Mr Kecleon goes to Cities

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by annisarich, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    Here is my sons (9) deck he has been preparing for Cities.

    Pokemon 18

    3 Kecleon SS
    3 Aron SS
    2 Larion SS
    1 Larion RS
    1 Aggron RS
    2 Aggron EX SS
    2 magnamite D
    2 Magneton D
    2 Wobbufet SS

    SS= Sandstorm, RS= Ruby Saphire, D= Dragons

    Trainers 23

    3 Prof Elms Training Method
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Potion
    3 Switch
    2 Lannets Search
    2 Lady Outing
    1 Energy Search
    3 Copy cat
    2 Prof Oaks Research
    1 Fisherman

    Energy 19

    4 metal
    2 rainbow
    3 electric
    2 water
    2 psy
    2 grass
    2 fighting
    2 fire

    Kecleon is the card used to stall while setting up or attack when needed. The combo of so much energy and a few lady outting allow to get him to any color.
    Build up the Aggron/EX and go for the big hitting.
    A few switch for taking care of special conditions. Wobuffet for other ex's and Magnaton for fun

    Thanks for the input and look for my younger (5) son's Mr Swampert and Mrs. Growlith go on a Cities Honeymoon Deck.
  2. CrimsonWarrior26

    CrimsonWarrior26 New Member

    Drop 25 cards
    3 Kecleon
    3 Electric, 2 Psy, 2 grass, 2 fighting, 2 fire, 1 Aggron, 2 Magnamite, 2 Magneton, 1 Fisherman, 1 Energy Search, 2 Lady Outing, 2 Lannette.

    Now that we have freed up space lets work.

    Pokemon 9
    We should add some fire power here in case this deck faces :fire: . I'll add the Wailord line for back
    up here. We of course will add Dunsparse for set-up.

    Trainers 9
    We need speed so use the oracle Poke'navi combo. Also add 1 more POR.

    Energy Put energy that match the deck


    Pokemon 19
    3 Aron
    3 Lairion
    2 Aggron EX
    3 Wailmer
    2 Wailord
    4 Dunsparse
    2 Wobbufett

    Trainers 24
    3 POR
    3 Copycat
    3 PETM
    3 Switch
    3 Potion
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Oracle
    3 Poke'navi

    Energy 17
    4 Metal
    3 Rainbow
    7 Water
    3 Psychic

    ~ Crimson ~
  3. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Dunno if I agree with the two previous posts, and here's why: You've titled your overall post "Mr. Kecleon [etc.]", so it's clear your son fancies the kecleon. If it's going to be the difference between your son really enjoying himself with an idea he created (and thus having a feeling of ownership of the deck) and your son playing a deck someone else created, and not having as much fun, well then, darnit, I think the kecleon should stay put. That being said:

    3 kecleon (here's your protection vs. fire pokemon, with the water energy).
    3 aron (your choice of set)
    3 lairon (again, your choice)
    2 aggron -ex
    1 aggron
    2 sentret
    2 furret (Venus/jermy had the right idea's energy searching ability works wonders with both
    Aggron and kecleon)
    3 Dunsparce
    Total: 19

    4 professor birch (works very well with furret and oracle)
    4 oracle (in a deck where you're looking for specific energy, a single furret, etc., this works
    4 pokenav (works with the oracle)
    2 power charge (you're running lotsa special energy, and getting them back, especially your boosts, is and furret will combo well with this too)
    4 potion/moo-moo milk/oran berry (your choice)
    2 switch
    2 copycat/oak's research (general card draw/get rid of bad hand/shuffle that deck)
    1 town volunteers
    Total: 23

    4 metal energy
    3 rainbow
    3 boost
    2 warp energy (a switch that furret can search for.....)
    2 water energy (here's kecleon's ammunition against fire)
    2 psychic energy (kecleon's ammunition against gardevoir)
    2 fighting energy (kecleon's ammunition against Amphy -ex, dunsparce, delcatty, ditto, etc.)
    Total: 18

    *note: you can exchange the basic energies for others, depending on what you fear most....the two most popular decks at the Winston-Salem CC were Gardevoir (I saw over 10 of them being played out of a total attendance of 55 or so...that's quite a few) and Blaziken/rayquaza (Saw about 6 of those).

    Kecleon is a bit more risky than the higher hp wailord, but more versatile, especially with furret to get those energies for you. The major problem you'll face is that kecleon, even if it matches weaknesses well, isn't going to be able to dish out the damage you'd like it to (that is, the OHKO) on things like a blaziken, a gardevoir, a salamence, another aggron, etc. Be careful about the situations you use it in....better to surprise your opponent with it than use it as a general start-the-game sorta guy. Your big advantage will be that relatively few people play kecleon, and so few people do anything specific to stop it. It might buy you some time to set up that aggron -ex.

    If I'm wrong about your son's desire to include kecleon in the deck, then you may wish to consider some of the more popular, and quite strong aggron/wailord decks out there, similar to the ones posted above and in other threads. If you're intent on the kecleon, though, good luck, and have fun.
  4. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    I think you are correct.

    He likes the kecleon idea. Its his own. He dosnt want to play a deck everyone else has.

    We play tested the deck a bit and have decided that he needs to plan to defend against one or two types The idea of having every energy just doesnt work. ( I kinda told him that but he wants to make the deck)(I like him making the deck, its more fun than playing someone elses)

    thanks for the suggestions.
  5. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Rich: Knowing your lack of cards i came up with this list.

    3 Aron
    3 Lairon
    2 Aggron EX
    2 Sentret
    2 Furret
    3 Corphish(Dragons w/ Toxic claws or whatever)
    3 Crawdaunt(Dragons Rare)
    4 Dunsparce
    2 Kecleon
    2 Wobbuffet SS
    4 Metal
    5 Water
    3 Psychic
    3 Boost(if you have them)
    3 PETM
    3 Copycat
    2 POR
    2 Birch
    3 Potion
    3 Oran Berry
    2 Switch
    1 Crystal Shard

    I have the Crawdaunts for trade/borrow if you need them. Thats a really rough list off the top of my head. When i see you at the CC Im assuming your headed to Garden City I can help it further. Good Luck and cya soon

  6. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    Thanks for some of the suggestions.

    After reading and looking at what cards are available and a desire to keep with the origional theme. Here is a revised List.

    Mr Kecleon and Friends

    Pokemon 20

    3 Kecleon SS
    3 Aron SS
    2 Larion SS
    1 Larion RS
    1 Aggron RS
    2 Aggron EX SS
    2 Dunsparce SS
    2 Sentret AQ
    2 Furret AQ
    2 Wobbufet SS

    SS= Sandstorm, RS= Ruby Saphire, D= Dragons AQ= Aquapolis

    Trainers 20

    3 Prof Elms Training Method
    1 Moo Moo
    3 Potion
    3 Switch
    2 Crystal Shard
    2 Lady Outing
    1 Town Vol
    3 Copy cat
    2 Prof Oaks Research

    Energy 20

    4 metal
    2 rainbow
    3 Boost
    3 water
    3 psy
    2 Warp
    3 fighting

    The electric thing did not work. So out with the Magnatons etc and added Dunsparce and Furret for Searching and getting cards to start and energy. He liked the Shard idea. Looked through these Boards and other places to see what decks were looking most common and changed the Energy line to reflect the ability to go after the most popular decks with Kecleon.

    Played it yesterday and he killed my Cradily Deck. Then got whipped by a Swampert/ Arcanine deck played by his five year old brother.

    Any other input is appriciated.
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