My day at Stavanger STP

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by ssj goten, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. ssj goten

    ssj goten New Member

    Okay it all started friday evening when I and my friend Philip and his Mom and little bro went to Oslo airport, we should take the plane to Stavanger and when we got to the gate we met Tobias and Fredrik (they are the TO's) and then we arrived at Stavanger we went to the hotel then we ate and fell asleep very quick. Next day we went to the the tornament I decided to use Gallade/Banette and Philip decided to use Fire TRUK. So finally the tournament started:

    1st Round: Me(Gallade/Banette) V.S Silke(Infernactty)
    She started and I got a RC with Shuppet and got a Banette so I won T1.:biggrin:

    2nd Round :Me (Gallade/Banette) V.S Jørgen(don't remember)
    I don't remember much of this match all I remember is that I won:thumb:


    3rd Round: Me (Gallade/Banette) V.S Kristian (Electivire theme deck)
    I won T3


    4rd Round: Me (Gallade/Banette) V.S Tord Reklev(Arcanine/Blissey)
    I got a bad start and so did he but we gave eachother a very good fight but he won :nonono:

    5th Round: Me (Gallade/Banette) V.S Wai Pok (G & G)
    I got a good start and he didn't so I won at T6 or something.

    Yes I got to the Top 4

    And I was about to meet the best player of Stavanger: Kjartan Thokildsen... But then the pairings come :eek: and I was suddenly about to meet Philip :frown: I knew I was going to lose.

    6th Round: Me (Gallade/Banette) V.S Philip(Fire TRUK)
    Me and Philip are very good friends so we whished eachother good luck and guess what? I was right he won he pwned me :frown:

    So I was out of the tournament but it was a great STP regionals!

    An amazing tournament!
    4th Place
    I got an Gardevoir Lv.X in a booster
    We met Tobias and Frederik before the tournament
    Philip won the whole thing.

    Bad prize boosters
    I was one place away from a trophee :nonono:
    Philip beated me (but he won the whole thing and that's good)
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  2. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    Good job.
    4th sucks compared to 3rd but, that happens. still, no trophy :(

    Grammar: *An* amazing tournament
    i'll be seeing you Thursday, you can win then ;)
  3. ssj goten

    ssj goten New Member

    Thanks :thumb: and yes see you on thursday.

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