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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Perfect0ne, Aug 12, 2003.

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  1. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    1. Can you play cards that say "you" like a professor or a ball on you partner instead of you?
    2. What other possible ways can you target cards toward your partner? (i never really got into multiplayer...i've been in Unlimited and trading recently)

    thanx :thumb:
  2. surfingpika

    surfingpika New Member

    Yes, you can use cards that say you for your partner.
    You can also use powers that would affect you on your partner, but the effect must stay with your partner. For example, you can use damage swap on your partner, but the damage counters cannot move to your pokemon.
  3. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    thanx a lot :thumb:
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Basically, you can target a card to you or your partner if it has the word "you" in the text, but you have to either play as written or replace every "you" with "your partner". Bill, even though there is new "you," can be targeted to your partner, if I'm not mistaken -- I might be. Likewise, if the text has the words "your opponent," you can choose either opponent. For Pokemon Powers, whether it's a "you" or a "your opponent," you have to choose the target the instant you put it into play, and it cannot be changed while the card is in play. I'm not sure whether attacks that actually affect an opponent's Benched Pokemon have to be targeted to the opponent whose Active Pokemon you "attack," but I think you can attack one Active and the other's bench. I don't think it applies if it affects the Defending and a Benched, but I could be wrong.
  5. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Small Guide to Team Play

    Small Guide to Team Play
    Look at the Pokemon Floor Rules for the rest.

    Whenever you see "you" or "your" on a card you HAVE
    to choose between yourself or your partner.
    Whenever you see "your opponent" you MUST choose
    one of your opponents at that time.

    Bill says "Draw 2 cards"
    There is no you or your in the text, therefore you cannot use
    Bill for your partner.

    Copycat would allow you to choose which opponent you wanted to
    copy and let you or your partner shuffle that hand into that
    deck and draw the new cards.

    If a Pokemon Power is always on, you must designate it when it
    comes into play, as helping you or your partner or effecting one
    of your opponents. (A paper marker helps if you have more than

    If a Pokemon Power turns on and off like Base Vensaur's,
    then you may designate who it effects every time you use it.
    You can change who Alakazam effects each time it is used,
    but you may never move a damage counter or any other marker
    from one player to another, except if the card does that
    normally like "Rocket's Mewtwo."

    If a Pokemon Power turns on only when that Pokemon is active,
    then you designate it every time it becomes active.

    Muk (Legndary Collection) shuts all Pokemon Powers off.
    Magby Neo does likewise unless it is no longer active.

    If a card states somewhere in the text, the words "defending
    pokemon" then usually you cannot transfer extra effects to
    your other opponent. A good example of this is Dark Gengar,
    its attack mentions the Defending Pokemon not once, but
    twice, so everything in its attack must go to there only.

    Otherwise, if the attack says "you" or "your opponent" in the text
    somewhere (even if it is a reminder note) then you MAY give
    any of the Extra Effects of the attack to:
    (Extra Effects are anything other than the big number on the
    right side of the attack)

    ONE -- your partner if it says you
    The best example of this is you can attack one of your opponents
    with Neo Cleffa and letting your partner shuffle their hand into their
    deck and drawing seven new cards.

    TWO -- the other opponent if it says your opponent.
    (This is splitting the attack between two opponents)

    The best example of this is doing the base damage to
    one opponent's active and confusing the other opponent's
    active pokemon.
    Another example is Seadra's Mud Slap hitting one active
    and doing bench damage to the other opponent's bench.

    You always must specify ONE of your opponents as the defending
    Pokemon even if your attack moves elsewhere such as Expedition
    Mew's Super Psywave (there is no base damage to this attack,
    it is all special effects-like the Faint Attack.)
    If you use Murkrow Neo to attack a nonbaby active Pokemon
    and then you may move the damage to the other opponents
    active Baby without having to flip. However since Darkness Energy
    says to do the extra 10 damage to the defending pokemon,
    the baby receiving the damage would only take 20 for the
    faint attack and none for the darkness energy.
    The big number on the right side of the attack must always
    go to that ONE pokemon specified at the beginning of the
    attack as the defending pokemon.
    (You can never call your partner's pokemon the
    "defending pokemon", trying to avoid a baby flip for Eeeeeeek...)

    One BIG misconception in Team Battle concerns Dark Ursaring
    and Neo 2 Tyranitar. Both of these cards say to hit every
    bench, BUT there is a reminder text in it that says:
    "(Yours and your opponents)"
    This FORCES you to choose one friendly bench and one
    opponents bench. It does NOT hit all four benches.
    While I was judging in the Team Battle World Championship
    at Gen Con 2003, MTM himself said that if that reminder
    text was not there, he would have banned that card.
    Remeber what happened to Team Rocket's Mewoth which
    did not have the reminder text in it...It WAS banned.
    I judged Team at the World Championship last year, and
    it was rather messy trying to keep track of 21+ coin flips
    every time Team Rocket's Mewoth attacked.

    As far as strategy goes, speed is rather important with the
    possibility of two people double teaming you, and the
    fact that two of you only need Five prizes instead of the
    usual Six for one person.

    Poison, Burn and Char affect a Pokemon at the end of every turn.
    Sleep is week, because you flip at the end of every turn to
    wake up.
    Paralysis is about normal, the Paralysed Pokemon is unparalysed
    at the end of ITS turn.

    Hope this helps. :)
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