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Discussion in 'Pokémon News' started by immewnity, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. immewnity

    immewnity Front Page News Editor

    [gal=51593]Poliwrath promo[/gal]
    An image has surfaced of the Poliwrath promo from the European Challenge Cup 2011, possibly the Regionals promo.

    Images of the Victini Box and the Black & White booster box have surfaced. Note the Zoroark promo in the Victini Box.

    [gal=51594]Victini Box[/gal] [gal=51595]Black & White booster box[/gal]

    Images of side accessories for Black & White have surfaced:
    [gal=51597]set 4-pocket portfolio[/gal] [gal=51599]set 9-pocket portfolio[/gal], [gal=51598]series 4-pocket portfolio[/gal] [gal=51600]series 9-pocket portfolio[/gal] [gal=51596]series binder[/gal] [gal=51601]series deck sleeves[/gal]
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  2. LauraKitazawa

    LauraKitazawa New Member

    Wow, definatly looking forward to these. Thanks so much for the pictures!
  3. Caleb

    Caleb New Member

    Wait!? New sleeves that look awesome!? Sweet! Promo was expected, and will make a good addition to my Poliwag min-binder. =D Thanks for the update, lots of good stuff. =D
  4. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member


    is an og so wait till next format lol
  5. DarkBlade

    DarkBlade New Member

    Pro sleeves are pro.
  6. GodBlessAmerica

    GodBlessAmerica New Member

    most definately, I'm gonna buy myself 2 packs
  7. Vulpix Yolk

    Vulpix Yolk New Member

    Wait Poliwrath is the Regs promo? I guess that means Politoed is the Nats mascot? Sweet. Also love the Black and White Pack art. Great find!
  8. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    When is B/W scheduled for prereleases?
  9. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    ^I know that ours is scheduled on April 30th.

  10. Prodigiosus

    Prodigiosus New Member

    Those sleeves actually look amazing! I got the DP Starter ones at Worlds in '08 and they've been in excellent condition since, expect the same for these :)
  11. immewnity

    immewnity Front Page News Editor

    We've actually had the boosters for a long while.

    As for the Poliwrath, I kinda guessed on this being the Regionals promo, going after previous years. *edits*

    That'd actually be a post-release... theme decks are on April 6, full set on April 25.
  12. WavestripeMcKe

    WavestripeMcKe New Member

    Immewnity, I have a question about the sets release date. On it says the release date is the 26th but, you said it's the 25th
  13. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    I [DEL]believe[/DEL] know there are 65 sleeves per pack.
  14. BlueShuckle

    BlueShuckle New Member

    Sweet! The binder with Zoroark on the back is sick!
  15. orangematt

    orangematt New Member

    Politoed on our trophies? WOO! I'd rather Poliwrath, but OH WELL - still cool.

    On another note - the 3 starters are not features on the packs? Weird!
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  16. Yoshi-

    Yoshi- New Member

    ID be very careful about those sleeves, I remember the last one of those at worlds 2009 :/
  17. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Ya, i do remember that XD
  18. jogon

    jogon New Member

    Wow! Everything looks amazing! It looks like I'm going to be broke for a while after buying all this stuff up.

    Also, wooo Politoed for Nats!!
  19. This set looks so cool. I want that box set with zorack and the figurine I cant wait till it hits shelves. The call o legends box set with the HUGE zorack promo was cool enough this time around

    CFOURCOLTSFAN Active Member

    i might grab a pack of those sleeves but i'll just wait to see if they're as good as my 5ish pcks of JPN ones. If yes i'll pick some up. Also the pack art is nice and most of the promo items are worth getting IMO(the victini box and the tins)

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