Mr Swampert and Mrs. Growlith go on a Cities Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by annisarich, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    Here is my sons (5) deck we have been preparing for Cities.

    Pokemon 20

    3 Growlith SS
    3 Arcanine SS
    4 mudkip RS
    3 Marshtomp promo
    3 Swampert RS
    1 Latias EX D
    3 Zigzagoon RS

    SS= Sandstorm, RS= Ruby Saphire, D= Dragons

    Trainers 22

    4 Pokeball
    2 pokenan
    2 Rare Candy
    4 Potion
    2 Switch
    1 Lady Outing
    2 Energy Search
    3 Copy cat
    2 Fisherman

    Energy 18

    12 water
    6 fire

    This Deck is played by a 5 year old who is just getting ready for his first premier tourney.
    This is the process we went through making a deck. I think its important to let the kids choose their cards. Then build around their choices. So here is how this deck became.

    He likes to say ZigZagoon and likes to roll dice while plaing Thats why that card is used.

    Latias EX is his favorite Shiney EX card from any booster he opened.
    It uses water/fire so it fits in this deck and 100 for three *** ain't to bad.

    Mudkip requires flipping/ dice rolling "always good for attacking"
    Dad chose the Swampert because its easy to understand the attacks and play

    After some discussion he took his dads suggestion...... we matched Fire with Water.
    He chose Growlith because he wants a dog. Fire Veil looks good also :)

    If you like rolling dice the Pokeball is the drawing trainer for you. (also easy to understand)
    I tried explaing the Oracle/Nav combo...that will have to wait. So Nav alone it is

    He understands Rare Candy as a "Breeder". Its more than that but he will play it as he understands it.

    Potion for healing. He really wanted Moo Moo (Dice again) But I said NO :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the input and look for my older (9) son's Mr "Kecleon goes to Cities" Deck.
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  2. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Keeping what you said in mind- I won't change much.
    -1 Zigzagoon (he could still have fun with 2 =/)
    -2 Energy Search (with more draw cards it will be easier)
    -1 Lady Outing (same as above)
    -2 rare candy (either use marshtomp OR rare candy, otherwise there will be 2 wasted spaces in the deck
    +4 Professor Oaks Research ( There is hardly any draw cards in this deck )
    +2 TV reporter/energy cards of choice

    You could also drop the pokenavs for energy since they dont help too much. The pokeballs should be replaced with Masterballs too.

    Good Luck ^_^
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    my fix would include Ziggzagoons evolution, its just broken.... Linoone from R/S lets you just get any 2 cards.... Drop 2 Candies for this......

    Pokeball gets a flip (good for the kid), but nothing on tails... (bad for the game) so I would switch them to 3 Masterball. then take the 4th, and add a SS Linnone, it gets any card from discard Pile, and adds it to hand, allowing for some fun, and retreiving of lost cards.

    I wouldnt worried about Energy Search as much... 18 is Plenty anyways. Add 3 Oracle or Elms Training.

    Take the 2 Pokenave, and make them Oaks Research. Then take 1 Copycat, and make it Oaks Research.

    Drop 1 Fisherman for 1 Town Volunteers

    that oughta do it.... If you are gonna use Zigzagoon use SS one, it gets extra draw, but if he really wants to use the other, thats cool... but seriously consider Linoone, especially R/S one.
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