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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by ssj goten, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Okay so it was time for a new CC I was actually going to use Blissey/Weavile but I felt something was missing so intstead I build a GardeLade deck 3 days before the tournament and it was awesome!
    When me,Jon(jonnj),Knut(Zyklon) and Syver(Zyklon's younger brother) drove in to Drammen it was snowing a LOT... But when finnaly we got there we registrated us and traded some cards and then it finnaly begin!

    1st round: Me (Gardelade) Vs Tord Reklev (BanBliss)
    OMG I was very exited about this battle... Tord is the best ranked senior player in Norway...
    It was a very good fight but I won Yay! :biggrin:


    2nd round: Me (Gardelade) VS some Joakim guy( Electabuzz,Shinx and Floatzel)
    I got a ralts,rare candy,Galade and DRE :biggrin: and I thought I was going to win this match but T2 he managed to discard DRE :nonono: and next round it happend again -.-' but after that he knocked my Galade but I got up with a new one with scramble and then he was done for so I won this one to.


    3rd Round: Me (Gardelade) Vs Bjørnar (Vulpix)
    I won at T3 nothing else happend :smile:


    4rd Round: Me (Gardelade) Vs Ferdinand Schaal(BanBliss)
    Me and Ferdinand are good friends so this could be fun he didn't get so good start but I did so I defeted him at T5-6 or something

    OMG I was in the Top4 :thumb: I was going to meet Tord again but before the match started he said: If you win a fun game against me before it started I will give up and I said: okay let's take a Fight , but he defeated me :frown:
    and so it began the Top4:

    Round 1: I got a good setup and so did he and it was a good fight and we fought us all down to 1 prize to both of us but then he K.O'ed my last Galade so he won the first round :eek:

    Round 2: I only got up an Gardevoir but nothing more and he defeated me easly...

    So I was knocked out of the tournament with 4th place and my prize was only a DP booster :nonono:

    4th Place :smile:
    Good Tournament
    Thank you very much Zyklon and your younger brother for trading the Galade's with me :thumb:
    I won all the swiss rounds

    Bad prizes
    I lost to Tord in the Top 4
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