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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dendrobatida, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Was working on another guy's mewtwo deck, and came up with this...thought it could be rather strong. His question was about the most viable quick mewtwo -ex deck.


    The quickest way to insure a fully-powered turn two mewtwo -ex?:

    4 marrill (free retreat)
    4 mewtwo -ex

    4 dual ball (pokemon fan club would get in the way of your ability to use TV reporter or Juggler first turn)
    4 juggler
    4 TV reporter
    (other trainers peripheral...your usual draw engine, healing stuff, switchiness)

    And that's the basis of the deck. Energy is up to you, depending on the number of trainers you like to run. The bottom line being a turn-two fully powered mewtwo -ex, you'll want to minimize the chances of starting with (insert any of the 8 additional pokemon you have in your deck). Marrill retreats for free, saving you your energy attach for that first turn, assuming you don't start with a mewtwo -ex - necessitating the use of the dual ball, or some of your card drawing, to find one on that first turn. Of course, you could drop the marrill, making this a rather bizarre version of the old "Mewtwo Mulligan" idea. If you don't particularly care about mulliganing 6 or 7 times, that's actually the way to go, though there's an even sneakier thing you could do, that I'll present later. Anyway, get that mewtwo first turn, attach your energy, use one of those discarding trainers (you'll have at least 8 in the deck...TV reporter and juggler), and start with the 60 turn two.

    Yes, it's fragile. Yes, a single wobbuffet could thrash it. However, your question was, to paraphrase, "Is my deck as close to guaranteeing a second-turn fully powered mewtwo -ex as you can get?". The above is your answer, in skeletal form.

    Now for the even sneakier, and stronger, possibility:

    4 mewtwo -ex
    (Any fossil-based pokemon line out there....Cradily and Omastar are nasty...You could run Kabutops -ex, but again, wobbuffett....)
    A few marrill, just for the safety net

    4 Juggler
    4 TV reporter
    4 (Mysterious fossil, root fossil, claw fossil....your choice. Avoid the buried fossil; you can't choose to take a mulligan with it)
    More of your standard trainers

    Energy to taste (cradily and omastar require very little energy to be effective, cradily in particular).

    Now you've got power AND tech. With the fossils, you have the option to take a mulligan if you don't start with that mewtwo -ex. You can also leave one active if you like the card draw in your hand and go from there to get your mewtwo -ex, picking up the fossil when you're ready. For example, a starting hand of:

    2 root fossil
    3 psychic energy
    1 juggler
    1 dual ball

    Would be hard to say no to, although you could. Drop both fossil, and use that beautiful card draw to try and snag a mewtwo. Of course, all you really need is some combination of Mewtwo -ex+energy+(TV reporter or Juggler), so with the versatility of the fossils, you could just mulligan until you get that. If you fear fire, run the omastar. If you love board control, fear gardevoir -ex, and fear wobbuffett even more, run the cradily. Overall, here's what I'd run:

    4 mewtwo -ex
    3 lileep
    3 cradily
    (10 pokemon)

    4 root fossil
    4 TV reporter
    4 Juggler
    2 (other card draw...I suggest oak's research, for when you feel your deck could use a good shuffle)
    4 switch/warp point (save that mewtwo! warp point: Get that dang wobbuffett outta the active!)
    2 town volunteers (juggler+TV reporter=quick decking without this)
    3 dual ball (remember, we're all about that first turn mewtwo)
    4 oran berry/potion/moo-moo (your choice)
    3 (whatever....low pressure system? Strength charm? Crystal shard? Even super energy removal 2 can be wicked with your active fossil....)
    Total: 30

    16 psychic
    4 grass (not can't use multi with juggler, or get it back with town volunteers)
    Total: 20 (high, but remember, your energy is part of your draw engine, this deck has so much space that you can feel free to tinker)

    Bottom line is that you can use the mulligan to your advantage, until you've got that turn one active mewtwo with the ability to charge itself up. You've also got a "backup hitter" that, in other decks, is the focal point. Not alot of decks can stand up to a consistent turn-two-and-on 60 damage, with pure board control in the middle and later rounds. I chose cradily for its ability to get wobbuffett out of the active slot for you. If you fear blaziken-rayquaza more, omastar may be your choice. Hope this helps. And, well, heck....I like this idea so much I'm going to post it separately, see what I can generate with it.




    And so there you have it: a way to ensure yourself the mewtwo -ex, with enough backup to be truly viable. Again, I opted for cradily because I think it's a pokemon that people always think to themselves "Man, I'm glad more people don't play cradily", because it's insidious and just strange enough to work, and cause your opponent to think. It is missing that "cleaner" element, but that's what mewtwo -ex gives you. Omastar is more physically powerful, and pulldown is tight, too, so really I could see one going either way.
  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Of course, if you really feel unsafe running the 4 mewtwo and 4 fossils as your lone starters, you can add a few wobbuffett, or other techy pokemon of your choice. Doing that, though, will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the deck in the early stages, because at least once per tournament you WILL start with a wobbuffett and nothing else worth noting in your starting hand. In that case, I'd rather just use the mulliganing ability of this deck to look for the mewtwo -ex.

    Also, now that I think about it, there's a few modifications I'd make to the above, so I'll repost the deck here with those mods:

    4 mewtwo -ex
    4 lileep (the one that gets you more lileep...pretty vital for this those root fossils)
    3 cradily
    Total: 11

    4 root fossils
    4 juggler
    4 tv reporter

    4 switch (no warp doesn't work with cradily quite as well. You're gonna want to pull up that gardevoir and poison it, then switch to mewtwo -ex to kill it, not warp point and give the gardevoir a free exit from cradily's power. Cradily will get the wobbuffett out of there for you)

    3 Desert Shaman (I suggested oak's research above. For this deck, shaman is better, hands down. When locked with cradily's power, your opponent will oracle for a switch or warp. You need to ruin that oracle. This also lets you shuffle your own deck, and reduce those occassional 10-11 card hands you'll end up with when running 4 juggler and tv reporter. Further, and perhaps most importantly, this is the way you recover from giving your opponent a fat opening hand with your potential mulliganing...whisk away those 10 cards, replace them with 4)

    4 fast ball (dropped the dual ball, since I'll just be mulliganing for the mewtwo anyway. Also, dual ball can't get you a fossil. Fast ball can get you a lileep, and thus more lileep).

    4 potion/moo-moo/oran-berry. I go with potion, since I occassionally regret attaching a berry to a pokemon that'll never need it in the early game. Oran berry is also dicey of late, since the proliferation of aerodactyl -ex (curse you, Jim Farrell ;)

    2 town volunteers
    1 low pressure system
    Total: 30

    15 psychic
    4 grass
    Total: 19

    TOTAL: 60

    There we go.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2004
  3. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    The other option here may be to run a few copycat as well, to give yourself a hand size similar to your opponent's mulligan-enhanced one. Dunno what I'd take out, though....low pressure?
  4. MountainDewSnorter

    MountainDewSnorter New Member

    Dendro, hey whats up man, its Ray hows it going? check your PM inbox
  5. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Sometimes talking to yourself is the best way to get an intelligent conversation, eh? Thanks for letting us listen in. This is a very nice concept.

    I was thinking Desert Shaman over Copycat, as the Cat won't reduce the size of their hand, leaving them more resources for recovery. Can't let them catch back up.

    I agree about warp point. What about some cyclone energy? Two turn setup for Cradily might not work vs. fire.
  6. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Amen to that, Bulba...reminds of that funky quote, "It is not insanity to talk to inanimate objects. It is insanity when they talk back." *paraphrasing*. Wonder if talking to pokemon cards counts....

    The multi-posting is really just a lame way to bump my own deck up without spamming the word "bump" every five minutes.

    Anyway, we concur. Shaman is superior. Also, no doubt the cradily gets messed up by fire. That's why one can feel free to run omastar instead. Low pressure, though, allows cradily to survive a blaziken hit. If you're dumb enough to send up your cradily vs. a ninetails, or something similar, though, you deserve to have your cradily annihilated anyway. Just one of those things. Gardevoir really strong in your area? Go cradily. Ampharos -ex kickin' yer butt? Go armaldo. Blaziken running rampant? Omastar. Mix of all three? Wipe 'em out early with mewtwo, which is really your focus anyway.

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