments? Fixes?
  2. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    4 dark special
    3 DRE
    3 Dark
    2 Phychic
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