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    I played in my second streight battle roads tourny on Sunday. Do not want to talk about Saturday (0-4- tried out stupid masquerain ariodos deck.

    Anyway, my friends denny and ryan offers me a ride to dublin and hilliard, ohio battle roads. Thanks dude!!

    Okay, I'll get right to it. I ran my little version of Meganium MT

    R1- Forgot name (random unchcrow/garchomp deck)
    This one was pretty quick. He had a murcrow start. I had a candy/ganium in my hand for chikarita. I ultra power him after he swarms for another murcrow knockin it out. He tries to swarm again, but no luck. I fire counterattack for game.:cool:

    R2- John Cantrell (empocario)
    This game was good. I take advantage early w/ my special conditions. It was the bench damage that came back to bite me in the ash lol. I kill the carios but he empoleon forgets about my active meganium and just destroys my bench. He wins about a minute before time. GG Mr. Cantrell.:thumb:

    R3- Dan DuLuard (Blisscat)
    OMG 100HP CHANSEY IS SOOOOO ANOYING!!! Although I do burn and paralize him twice. He sets up a Blissey on the bench and gets me one good time(after that he cant get an energy for squat, even with an upstream!!! In the end w/ prizes tied 4-4, I knock out catty ex preety close to time. THAT'S 2 TIME GAMES.

    R4- Kevin Estep (Tyranitarcatty)
    It's been 4 days and I still can't believe it. He starts w/ a mantine d and a skitty and larvitar on bench. I have a godly start and the good stuff keeps on comin. ext thing I know, I have a meganium swarm goin on. I ko his mantine and 1st larvitar. After that he mentors right, okay. Anyone wanna tell me why he has 3 larvitars and 2 t-tars prized!! I have no problem w/ this of course, but it was so funny!!:lol: I can tell he's po'ed, who wouldn't be. He conceeds after that. Talk about an awesome cut!!:lol:

    Okay the standings go up and I'm in 6th and part of a 6 way tiebreaker at 3-1. So theres alot of contrversy at that moment about who's gonna play who and stuff. Out of all the possible matchups I get the one I did not want to get. All right round 5.

    R5- Heather DuLuard (Magmortar/Typhlosion)
    OK, so if I win I'm in. I lose, I look to god. Heather is 2-2 so she needs to win to have a chance. Here we go. We both get mediocre starts. She has Magby/magmar gallore I get chikaritas. Weakness takes a chunk out of me but I hit back super hard w/ meganiums fire counterattack for 80 a turn (would be 90 but have dre). I knock out 3 streight and she has on pokemon left. Milotic. We both think I have this game until I c the 90 HP. I'm like o'crap. I'm hoping for the pluspower draw but of course, I don't get it.
    I attack for 80. My worst fear is realized when I c her play mentor. She candies everything and starts kicking my butt. Soon were the only game left and it's time. We r tied at prizes 2-2. I have a chance to stall wit a paralysis but I fail and she gets me for the game. DOH!!!:eek: Awesome game though:thumb:

    Moment of truth- I get 7th and Heather gets 5th our resistance get us and I'm po'ed!!:mad::mad:
    So I finish 3-2 with a deck tha I may run for the season.:redface:

    getting to go to battle roads at all
    goin 3-2
    seeing some old friends

    goin 3-2 lol :lol:
    having to go to time 3 times

    Sorry if this seems too long, As far as tournament reports go I'm a rookie.
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