My Asker BR report.

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by ssj goten, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. ssj goten

    ssj goten New Member

    It was a nice day today, the sun shined and everything was great and I traveled to Asker with Knut(Zyklon) Syver(his younger brother) and Ferdinand(not member) I decided to use Garchomp/Togekiss.

    Round 1: Me (Garchomp/Togekiss) V.S Knut (Beedrill Swarm)
    I got a Garchomp and a Togekiss and :fire: T2, he didn't get a great start as I did so I won.


    Round 2: Me (Garchomp/Togekiss) V.S Rafael (G&G)
    I got actually everything I needed but when he got up Dusknoir, Gardevoir and Gallade he took the lead and won.


    Now the last swiss round:

    Round 3: Me (Garchomp/Togekiss) V.S Syver (Garchomp/Togekiss)
    OMG mirror match, he got a great start and I got a baad start so he won :frown:


    I was so disapointed :nonono:, then Cristian came with the standings and it says that I was #3 so got to the top4 with 1-2 xD

    Top 4: Semifinal: Me (Garchomp/Togekiss) V.S Ferdinand (G&G)
    First round we had a great match, and I won.

    round 2 Vs Ferdinand: I got an Togekiss T2 and he didn't get anything so I won this one to, yay I am in the final!

    Final: Me (Garchomp/Togekiss) Vs Tord (Gyarados/Gardevoir)
    First Round was a long and good fight it took 40 minutes and he won :frown:

    Next round Vs Tord: I had only 10 minutes left to defeat Tord, but I got a horrible start so he won T6 or something..

    2nd Place
    I got to top4 with 1-2 :thumb:
    Cool tournament
    Rafael, Kenneth and Christian, their were funny as always.

    Psychic Lock
  2. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    1-2 THAT'S AMAZING!!! Wow... you must of has a GREAT resistance=D
  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    wait were there only like 5 people there

    congrats on top2 anyways though
  4. Tego

    Tego New Member


    I would hate to invalidate all premier points from this tournament, but it sounds like I very well might have to.

    Edit: For all I know, you could have started with 12 players in Seniors (and much less in one of the other age groups) and LOTS of people just dropped after the second round of Swiss. :\ I e-mailed the TO and judge ...
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