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    Mudkips PokeBody reads--As long as Mudkip is on your bench, prevents all damage done to mudkip by attacks.

    Serveral questions-

    1.-Does it mean only when Mudkip is on the bench or does it mean or when you bring it up to the active position does the PokeBody go away?

    2. If you have one Mudkip on the Bench and another in the active position, would the one on the bench prevent damage to the active one?

    3. If it does prevent all damage to the active one( If Mudkip is 0n the bench) could you still effect Mudkip with a special condition like Burned or Poisioned?

    4. What about Banette that could use Ghost Head to place Damage Counters as opposed to doing damage?

    4. I guess what I really want to know is what is the catch? A friend of thinks he can play Mudkip, put one on the bench and one as the active Pokemon and he will automatically win the game unless someone has a Censation Crystal to shut the power down, Is this true ? Without the Crystal he thinks there is no way to do any damage to Mudkip and therefore he would win the game.

    Thanks for your help,

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  2. PokePop

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    1. It has to be on the Bench for the protection to work.

    2. No. Per the rule book, anytime a Pokemon refers to itself by name, it means only itself. If it meant all Mudkips, it would say "any" or "all"

    3. Moot

    4. Moot

    5. Your friend is playing it wrong.
    If something seems incredibly broken and no one else has realized it, chances are that the person is interpreting it wrong.

    Now go knock out his Mudkip! :smile:

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