my battle road empo, 1 second 3 firsts(mini article)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by gengardeckwinzz, Jun 15, 2008.

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    gengardeckwinzz New Member

    okay, well to start off im in seniors, I play in northern california and I ran empoleon at each of the 4 battle roads I went to, I ended up getting one 2nd and three 1st. each battle road my deck was setup a bit different, for example; one was empostar, one was empo cess, and the other two were basically straight empo with a few techs. this is my favorite list I ran, and two of my first places were with this deck:

    Pokemon: 21
    3 piplup md
    2 prinplup
    2 empoleon md
    1 empoleon dp
    1 empoleon lv x
    4 pachirisu ge
    2 baltoy ge
    2 claydol ge
    1 duskull dp
    1 dusknoir dp
    1 holon castform hp
    1 absol ex

    4 celios
    4 rare candy
    3 proffesor oaks visit
    2 roseannes search
    2 warp point
    2 night matinence
    2 team galactics wager
    1 dawn stadium
    1 mr stones project
    1 scott

    3 double rainbow
    3 scramble
    11 water

    Empoleon: this is one of my favorite cards this format it is a great main attacker due to its dual splash attack, and surf together to clean up, also, the dp empoleon is there for if my oppenent is using dusknoir dp, it doesnt need a full bench for its attack and is geat to scramble when down prizes, Empoleon lvl x I only use when I need to snipe something such as a claydol or a energized kirlia or weakend gardy

    Pachirisu: great starter, also great in mirror match (one energy to do 40 to an empoleon), good to get rid of their tools, such as cess crystal

    Claydol: an all around great draw engine, pretty self explanitory

    Dusknoir: probably my favorite tech in this format keeps there bench to 3 and is great for suprise, also a nice late game attacker due to dre not reducing 10 dmg

    Holon Castform: this card can take dre off an empoleon to remove the 10 dmg reduction so that the dre can be put on another empoleon or dusknoir next turn, also its an energy that can be searched with celio/roseannes

    Absol ex: this won me a few games, only drop it when u need the 3 damage counters to KO something

    Any changes, comments, or recomendations are welcome
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