My 5-3 Florida States Report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by CMsvW, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. CMsvW

    CMsvW New Member

    Hi! I know most of the reports on here are from players who ranked really high in their respective tourney, but this was my first year doing states (just got into the game 2 months ago), had a great time, and decided to post my experience. Anyway, I ran a deck that is sort of Sablelock...and sort of not, SO ONTO THE DECK LIST

    Pokemon: 20

    x4 Sableye
    x1 Chatot G
    x2 Scyther (PL)
    x2 Scizor (UD)
    x2 Machop (SF)
    x1 Machoke (TM)
    x2 Machamp (SF)
    x2 Houndour (LA)
    x1 Houndoom (LA)
    x1 Houndoom (CoL)
    x1 Uxie
    x1 Azelf

    Trainers/Supporters/nsuch: 27

    x2 Rare Candy
    x2 Pokemon Communication
    x2 Vs Seeker
    x1 Luxury Bal
    x2 Warp Point
    x2 Judge
    x3 Pokemon Collector
    x1 Twins
    x1 Interviewer's Questions
    x2 Cyrus's Initative
    x2 Bebe's Search
    x2 Seeker
    x1 Palmer's Contribution
    x1 Conductive Quarry
    x2 Expert Belt
    x1 Technical Machine TS-2

    Energys: 13

    x4 Fighting
    x4 Darkness (Special)
    x4 Metal (Special)
    x1 Metal (Basic)


    ... Uhhh I really can't explain. Overall, I hope I start with Sableye and sort of cry to myself if I don't. The goal is to make the opponent's setup as difficult as possible while I get the Scizor ready as a poor man's tank in case the lock is broken. The Machamp and Houndooms are in the deck to counter SP, the Gengars. and Scizor+ Grass types if need be.

    NOW I shall detail my matches!


    ROUND ONE! (Gyrados) 0-0

    This match scared me because I felt like I had no decent counter for Gyrados other than my TM TS2 Devoluter thing. Well, luck worked out perfect for me. My opponent had both their Regice and Azelf in their prizes. By the time they got a junk arm, I had 5 prizes and a pumped up Scizor. Easy match. ONE AND 0 :D We played again for fun and she destroyed me...but that didn't count, So I'm gonna pretend it never happened.

    ROUND 2 (LostGar) 1-0

    Seeing as how LostGar is one of the worst things to happen to the world since Hair Metal and Uxie Donk, I predicted an awful match for myself. Plus I knew deep down that I was lucky to come away with a win in round 1. Well, this match went very easy for myself as well. They trainer locked me from turn 1 onward with spiritomb and got out a "Faint Spell" Gengar very quickly to start the match. Good thing I had judges in my deck, everytime I got trainers, I just judged them away which also made my opponents setup difficult. I got a CoL Houndoom setup on turn 4 or so and "Dark Roared" her for 6 straight prizes. I was right to put that tech in this deck =) My opponent was a friend of the girl I beat in round 1... I think I made enemies. One fainting spell flip different could have slowed me down but I had a scizor waiting on the bench. They only got 2 Pokes in the lost Zone. I end the round a happy man.

    ROUND 3 (Charizard) 2-0

    Oh, Charizard. You're so tempting with your cheapness to build, your draw power, the complete mindorgy you get when that setup happens and everything just clicks. But you're too slow for this format...and it makes me sad. =( have a type advantage over scizor, machamp can't do anything to you...and you just laugh at my Houndooms. A close game still (only 1 prize left and time ended). Got the lost though. Opponent was really awesome, shocked he didn't do better in the actual states on Saturday. Oh well, one loss... ILL TAKE IT

    Round 4 (VileGar) 2-1

    I don't remember much about this match other than I judged my trainers away. Took most my prizes with CoL Houndoom and took my final prize with a machamp...that he warp pointed into. To be honest, my opponent seemed very light headed all game and looked as if he was gonna starve to death. I think if he was of good stateofmind, he would have took this game, but he was just out of it. A win is a win...but I wasn't left too confident for the actual tournament...


    I went 3-1 in the preliminary but I felt like I deserved to be more like 2-2. I elected to not change my deck list, due to my lack of experience and changing stuff would just make things worst. Got back to the hotel around 1 AM, ate sushi, and went to bed.


    ROUND 1 (Ampharos Prime) 0-0

    Got paired up in round one with a friend. She was running her Ampharos Prime deck and I saw this as an easy win due to my Machamp and my lack of needing to attach many energies. I take the first 3 prizes and get her down to only one remaining pokemon, an Ampharos. I go for the knock out, I attach a second energy, and do hurricane Punch. Only needed 2 heads due to my expert belt...but I only got one. She attacks next turn , gets a heads, knocks me out, and I could never truely recover. She gets win 1.

    OH WAIT A SEC.... after the round ended, we talked and joked around and it turns out...we both forgot that my expert belt added 20 HP. i sent my Machamp to the discard pile when it had 130 damage on it. The mistake bothered me, because I realize I should have won, however I realize that it was my fault for forgetting and I was happy my friend got a round 1 win with such a strange deck. I get over everything quickly and get ready for round 2.

    ROUND 2 (Machamp) 0-1

    This was a weird one. From the first moment onward my opponent came off as sort of depressed. A bummer, really. Seemed like a nice guy, he was just out of it. He takes the first 2 prizes or so with Machamp. I come back with Scizor, but ultimately he won. We start to talk and he just gives me the win and drops out. I appreciated it, but it made me feel guilty, wish I could have cheered him up or something. Still, a win is a win, and it makes up for my pseudo-loss in round 1. If both rounds would have given me the right record, I'd be 1-1 anyway. So I was happy...but very confused...and worried...and just about everything else I could possibly be.


    I don't eat, I loiter in Collector's Cache and talk to friends. I get hungry, but realize round 3 is about to happen... I am a sad man

    ROUND 3 (Blastoise) 1-1

    This match both excited and worried me. I had never played a Blastoise deck, so I was excited to see what it could do. I was worried...because I had never played a Blastoise deck. On turn one or so, I used Sableye to knock out a Squirtle. He responded by getting a Floatzel level X . Never seen that one before and I hope I never again. Everytime I managed to knock something out, he just layed it right back down with Broken Time Space. He got a bunch of cheap prizes by knocking out my Azelf, Uxie, and FireHoundoom, but by the time it was 4 prizes to 2, I had a Scizor loaded with metal energies and an Expert Belt. He makes the mistake of attacking it with a Blastoise that he forgot had a double colorless and it was pretty easy for me from that point onward. That game was just one big adrenaline rush and even after I won...I still felt like I had lost...BUT I WAS HAPPY

    ROUND 4 (DialgaChomp) 2-1

    Oh,a dreaded SP deck, I was pumped. Gonna get my machamp out early, this match was gonna be easy, right? IT WASNT. We both get a dead draw and spend 5 turns just passing. EVENTUALLY, I get my Machamp out and I was ready to dominate. Well, he gets out a toxicroak SP (The psychic one). I use take out on it...which does nothing. Turns out, I can't one shot that guy and I did no damage . I used all my resources to get the machamp out there and now I was stuck. He builds everything up and takes every prize.. My inexperience just shot me in the face =(

    ROUND 5 (Gyarados) 2-2

    Oh boy, another one of these. I have no shot, I just know it....well, he gets a Gyrados out, puts a rescue on it...and I put out Scizor. SUDDENLY, i have the upper-hand for once....but he uses a super scoop and heads it is. He literally uses 5 super Scoops this game (1 with junk arm) and gets 4 heads. My scizor manages to take most prizes but the gyrados keeps coming back and terrifying me everytime. FINALLY, he gets that one tails on a superscoop and I get the final knock out. The prizes didn't show it...but a very close game. 3-2 YAY

    ROUND 6 (Machamp) 3-2

    Up until this point, I had only started 2 games with Sableye in this tourny and haven't even came close to locking anyone. My oppenent started with an Unown Q and I started with Sableye...HERE WAS MY CHANCE.

    I went turn one and drew a darkness energy, I didn't attach it. Seriously, I'd feel like a jerk if I pulled that at a tourny. So, I use impersonate and Cyrus's Initiative for 1 card away. I take away her Machamp (Her only 2 search cards were Pokemon Communications). She draws and attaches an energy to Unown Q and attacks me with it :v Yea, I was terrified, this meant she was serious. Next turn happens and I draw a Machamp myself. I rare candy a Machop, and attach a fighting. I was gonna give one more turn.

    She draws, nothing happens. I warp point to Machamp and donk myself to victory. I apologize to her and she takes it very well. Deep down, I am sort of proud of myself, because I had never donked before, but meh, 4-2 BABEH

    ROUND 7 (LuxChompihateyousomuchdeckIfifindoutwhooriginallymadeyouIsweartogodIwill...) 4-2

    I start with only an Azelf. My opponent has no sympathy for me and donks me on turn 2 with a Luxray. I die a little on the inside.

    We play again for fun. We talked basketball , and we both were texting people, so it was a very poor match. He beat me when I had only 1 prize left. Good game, cool guy...but he ran he's no longer cool.

    ROUND 8 (Tangrowth) 4-3

    Hilarious dude with awesome deck made for fun battle. I take 4 prizes opposed to his one to start the game and I start to wonder how the heck he went 4-3... well he gets a bunch of energies in one turn onto Tangrowth and starts hitting for 240. He gets only one more prize...BUT... FINALLY...I GET TO USE MY SECRET TECH!

    I put Houndour as my active. Search out my FireHoundoom from LA and evolve. I attach one energy and an expert belt and hit for for 160! He sits there baffled, mutters a few "American Dad" quotes, and tells me that he should have expected the unexpected. I take the win....and I'm also gonna still the idea for that deck, I liked it >>>


    Went 5-3 in the states, 48th place out of around 150 people. One win away from top cut :v Also went 2-2 in fun tourny after the states where I beat a Luxchomp and Metagross deck...but lost to freaken Uxie Donk and a JR playing a Machamp deck :<. So a combined 10-6 record...which I'll take.

    Had an awesome time, made lots of friends, and got some awesome stuff at Collector's Cache. Already excited for Regionals. No idea what deck I'll run...heck...maybe a modified version of this one. I know this was a long report but I felt the need to make one. If you read any of this, you're awesome. Thanks for viewing =)
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  2. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Cool deck. Nice job on going positive at your first two States! :)
  3. mewlvr

    mewlvr New Member

    :nonono: I still can't believe after all the times I've faced your deck, my Metagross deck still lost!! DARN YOUUUU!! But overall, great deck with tons of twists and turns coming out to counter everything :thumb:
  4. CMsvW

    CMsvW New Member

    Thanks =) Although I didn't make top cut, I'm still happy. I ran a weird deck list, have no experience and came out positive, so I'll live with it :v. Deck does need work though

    Couldn't counter me starting with Azelf :< sad match,..very sad match :<

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