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  1. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    What do you think is the most underrated and overrated Pokemon in Unlimited and Modified? I figured since Marty's doing the best trainers... I'd do something similar to Pokemon.

    Underrated Pokemon in Unlimited - Base Set Hitmonchan. Some people tell me it's not really that playable anymore and has lost it's power... I don't see how... he's always been solid for the most part. The only time he was ever weakened was when Rockets Zapdos became so popular... but that was really the only time. He's a solid basic Pokemon with 70 HP... 2 attacks, one useable as soon as you play him. Two retreat is okay... but it's not too horrible, the weakness to psychic is sorta a threat due to Promo Mewtwo (but it's not so popular anymore either) but he's very strong and is even stronger against some popular Pokemon in todays invironment... He koes Wigglytuff in a hit... same with Clefable and Erika's Jigglypuff... it takes Chansey down in two hits (if they don't get metal on it). I think he's still a very solid Pokemon that could be played... he may not have the huge attacks like Typhlosion and others... but I think if you played him with something else to sorta counter those big decks he'd be really good.

    The most overrated card in Unlimited I think... don't kill me, but Sneasel. He is a very good card yes... but I don't think people should just throw him in like they do. My friend for example... he just tosses it in with no support for it... I don't know how he got away with it.

    He played for his pokemon... for the most part

    Rockets Zapdos

    Those were his major Pokemon of the deck... he had nothing to protect the energy for Sneasel there...

    The trainers were the big problem though... he played a trap like deck... (which I don't see why he thought was so good... in today's game you can just lass and get the same basic effect... with Cleffa trap is not that strong anymore) but he played for his energy protection... Chaos Gym and No Removal Gym... Chaos I understand, removal I sorta understand. I still say he should of played Ecogym... if there is a sneasel out there beating someone to death... and they have to discard two cards in their hand... even if they've got just the three cards to do it... they're going to pay the cost to Super it or ER it... if it's killing you and you're already waiting for a top deck... they're going to remove the energy and stall for longer... with Ecogym they'd remove them... but at least they'd go back to your hand... I can sorta see the reason of No removal gym... but he didn't play any Energy charge... he played no support to keep the energy really... other than those gyms... and he played no way of getting them back... Not to mention the fact he played no form of removal him self... The point of that ramble was basically to show how I think people are just tossing Sneasel in decks... with no thought of it. They just think it'll do good... and in my opinion that's what makes him overrated.

    In Modified... the underrated card for me is Tyranitar. He's a really solid hitter... and with Unown D... he can take multiple prizes a turn if your opponent plays babies on the bench... he can make a huge impact on the game in one turn and turn it around. He's got no weakness, which is a plus... the only thing that hurts it... is something that can take him down before he can hit them. If he hits them... he pretty much can KO anything big in a turn or two... the thing that is strongest against it is though... Feralisect and Enteicargo.... due to the large amount damage they both can deal and ko the Tyranitar in a hit.... and losing the Darkness energy slows you way down, but I think he's still a very playable card if you try and counter these decks, he'd be a real threat.

    The most overrated card I think is... probably Noctowl... it's decent yes... but it is no substitute for Slowking... he stops trainers before they play them.... giving them a chance to top deck a trainer that can be played... and it doesn't take them all. It's not all that strong in my opinion...

    What does everyone else think about this?[/COLOR]
  2. CCGdude

    CCGdude New Member

    you forgot the Mew promo P8. It can really come in handy. Especially if your opponent has alot of energies attached to his pokemon, you can deal out big damage with mew's attack (not devolution Beam, the other one)
  3. Marril

    Marril New Member

    The funky-writing one? :confused:
  4. I'm fairly sure he's refering to Psywave.

    And since you appear to be doing unlimited...

    The only reason people don't use Hitmonchan anymore is because it's too slow for the amount of damage it does. Back when you'd see NOTHING but Wigglytuff/Scyther, it was WORTH playing Hitmonchan, because that was your only chance of taking out a Wigglytuff. (That, and back then, Hitmonchan WAS speedy) Now, though, we have Sneasel, who is NOT overrated. (An average of 60 - 80 Damage per turn, turn two? Yeah, that's sick)

    Other cards out there just provide more damage for your energy, quicker, better retreats, and so many of them have weaknesses to types OTHER than fighting. Hitmonchan isn't just worth playing, too slow, too little damage.
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  5. davechri

    davechri New Member

    Underrated and Overrated

    I think the most underrated card is Pichu. Some may say that he gets the proper respect, but I think he should be played more. Nasty.

    Overrated is harder. I think Tyrogue is a bit overrrated. I'm not so impressed with Feraligatr in today's format either.

    Most underrated card in the game: metal energy. Very, very versatile.
  6. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    interesting question...An intensely subjective one, but interesting nonetheless. I guess my criteria for underrated would be useful cards that I rarely, if ever, see played in the current (DCI) formats. Hitmonchan and pichu are great cards, but they're used quite a bit. People might not talk them up as much as they used to, but they're still used (to wit, in the FAT, of the 5 rounds I played constructed, 3 of the decks I faced contained pichu...and that doesn't include the three I was running in mine). I ran hitmonchan in the team tournaments, and saw quite a few unlimited and modified decks running it throughout the weekend. My underrated cards are going to be ones I haven't seen played in quite a long time, that I still think could wreak havok on the current format (viably).

    Unlimited: Erika's Dratini. With excellent splashability and a pokemon power to die for, this little fella can hold its own for quite some time. It negates the effectiveness of sneasel, rocket's zapdos, scyther, the aforementioned hitmonchan, chansey, pichu, tyrogue...Sure, muk hurts, and any evolved pokemon is going to lower its effectiveness, but when I think of the current unlimited, I can come up with about, oh, three evolution lines I see constistently enough to be afraid of: slowking, muk, and clefable. Two of those three aren't used offensively, and the last gives anyone problems anywhere. Dratini isn't a powerhouse to build a deck around, but it can help in a pinch, and against sneasel, can buy you three or four turns: long enough to build your own.

    Modified: Wooper (NG). Again, here's another little guy that won't be the focus of your deck, but, when splashed, deserves credit (IMO). That first amnesia attack can be a real lifesaver, and its second colorless attack has its uses as well. Of the three top-tier decks, two of them rely solely on pokemon with single attacks. Wooper owns pokemon with single attacks, especially those that require opponents to burn double gusts, switches, or energy to retreat in order to get around amnesia. That's a bonus against magcargo and its pokemon power. You amnesia lava flow, they have to burn a double gust, you choose the already powered cleffa, which now has 2 fire energy stuck to it. Or choose their suicune, and stick a fire energy on it. Little wooper has forced them to burn one of their key cards, and you get a free energy removal. Either gatr (EXP or NG) can't attack around wooper's amnesia. It resists electricity, making it helpful against the Zuver Zapdos you'll occassionally see. It also slows down scizor (for awhile). Like Erika's dratini, wooper forces your opponent to change strategies and burn cards they'd rather not. It also gives you time to build, which, if you're a slow starter like I am, can be a game-saver.

    There you have it. Erika's Dratini and Wooper. :thumb:
  7. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I think the expedition gengar is underrated in modified. Gengar can use hide in shadow and hide behind a focused baby, suicune, promo mew or LC haunter so that your opponent has to either waste their double gust or take a 25% chance to ko the baby. Even if they knock out the pokemon you're hiding behind, it'll be one step closer for gengar to be able to use chaos move.
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